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  1. Yeh in the first way they get not the money, but in the other way they will loose almost all players. So pick one i guess ?
  2. The new update on the NTC hope it got now posted already I just quote one of the most interesting sentences: "1. Completely switching the system to cosmetics or resources is not going to work. We seriously considered this option" Then i seriously consider the option to just quit WoWs gj WG.
  3. Elypse201

    Feedback zum Paragon System

    Hab gehört WT macht bald nen Auffangslager für die ganzen Wargamming Flüchtlinge auf ?
  4. I see Wargamming REALLY wants to lose players, but WHY ?! You were on a better way to improve the game. The MM and Consumables changes sounds good, the late improvements to the AA are also "good". The last vid. of the Naval Legends was very good and may teased subs, CB are not T10 anymore for this Season. Most things were getting fiiinnneee. And then you came with this completly GARBAGE idea around the corner?! Read the comments here, on any Videos about it. I highly doubt you will find any comment that will looking forward to this bullsh*t. Yes it is still WiP, but just the Idea behind it. Who thougt at WG it will be a good idea with those huuuuuuuuge Buffs?! You can add the Naval Center, but how about some minor changes, like more elite commander exp, 0.5sec better reload or more credits, maybe a new ship that you get when you reach lvl 2 on the line.