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  1. dema1904

    bots invasion

    I really hope that the people that those accounts are connected to get banned aswell. Not just the bots.
  2. dema1904

    Carrier controls in plane mode

    What i just want is to be able to see what the carrier is doing. Just have the speed and stearing displayed like it is when you are in a ship or controling it manually. As in is he going forward, is he doing a right turn at max or at 1/2. Have those visible when in plane mode. I don't need to be able to steer the carrier from the planes
  3. dema1904

    Carrier controls in plane mode

    would be nice to have the controls shown when i'm in the planes so i can make sure the carrier does what i want him to do.
  4. dema1904

    Carrier controls in plane mode

    Might have to be more careful with the waypoint but i had it happen that the carrier goes to the first waypoint and then goes the other direction. I tried to reverse behind an island, after reaching the first waypoint the carrier went forwards and drove into the island because it wanted to go in a circle forward
  5. I was wondering if anybody knows if it is possible to see what the carrier is doing while you are flying the planes. I had it several times that i put waypoints on the map and the ship started to reverse or go to one checkpoint and then switches from backwards to forwards.