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    Insults Insults Insults

    Thats sad to hear...so pretty much like WoT then? Again, I'm assuming this is mostly a high-tier phenomenon? Only got as far as Tier 3 myself and most of the chat consists of players randomly pressing the auto-chat buttons (F11 is my personal favourite )
  2. dyrewolfe

    Converting XP to Free XP

    Thanks but I wasn't looking to just buy XP. I have 1,000 or so unused XP on an elite ship that I wanted to convert to free XP.
  3. dyrewolfe

    Converting XP to Free XP

    Ah okay...glad its not just me being dense! Thanks again.
  4. dyrewolfe

    Converting XP to Free XP

    Cheers StuntMan! I just unlocked level 3 today...probably won't be doing many daily missions though. Guess I'll just have to look harder for the free XP icon.
  5. dyrewolfe

    Converting XP to Free XP

    Hi there, I've just elited my Erie cruiser and bought the Chester. Problem is I now have over 1,000 XP unused on the Erie and I can't seem to find an option to convert it to Free XP to use on my new ship. I'm guessing you need doubloons to do this so I've bought 1,000...but I can't seem to find a way of doing this...only converting doubloons to credits... Can anyone help this noob in distress? I'd rather not have to play the Chester in a bunch of Co-op games to get the XP to upgrade it, before using it in Randoms, if I can avoid it.
  6. dyrewolfe

    Welcome to the Newcomers' Section!

    Long time WoT player (2 and a bit years) just taken the plunge and played my first games of WoWS today. Seems quite fun and a nice change from tanks...which I was beginning to get a bit bored with tbh. Still a total noob, of course, whether in tonks or sheeps, so if you happen to see me on your team, give me a wide berth! Agree with Spitfire that even a basic tutorial or training area would be nice. I watched Jingles' "How not to suck at WoWS" video and it was very informative, but there is still nothing like being able to try stuff yourself in-game, without worrying about enemies blasting you out of the water.