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  1. Elypse201

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    Why does something get nerfed, as we all know when something is Overpowered and is overperforming(in theory) I can understand maybe why WG nerfed her. First let's look about some stats: When you compare everything. Henri is the least played Cruiser that is obtainable trough normal grinding. The Venezia came fresh out so she does not really count yet. (Fun fact look at PR's and Smolensks battles played and ask yourself how long they are out) The French Cruiser line is for most people not attractive or not worth grinding unlike ze german steel, or russian bias. They are outsiders. When a Ship is not played alot the stats will rise up automaticly because mostly good players will play it, especially the Henri because it was and still is a good ship. So a potent ship in the Hands of mostly better players this results into high dmg numbers. Here is the overall data: Here are the top 5%: So you can see clearly the Henri is topping the Charts for the reasons i tried to explain as good as i could.
  2. Elypse201

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    Yes i chaged the 4th slot i had the Steering Gears mod. 2 and now i mounted the Propulsion Mod. 2 anything else is unchainged. When someone doesn't have the Legendary Module i would run the Concealment Mod. 1 in the 5th Slot. Captain Perk wise i didn't change anything: Priority Target, Expert Marksman, Superintendent, Concealment Expert, IFHE, Expert Loader, Adrenaline Rush, Jack of all Trades. Yes sure i have no problem with sharing the replay. But i dont take any responsibility for damage, that my camera movement might cause Every player has his own style how he plays every ship, thats why its hard for me to give any specific advices for it, also i wouldn't say it is the most efficient way just the way it works for me the best.
  3. Elypse201

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    If still everybody believes she is unplayable i try to convice you that she is not: The last battle i played currently in her today: The main key is to use your engine boost wisely and not waste it. Every single strengh that makes the Henri so special is still there. You just need to get a feeling for the need acceleration and when you need to use your engine boost. Still an amazing ship, definetly nothing for beginners since with the nerfed acceleration the skill gap is even bigger imo. But when you can master her, she will never dissapoint you an absolutely amazing ship and the LM makes her even better !
  4. Elypse201

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    That is not a valid argument sry. If it would be which Ships are viable for competitive then every T10 game would only be Smolensk, Stalin, Mosvka, Kreml, Somers. Some ships just getting nerfed and the russian bias wants that their ships are remain untouched. Many people played GK, Hinden and Shima with 20km torpedoes when they were completly not viable. You play just some ships to have fun in them not every ship needs to be completly broken and OP for competitive.
  5. Elypse201

    British heavy cruisers

    The british CA's are starting from T5 with the Hawkings which has heal and hydro and 190mm guns with awfull angles. I got it today and its not fun to play since you need to give almost full broadside to shot all guns. At T6 you get the normal twin turrets with 203mm which are mounted from the Devonshire to the Albemarle. The velocity is 814m/s on those guns so kind of USN CA level. The Range on those 3 is not great but other as the IJN CA's you get a spotter from what i have seen. Your Cita is kinda big, aka normal for RN Cruisers but you have the heal. The HE Alpha is the same as the IJN CA's have from T6 to 8 (when you take the 203s on the Mogami). Reloadwise the T6 has 14sec, the Surrey at T7 is at 12.5 and the Albemarle has 13sec but with tripple barrles on each turret. So a little bit better then the IJN reload. The Drake at T9 gets the 234mm guns which can pen without IFHE 58mm of armour and sits at 18.5sec reload and 15.9km range but has a Spotter. Since you want to take reload mod you can't increase it more, also she gets access to the famous british superheal. 1 Charge without premium, 2 Charges with premium consumable and 3 with SI. The Goliath has 4x3 234mm guns with a firing rage from 16.8km. The Velocitiy here is 841m/s which is almost the same as Henris 845m/s. Since their velocity is not the greatest i would not play them as IJN CA's far away a litle bit more closer and if needed they have the ability to push with their torpedoes + heal + relative good armour as a Cruiser. They are not so maneuverable as the French Cruisers so they are better to hit. I would not say they will be the next top tier HE spammer. Imo. they are all around pretty normal, balanced and not completly new shiny and fancy with a lot of new Gimmiks, i look forward to get more and try them out.
  6. Elypse201

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    So i took today my Henri out, it's one of my fav. T10 Cruisers and i wanted to see how bad the nerf is. So i equiped the Propulsion Mod 2. instead of rudder shift which i had normaly. I also have the LM so 15.9km fun concealment. I realised during the Battle that it is still a Henri and nothing on the main statistics changed. I mean yes you really feel the nerf (and i personally don't think it was needed), but you can still deal insanely amount of DMG and via reload booster you can shread broadsiding cruisers. I think you just need to play now more carefully and a little bit more passive especially with the LM. I would not say it is now a bad ship or it got nerfed so hard to YueYang Level. Yes it is definetly worse and may not be an excellent choice for competitive and Clan Wars, but far away from not playable and never touch it again. Is it worth to grind to it when you are let's say at the Algerie or Charles ? It depends if you like the ships imo. and how the playstyle fits your gameplay. I still love the ship i think it's a beautiful ship with a good fun factor. You just need to go away with the thoughts that you are unable to hit and can dodge every shell.
  7. Elypse201

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    BeCaUsE sHe WaS oVeRpErFoRmInG And to make the fun and engaging experience true she accelerates now way "smoother"
  8. Elypse201

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    YueYang be like:
  9. Elypse201

    If Kremlin is so OP

    you talked the whole time from OP and in the end you said "if any i would say the GK is" so i ASSUMED you ment the GK but now after i read it a few times i get it sry was my fault.
  10. Elypse201

    If Kremlin is so OP

    wait what. you would say the GK is op....alright. Also Thunderer and Kreml have two completly different roles. GK OP alright please nerf my roon then too because she deals DMG to enemys
  11. Elypse201

    If Kremlin is so OP

    You know there is this new legendary module that is in testing phase its called "sarcasm and irony" it will go to the 6th slot so only equipable by T9 and 10. The thing why it's still in testing phase "it may can confuse players".
  12. Elypse201

    unify key bindings of consumables (2020 edition)

    Well Henri has even more buttons to push, i played alot of MMOs so keybinding is easy for me and also it is not like you need to activate all of them at the same time. I never had this problem i think when you play some ships more you get used to their consumable buttons. For example i play alot of RN DD's so they default Engineboost on Y is the Hydro.
  13. Elypse201

    If Kremlin is so OP

    Kreml will be not OP anymore, she gets nerfed EXTREMLY in the upcoming patch tomorrow so she will become unplayable.
  14. Elypse201

    It is painful