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  1. AWG is recruiting more players........ JOIN US TODAY!!! We are still looking for mature people to join our clan and sail the seven seas and provide plenty of banter along the way. We like to keep our clan social, so were looking for all new members to use our Teamspeak sever and discord channels. It's boring on your own. But we don't care about how good/bad your stats are..... as we don't recruit based on them. All skill levels are welcome, even if your newer to the game. All we ask is your 25 or over and enjoy being part of a clan that divisions up and takes part in clan wars. We also run clan training on a Monday evening and is always a major get together for the clan. So if you think you want to join hit us up at the links below...... Until then happy hunting. For all applications, please visit our Discord channel here: https://discord.gg/jt9qD2S OR, log into our TeamSpeak for a short discussion: awg.teamspeak3.com
  2. Welcome home recruit, We at AWG are looking for some more fresh meat........ I mean members, honestly. AWG is a clan that looks for mature (HA! yeah right) people that fit our needs and they are to have fun and let the good times roll. We care not how high or low you rank, or if your a seasoned veteran/general newbie to WoWs. There are many differing skill levels in the clan and all are willing to help you grind those lines and assist with our wide ranging knowledge of the game. We are a social clan so divisions, team speak and use of our discord is highly recommended to get the most out of our clan. So bring all your banter, because that is how you fit in around here. Stat padding elitist??? We don't care about your stats (good or bad) so best move on down or leave that attitude at the door. So if your interested in joining or have questions, why not swing by on the details below and find out more... For all applications, please visit our Discord channel here: https://discord.gg/jt9qD2S Or log into our TeamSpeak for a short discussion: awg.teamspeak3.com
  3. From all of us at AWG/2....... We would like to wish all players of WoWs a happy holidays and here is to a new year filled with the sinking of ships and super containers. Hope you all have a good one and if your looking to see in the new year. Maybe come and see it in with us.
  4. AWG is looking for more like minded people....... Like people who enjoy the banter and laughter while sinking some ships. Like people who are more mature, have family's, jobs and stuff to do. But still like to come on when they do get free time. Like people that are not as bothered about stats. Were all here to learn and we can help you on that way. So if you are one of these people, come and find us on TS or in Discord. Visit us on our Discord here: https://discord.gg/jt9qD2S Visit us on our TeamSpeak here: awg.teamspeak3.com
  5. Come one, come all...... AWG is still looking for some more saltie sea dogs to sail the high seas and have fun with. Come and enjoy the laughs as we take down that pesky 'Red' team and send them swimming to the bottom of the ocean. All while we have plenty of banter within the clan. We care not for your stats, even if your newer to the game or new to the clan lifestyle. There are plenty of us to help you along the Warships path, even added bonuses to grind those tiers. All we ask is that your 25 years or older (Like Gunny old.... #ancient) And you stay active in the clan (No brainer, Like Ghost) So if your interested feel free to come say hello, our details are below.. Visit us on our Discord here: https://discord.gg/jt9qD2S Visit us on our TeamSpeak here: awg.teamspeak3.com
  6. AWG are still recruiting....... and looking for mature(ish) saltie players to come and have some fun on the high seas. We care not for stats, we care that you enjoy the banter and laughter this game and our community can bring. So why not come and give us a try, even if just for a chat. Visit us on our Discord here: https://discord.gg/jt9qD2S Visit us on our TeamSpeak here: awg.teamspeak3.com
  7. Welcome and thanks for checking us out....... We have many clan benefits on both our AWG and AWG2 tags. So if your just throwing that oil away, come and use it for some good with us. It does not matter what your stats are, or if you cant always be on everyday. We recruit based on your personality most of all, as were here to have fun..... its a game after all. The player banter is rife and very much encouraged, we love it to be honest. You don't have to know everything about the game, we pool all our knowledge to help everyone when needed. So if you think this sounds like something for you then come have a chat with us and we will take it from there. For all applications, please visit our Discord channel here: https://discord.gg/jt9qD2S OR, log into our TeamSpeak for a short discussion: awg.teamspeak3.com
  8. Were still looking for more members all you salty solo captains out there....... Even if your already in a clan and looking for a change of pace. Come and see what AWG can do for you.
  9. Upgrade Achieved!! We now have even more slots for old salty sea dogs, come and join us and put that oil to use. We have plans and we want you to be a part of it. Hit us up below. TeamSpeak: awg.teamspeak3.com website: https://a-w-g.enjin.com/
  10. You have seen us on the high seas?? Wonder what we get up too?? Always wanted to be part of a less intense clan?? Were recruiting now, come and be a part of our clan........... Were all about the fun, the banter and most importantly the laughs along the way. We recruit on personality, not stats. Come see if you fit in, Were looking for a mature group of people who are wanting to enjoy the game with a little bit more laid back clan structure, that is not full on. We are full of people wanting to sail together and have a good time. Were just waiting for you to join us..... TeamSpeak: awg.teamspeak3.com website: https://a-w-g.enjin.com/
  11. Join AWG......... And get FREE PIE * We are looking for some (im)mature people to come join the fun on the open waves with us. Newer to the game?? Need help?? We can always show you the ropes and help climb those lines. Feel like a chat?? Drop in and say Hi. We have members from all over the EU If you are an older gamer who is seeking a clan that does NOT focus on statistics, then check us out. We are a bunch of 35+ year old gamers (wait Im 30 lol). Visit our website to apply: https://a-w-g.enjin.com/ * Pie subject to availability, due to me currently eating it all. Too late. Nom.
  12. AWG is like family. There will always be plenty of banter, lots of laughs and all the help and support we can give. So come on........ Be a warrior, be AWG
  13. ChaosScene

    Killer Lag!

    Well while getting info together to submit a ticket I downloaded ping plotter and have found this. While ping plotter is logging my ping in background the game runs fine as it used too. Then if its not running the lag returns......Strange
  14. ChaosScene

    Killer Lag!

    I too am still having the same problems since the update before this, just like you GuderianDK. Thought this new update would of helped but nope still same. FPS is always were it should be in high 50s to low 60s even during lag events. Ping sits at 35 constant until lag happens then jumps up well over 150+. The game plays fine for say 30 seconds, it then freezes for couple of seconds (this is when ping jumps up) then catches back up and everything that happened when frozen you miss. Never noticed any other issues regarding sound. System stats are as follows Windows 7 Pro 64bit AMD FX-8350 processor ATI AMD Radeon R9 270x 4GB GPU 8GB RAM
  15. ChaosScene

    Lagging after update 0.5.15 1st of december

    Im also getting the same problems since the update, both yesterday and again today