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  1. Tier lists are imo. always heavily influenced by personal opinion/bias my personal tier list would look like roughly this S Tier - Henri + Radar Mino A Tier - Des Moines, Stalingrad, Hindenburg, Moskva B Tier - Petro, Nevsky, Venezia, Worcester C Tier - Smolensk, Salem, Napoli, Colbert, Puerto Rico, Gibraltar, Zao, Austin D Tier - Goliath, Plymouth, Yoshino, Gouden Leeuw i didn't play all cruisers just a ranking from the ones i played + how i see the "performance" of the other ones. (ofc Henri and Radar Mino are my fav. Cruisers so there is my personal bias)
  2. Elypse201

    Irian, Wichita or Rochester

    I don't know why you want to have one of those 3 ships all 3 ships are imo. not unique enough to be worth a premium ship. Wichita is just almost a Baltimore, Rochester is Smoke Balti but you already have Anchorage so no use for it to. Irian is also imo. a waste because Chapayev is just better and her Yueyang Torpedo Gimmik will soon come in a whole line.
  3. Elypse201

    Submarines in Random Battles

    i never thought that ppl are really already defending those "super nice, fun and engaging mechanics" with subs but here we are you even said that Subs are primarily hunting convoys so why in hell they need to come to random battles and not get their own gamemode ?
  4. Since Subs won't disapear from randoms that is for sure. There might be some things to improve the MM. Imo. outside that they should just get their own gamemode like the first time they were introduced i think in the Halloween 2018 (?) Event and not come into random battles Subs should share the same place as a CV in the Matchmaking so tl;dr either one CV or one Sub. Also to that there shouldn't be 4 DDs and a Sub so if theres a Sub instead of a CV the amount of DDs should not exceed more than 3. Also the most annoying thing is the homing and citadel capabilitys. The T6 ones already have 82/73 knots of Torps on your tier you encounter mostly dreadnoughts which can't go past 25 knots so why would you need homing torpedos ? All 3 core classes of the game need how to learn to aim and pre emptive throw torpedos. Why should the Subs be excluded?
  5. Elypse201

    Bug with Free Look?

    I didn't wanted to make a new topic since this one is kinda bug related so what just happened to me, i joined with my Roma a neighbours battle and i spawned in a Rock and when the game started my Roma wanted to become a Submarine: can anyone explain me how this happened ? Here is also the replay:
  6. I don't think many ppl will play subs. The gameplay is really boring and not a whole lot to do. You ping and shot torpedos maybe dive once or twice(You could say they weren't ment to fight BBs and Cruiser or even DDs and instead hunting convoys but that's just my thought) They are at least no in random battles yet.....yet But since they are a ship class which isn't going to activley will take part in the battle it will feel way more empty. It will be like CV's that WG needs to hold a certain percentage of players to play that class and if the number drops below that, they will just buff them most likely.
  7. Elypse201

    Iowa Still Worth It?

    Iowa is a great ship, it's my most played BB with over 300 battles. NC and Iowa were the ships on which i learned to play BBs. Norca has very accurate guns with her 2.0 Sigma and Iowa gets a 1.9 Sigma but the T9/10 american BB accuracy module. Idm. that they "only" have 406mm never felt the "powercreep". Both are fast, have good concealment and an improved repair party. Yea Georgia is a better ship in terms of guns and carry power, but i always felt the Iowa is more comfy and relaxing to play.
  8. Elypse201

    Fire Chance

    I played in the last days alot of Yamato to get my LM from the mission. I had no Issue in any match to control my fires. I had in many games Thunderers who spamed me the entire time. When i had no better target they got 10k Volley back, later i changed to more importent targets. In some matches a Smolensk wanted to farm me so i greeted him with 20k and then just hided behind a mountain. Even if you are getting HE Spammed bow on remember that your ship can only burn on 4 places (3 with FP). So if they only spam your bow you are only getting 2 fires at max. Just remember never to extinguish 1 fire, get Fire Prevention and BoS and you are fine. Then it just comes down to your positioning/your selfinfluence.
  9. Elypse201


    Es gibt immer wieder Leute, die einen als "Cheater" bezeichnen. Ich hatte neuerding auch diesen netten Spieler im Gegnerteam: Das ging ca. 10 Minuten so, die Ausganssituation war, dass er Breitseite mit seiner Halland gefahren ist 10km vor meiner Hinden. Er ist zugenangen und ich hab dann eine Sekunde danach abgedrückt, weil ich vorgezielt hatte und da eine Halland so unglaublich schnell ist und vorallem 10km Breitseite mit ner Hindenburg schwer zu treffen ist muss ich quasi ein Cheater sein. Meine Performance ist relativ okay, ich weiß welche Klassen ich relativ gut spielen kann (CL/CA/DDs) und welche nicht (BB/CV) und versuche (außer bei CVs) mich zu verbessern. Aber mich als Cheater zu bezeichnen.....man man man
  10. Elypse201

    server disconection during rank battles

    I just had a game where several people in both teams got kicked out of the game. I would say at least 3 per side. Some came back, some didnt. Here is the replay: 20200814_150806_PJSD012-Shimakaze-1943_28_naval_mission.wowsreplay
  11. Elypse201

    Masters EU invitational tourney

    I watched almost all games except the final. The first thing i saw that catched my eye was the pure diversity of ships in the battles. A Kreml here, a Thunderer there, Smoke Mino, Radar Mino, Yueyang, Kleber, Z52, Zao, Golitah, Henri etc. It was way more interesting to see then the last Clan Wars session and the current one. Where its like : wOw i WoNdEr WhAt ThE eNeMy MiGhT bRinG. heY loOk a SpeE wHo WoUlD hAve ThOuGhT wiTh ThAt. Its way more exciting to play against a majority of ships than just all the time the same ones just to be taken out in the end by the most skillfull class from all : the CV
  12. Elypse201

    Podcast with SubO

    How dare you to touch WG's glorious fun and engaging T10 CW meta it's after all World of Warships the thinking man's action game. tbh. for someone who still enjoys DD's in all Tier (T6+) i like that they added MvR since the only thing that can really harm me are the torpedoes but wasnt there a change that the air detection from DDs gets cut in half ? I swear i read something like that in a dev blog.
  13. Elypse201

    I really enjoy being shot by 3 invisible ships!

    1/10 troll 1st reroll account 2nd your last battle was somewhere in 2018 with this account
  14. Habe ich schon gemacht, aber du möchtest weiter in deiner eigenen Welt leben und anderen Spielern irgendwelche sinnlosen "Vergleiche" mit Tik-Tak-Toe vors Gesicht halten. +1 da kann ich nur zustimmen, ich habe eingesehen, dass ich in BBs unterirdisch war und mir Videos angesehn und Zeit genommen die Klasse zu lernen, da ich gemerkt habe ich war meinem Team immer ein Klotz am Bein. Ich bin noch lange nicht da, wo ich sein möchte aber von meiner Anfänglichen Yamato Statistik mit 100 Gefechten 48% WR und 900 PR bin ich schon weit weg. Wenn man Wille, Lust und ein bisschen Zeit mitbringt kann man einiges herausholen. Man muss nur wollen und nicht sinnlose Posts in Forum schreiben.
  15. Elypse201

    Pommern - another joke

    Hinden and Roon are very solid and good Cruisers tho. Also Siegfried looks promising.