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  1. _Nick11_

    North Carolina fire control

    Since the dispersion is like a cone, as the range increases, the width (diameter, if we consider it as a 3D object) also increases. 1337 paint skeelz
  2. _Nick11_

    Furutaka 4.1

    You probably did, since you "have over 2400 games", so obviously you also know how to do that. Right?
  3. _Nick11_

    Furutaka 4.1

    You should really stop with this "I know it all, thanks" attitude, it's extremely annoying. Just because you have more battles it doesn't mean that you should look down on others and pretend that you are some sort of gamer-god and act correspondingly.
  4. _Nick11_

    Furutaka 4.1

    Well TBH when I angle my Furutaka I get a lot of ricochets, even from BB shots. And regarding the "does not involve sailing along in a straight line, broadside on to your enemy." part. Doesn't that apply to every ship in-game?
  5. _Nick11_

    That's it, I'm never using AP again.

    At long range it's best to use HE, I agree (especially with the Cleveland's low caliber and low muzzle velocity guns), but at short-medium ranges (0->8km) I can guarantee that against cruisers, AP is the way to go. Nothing like scoring 5 citadels in one salvo on a Pensacola and 4 on a Furutaka. But yeah, fire HE if you want, but be aware that you are not using the guns to their full potential.
  6. _Nick11_

    Flashing railings and ropes on the ship

    At first I thought I was seeing this: And I thought "How cool, they actually added signal lamps!" Then I realized it was a graphical bug
  7. _Nick11_

    Why are Battleships so insanely weak ?

    You have a better winrate in CAs because they are simply more versatile and mobile than BBs. But that does not make BBs UP. They are just more situational.
  8. _Nick11_

    Why are Battleships so insanely weak ?

    They are so underpowered that they can kill a cruiser in one salvo. Not exactly my idea of underpowered but hey, to each his own.
  9. _Nick11_

    Sunk by torpedo bombers in my BB...

    And then there's ALWAYS someone bringing unwanted negativity everywhere. Good job. +1 OP
  10. _Nick11_

    Battleships need massive BUFF!

    1. Part of knowing how to play a BB is planning your moves ahead. That's just how BBs work. 2. 30 seconds is just about right. 3. Map awareness. 4. BBs need to be balanced somehow, since they have monstrously powerful guns, they simply can't have good accuracy. Otherwise they would become slightly OP, don't you think? 5. This is a problem with all classes. Except other classes can't heal. TLDR: BBs are fine.
  11. _Nick11_

    Stop it WG, Just stop it!

    You are forgetting one thing: beta. It is our "job" to provide feedback about what we like and what we dislike. So quit with the "don't like the game, leave" already. *Edit* Fixed your -1
  12. _Nick11_

    3 daily Torp missions. HALP lol

    An even better DD would be the T2 Umikaze - 8km range on the torpedoes with a +-20 sec reload, however they are quite slow, but it shouldn't be a problem, at this tier there are very inexperienced players that can't dodge.
  13. _Nick11_

    What warmovies best picture the Battleship era?

    Man, I watched that film so many times when I was a kid.. I still laugh at the "We sunk a truck!" part
  14. _Nick11_

    Torpedo ricochets/bounces

    Yeah well I was only joking, I know that some of the stuff we had was good. I was playing the part of the usual "italy sucks lol" guy on the internet
  15. _Nick11_

    Torpedo ricochets/bounces

    Wait, we Italians actually made something that was reliable? And that reliable thing was a weapon? OMG OMG ItalyHype!!11!