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  1. Its clear to me that WG has absolutly no "genius well thought masterplan" for this game. One day, they wil say something is a much needed fix/buff/nerf, make a lot of changes, and then lalalala go on to do something completely different a month later, buffing the ship the just nerfed and vice versa.. We dont have to look for stats and turn our brains inside out for the answer for these changes, because there simply isn't none.. Nada. Yes, well you can surely think of a plausible answer for a radar nerf/buff, but a update later and you need to make up a new one to answer the same question. WG have no plan. They are not acting accordingly to "a fairness/money/master plan" They are just stumbling along.. oopsidaisy.. Its all there... Im no geius tho, so I could ofc. be missing the point completely..
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    ok lets have it! do you simply want a new playerbase?

    hehe and they would sink me again and again..
  3. I found myself thinking, "hey perhaps WG simply want to get the game more teenager friendly" let the grumpy old men just wussss away in a blaze of rockets.. Hmm my teens do like quick games, lots of simple things like circles to sail into, bomb things again and again but it needs to go fast. Dont think about anything, just shoot on everything you see. Get buffs. If the game is hard, buy a ship with big guns, and of you go. No need to play boring games again and again to get something. Buy it. Buy a funny ship skin. If its still going bad, hey buy some super grenades.. The CV rework, atleast in my book, has a PS4 lable all over it. My teens think WOWS is slow and boring. Call me old. " Hence my game name" They dont care about a slow sailing ship startegy game at all. But they think the new CV play looks rly funny.. sigh... So perhaps thats just it.. Getting the game console and 10-18 y ready..
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    Still ok
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