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  1. Reisen__

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    i honestly have no clue what is going on atm
  2. Reisen__

    Oficial thx to wows admins

    oh noes your experience was ruined :v it's only a game
  3. Reisen__

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    my email was linked to an account that i only have one game on >.> so yea i think it is a massive cuckup on wargaming's end
  4. Reisen__

    Musashi P2W

    so people are complaing that the sister ship of the yamato is overpowered...................ok.................
  5. Reisen__

    Where is the holiday excitement?

    so when do we get cucked over like last time XD
  6. Reisen__

    Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    *dabs this back to life*
  7. Reisen__

    Please don't be true. PA DDs with radar?

    now you can finally hammer the final nail into the coffin of ijn dds now they can't even stealth cap or run since you got these radar dds
  8. Reisen__

    Important Update: 2nd Anniversary Rewards

    well i'm out of luck with the super containers since i don't have any tier 10s kek
  9. Reisen__

    We need to talk about RN BB's

    i'm a filthy fire spammer and i love it because tbh the pen and Blast yields are historically accurate but the fire chance is a bit questionable
  10. Reisen__

    Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

  11. Reisen__

    [PRAVD] Pravda-Kantai Clan Recruiting!

    looks into the Pravd discord server :3
  12. Reisen__

    What is that??????

    not only do wargaming have Aliens and monsters they worship a captain like a god hmmmmm
  13. Reisen__


    when your in a dd and the enemy team opens up on you and you manage to dodge the shots and kill 2 people with torps
  14. Reisen__

    [RN BB EXPERT] Demanding change

    well if they did increase the Delay then they should increase the pen values
  15. Reisen__

    [RN BB EXPERT] Demanding change

    you know what can stop HE spamming RN actually giving them .30 second fuse delays on AP instead of the 0.15 Anti dds and cruisers delay battleships should never have a delay below .25 seconds like this exactly what it looks like Trying to defend agianst royal navy bbs atm