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  1. BloodRose13

    Is it worth coming back

    Ugh, you. I honestly thought that we had had this out for the last time about the time of the great IJN DD nerf, but apparently I was wrong. Okay, for a quick recap DD's rely upon: >Stealth >speed >Agility IJN DD's further rely upon: >REALLY not being seen (because you have less HP than other DD's) >Torpedoes IJN DD's suffer from: >Slow turret traverse >Relatively low ROF on the main guns >Less smoke charges than any other DD >Less HP than other same tier DD's So someone at Wargaming thought that it was a good idea too: >Nerf the range of IJN DD torpedoes >Nerf the speed of IJN DD torpedoes >Nerf the stealth of IJN DD torpedoes >Slightly nerf the damage and flood chance of IJN DD torpedoes And than some wise man up there decided that this still was not enough, and so we got: >Further IJN torpedo nerfs >A new "gunline" tree for IJN DD's, although none of these "gunboat" DD's recieved any actual buffs relevant to this role >Said "gunboat" DD's then had to choose between dodging and not getting hit, or engaging the enemy and getting wrecked So yes, the "great OP IJN DD tree". Now if only BB players learned WASD existed, and that sailing in a straight line when you can see an enemy DD pulling off a torpedo run is a bad idea, maybe we would not have been left with a crippled tree. This does not inspire confidence. I do not care what the BB had IRL, Radar BB's was a really bad idea, and AA was traditionally a Cruisers role, something that meant BB's where not all dominant and a force to make working together mandatory. Cruisers used to be a BB's AA/DD/Torpedo screen, and they worked very well in that role. As for this "Muh BB should not suffer when 4+ CL's gang up on it", well that is nothing new. It kind of reminds me of RPG players whom complain when their super character goes up against hordes of mooks and gets wiped. Nothing new there.
  2. BloodRose13

    Is it worth coming back

    Hello all I have been giving this game something of a break for the last few months, after DD's (especially IJN ones) were nerfed to the point of being unusable, and the constant and consistent whining of the BB "skilled players" caused every other class of ship to be nerfed, whilst BB's themselves where buffed, until things reached the point whereby a BB could pretty much out perform every other class. I myself am (or was) a IJN DD specialist, although I also ran Cruisers as well. Simply, have things changed? Is it worth me reinstalling and getting back into the game now, or is the game still a brainless BBaby meta? Are torpedo's (particularly IJN ones) actually useful again, or should I just leave things be for now and keep a weather eye on future updates?
  3. BloodRose13

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel

    If you do not like the ARP ships then just use a different harbour. They only appear if you are using Yokusuba.
  4. BloodRose13

    Guide: How to wreck a game in less than 1 month

    I ran out of upvotes
  5. BloodRose13

    Wargaming please stop doing this to me(us)...

    Well, WG have a pretty solid reputation for shafting the EU servers, unhistorically buffing the Russian and German vehicles whilst shafting the British/Europe and Asian vehicles... For what it is worth, at least they are consistent.
  6. BloodRose13

    Guide: How to wreck a game in less than 1 month

    Whilst I cannot comment on the first two, the third point is one that really bites deep into me, as a DD player. The new module basically removes that last real strength that DD's have, and makes playing IJN DD's utterly impossible.
  7. BloodRose13

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw #2 - Try Your Luck!

    Add me in too, and I must say that the festive spirit presented by you and the others is most amazing.
  8. BloodRose13

    Admiral Graf Spee

    The new anime that WG is working with is called "Harifuri" happened to feature the Admiral Graff Spree, which took part in three of the engagements in the anime. Video (best I could find on Youtube)
  9. BloodRose13

    point blank aircraft torpedoing

    OP, I will play the worlds smallest violin for you and your issues, observe: . Cant you see it? Here again, look it is right there ----------> . DD's have already been nerfed to hell and back and it is pretty much impossible to land torpedo hits on enemy BB's with an IJN "torpedo boat" because even a USA BB can detect and avoid your torpedo's long before they hit, and now you are whining about the overnerfed CV's? Go back to the paddling pool and try learning about this thing called 'turning' - it might help you a lot.
  10. BloodRose13

    German BB Accuracy

    Ahahaha, NO. I have a fair bit of experience in the German BB's and up to now (about T6) they have been the easiest ships for me to run. Now, why do I complain about BB's? Well, I am primarily a CA/CL/DD player. BB's will rape my CA's and CL's from across the map before I can do anything whilst my DD's will almost never hit a Battleship because the torpedo's have been nerfed to oblivion. Take this game: I was running my new T7 IJN Torpedo DD and spotted an enemy Battleship (that T8 American one) on his own, sailing in a straight line, so I did the obvious and launched a full spread at him. He ran on in his line, then suddenly turned whilst me torpedo's where still a good 2KM out, slipped between them, and then resumed his previous course. I could do nothing. Likewise, I have fired these torpedo's at the Tirpitz and Kaiser at ranges down to, and including, 4 KM and they have managed to dodge them. it does not matter if I am spotted or not, they WILL detect my torpedo's and they WILL turn into them. And all because the useless, braindead BBabies whinged and wailed and whined because their precious BB was unable to sail unsupported and on its own i a straight line in the open sea without being punished for such blatant stupidity. But I guess that you are one of those players whom believes that IJN torpedo's are stupidly over powered and should be reduced to 30 knots with a range of 6KM and a detectable range of 5KM.
  11. BloodRose13

    Why are the maps all the same?

    Wait, the devs implemented different map designs? Well, that is a surprise - most of the maps look like the exact same map rotated through X degrees.
  12. BloodRose13

    German BB Accuracy

    Hang on, please just let me get this straight: The OP is having problems with German BB's gun accuracy, German BB's which have the advantage of: -Amazing armour -The fastest firing BB guns in the game -The ability to out-turn a Cruiser -Secondaries that are made of rape -Turret turn times that are obscenely good -Hydro -Torpedo's -Incredibly accurate guns Yes.... I am seeing a problem here, and it is not the ship.
  13. BloodRose13

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    you are most kind good sir. Tag: BloodRose13 Preferred ship: Mikasa Thankyou once again for putting this up.
  14. BloodRose13

    German BB Accuracy

    Aah, here we are again. The week would not be complete without some whining BBaby begging for a buff or demanding that another class be nerfed. OP, German naval gunnery accuracy was average during the war, and in the case of the BB's often slightly sub par as they had less experienced owing Germany preferring U-boat raiders over conventional surface warships.
  15. BloodRose13

    Unrealistic Torpedoes

    I saw this thread and expected a BBaby whinge post. I was not disappointed. OP, go and research the effects of torpedo damage, and what a single hit can do to a battleship. On average.