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  1. Too bad that screen is Photoshop? I would love to have end game screen laid out like that
  2. Gvozdeni_Puk_1912

    Torpedo Problem

    No, the BB river of tears, "walls of skill" cries and similar bullcrap were the main reason. Japanese DDs were some of the most played ships t8-t10 2 years ago , and WG stated they wanted players to switch focus, so they looked for a way to nerf DDs. US DDs were nerfed afterwards because of stealth/HE fire bitching by BB players, and at the time IJN DDs had bigger damage. So basically BB players did not feel OP and allmighty, and initiated "rebalancing" that brought 5BBs per game meta. Same happening with "fire OP wg pls nurf", "citadels OP, wg please remove"
  3. Gvozdeni_Puk_1912

    It's not a bug, it's a feature!

    Lol - so i fhe had replay on how can he play it a day later. This is so convenient - if you get shafted by mechanics or bugs you cannot show it in replay after the patch, making it invisible and unprovable. Nice oen
  4. Gvozdeni_Puk_1912

    What has happend to the Missouri?

    For the observation biaz nazis observe this: The team/rng troll is so bad I'm afraid to take ship out of port these days. Had games in Chapa and Charles with 100+ shell hits and 1 (ONE) fire per game. THat looks like pre-calculated rng from 23.02 my averages are 62k dmg, 1700 exp per game (T3-T8) and 31% wins. Suddenly forgot to play? It's the bleeding win% normalization in play. So yes, it's totally possible that WG frakked Missoury. It should frak the noob clicker cancer Montana with it's stray shells and any angle citadels
  5. Gvozdeni_Puk_1912

    What is it with Battleship HE spam??!?

    What about the French then - Alsace non stop overpen fiesta with fast shells is not only rage inducing but also game deciding - when in late stages you just need to broadside that Zao and all you get are overpens, while he's burning you up with every salvo
  6. Gvozdeni_Puk_1912

    Please fix TVIII matchmaking ASAP

    You were lucky, only 8 Txs and even 2 T8s, now imagine Chapa in all Tx game with only T8 on enemy team being Harekaze
  7. Gvozdeni_Puk_1912

    Noob protection

    Yesterday, - case a) Courbet shooting T5 CAs broadside, 1st salvo 5 overpens, second salvo 5 overpens, switch to HE, 3d salvo 2 hits, 1 shellbreak, 2 bounces, 2overpens(?!?!?!?!) - case b)(next game) Sharnhorst T7 and T8 CAs - (charles martell) 5 overpens, second salvo (kutuzov) 5 overpens, switch to HE, shoot Charles martel : 2 hits, 1 shellbreak, 2 bounces, 2 overpens. Shoot at CV (8 overpens) so yeah not adjusted RNG
  8. Gvozdeni_Puk_1912

    More Battleship citadels - Wargamings "Intriguing Adjustment"

    As stated previously before - it's the RNG's hidden factor that's probably "adjusted" Instead of pure RNG chance (0% - 100%) the adjusted chance has possibly been changed to x+RNG(1-x): Example-> X=10% => chance is 10%+RNG(0.0-0.9) giving guaranteed 10% chance to hit citadel. Now imagine guaranteed X=30%, or 45% Or even imagine X=[1-(player last ? days win%)]
  9. Gvozdeni_Puk_1912

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    Player and RNG trolling so hard
  10. Gvozdeni_Puk_1912

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Bot airplanes in weekly operation attack unseen ships on trhe other side of the map where they usually attack the fort Bot airplanes do not drop bombs, but detonate ship with anti detonation flag Confirmed on: Maas 2. Reproduction Sneak by J line in this week operation in DD - do not get seen by Raptor CV or her escort Get within 3 squares of the CV 3. Result Bomber planes do not attack fort in the north - they track immediately to DD's position, even when undetected Planes do not go into attack, still 3 km away Planes do not drop bombs DD detonate on sight even with anti detonation flag Game reports DD killed by CV 4. Expected Result DD not stealth detected by CV or horribly bad coding by developers - hidden ship should remain hidden 5. Technical details: Bug first spotted on version on 11th January around 10:45 CET Bug easily reproduced 3 times in operation that same evening Original replay:
  11. Gvozdeni_Puk_1912


    Replay or it did not happen I can on the other side show you 10 replays from yesterday where team members died before entering the final bay, some to torps, some to ramming (not being rammed by, they actually ramming the bots), 6 players dying in first 4 minutes, players being aggressive, but detonated in sharnhorsts, player being passive and sailing around starting points, myoko's sniping into bay from 12 km. I would for the life of it like to see the replays from ppl claiming this is too easy playing with randoms (no division, or clan members in team) Again this sh.tty op is so specific that at this point I can know if we are going to win or lose in first 3 minutes, damn, even when starting, if there is even 1 IJN CV, Colorado or 2 dds in the team
  12. Gvozdeni_Puk_1912

    Whining about CVs :)

    Wow so CV player has to use skill and tactics to score a kill + add to that fire/flooding rng. Really messes with "I'm BB , me smash". BB/CA/DD players have unlimited ammo, CV has only so much planes in reserve - so basically you can whittle it's offensive power down. Due to reload speed and flight time a good player CV can make ~5 sorties in the game, while BB/CA can fire with impunity constantly, and while gun DDs can to, torp DDs cannot. Put aside the fact that actually more/better CV management won the WWII in Pacific against better ships, and all the major naval victories by British in Atlantic were won by RAF, the only change to CV that should be done is inclusion of spotter planes that would replace 1 DB or TB squad in loadout and severely reduce spotting of fighters, so a CV player would have to choose strike, spot or AS loadout.
  13. Gvozdeni_Puk_1912

    Narai operation broken?

    Mission requires a rather specific ship loadout - mainly 2 Atlanta's or Flints, KGV (heal and precisions) and Sharnhorst (DPS, armor), and Schors (DPS, Air Panic, Laser guidance :D). Teams mainly lose 1 CA in first wave because of "forward firing" full torpedo spread (DD-s and CLs fire torps forward if they come from left side) Then they loose 1-2 transport ships due to "manual torp drops that is not panicked by AA consumable" from bot CV and Missoury/Queen Elisabeth ramming. Most of the time 1-2 CL/CA by then are gone too. Then there is a cheat drop from Clemson and Omaha (3 torp waves to the west entrance to the bay 2 to the east) killing 1-2 transport ships in addition to Aigle and Clemson "forward" drop from the east to west. Also possible a cheat drop from planes through solid ground if you are hugging left wall of middle entrance. If 1 of 3 ships in small western bay is overlooked it will run out turn west and disappear even before reaching the bottom west exit point Not to mention overbuffed reload and precision on the 3 CLs in last wave detonating transport ships (you can get from 23xx soldiers to 600 in 2 shots from those bastar.s) So unless team focus fire, and you are lucky enough to have 2 atlanta's/flints + schors survive first 3 waves, you lose
  14. Gvozdeni_Puk_1912


    Thank you for your comments. I definitely do not think with 850+ games that I'm even close to competent, let alone optimal or good. However your pre-supposition is that I'm bad, hiding behind team and farm damage at the end of the game. Could be that you are playing only BBs and yes in that regard playing KGV or even Gneis/Sharn at the front is totally feasible if you have sufficent AA and anti DD support. However with the level of aimbot and buffed reload on the bots in this scenario, having 7kills (not transports)/ 170k in Schors/Algieres/Maas does not mean suicide rushing, as one could get melted specially in the last wave. So please let me know what your idea for those ships would be (I already got 5 stars for Gneis/Sharn)? Still standing by the comment that the operation was made with specific ship roster in dev mind
  15. Gvozdeni_Puk_1912


    Basically this looks like l2p post, and no constructive comment - so for your info - yes I'm at best mediocre player, with 51%+, also do not have time from my RealLife(tm) for too much grind. Therefore I accept your mastery as premise. However, after 15 battles (2 five stars) where I was top player in each, with dmg over 170k, always last on team fighting the last wave..I have to respectfully disagree - since I regularly top the list and 5 star all other operations - this is not the easiest by far Funny though, while i fully believe you did not have specific coordination, you train and play as a clan, and as I see your clan is rather good - so yes the 60%+ clan should own every op even if half joking. However untrained randoms are far cry from a trained clan