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  1. kramxel

    Time Limit on Battleto 30 min

    I pleed myself guilty of drawing some matches, just because I completely forget about the timer, when I'm driving a BB...
  2. kramxel

    0.3.1 update - First Impressions

    How is the armour rebalance working?
  3. Exactly! - long range more than 15km, you'll have an hard time hitting anything (huge round dispersion) but have a somewhat good probability of (when hitting) actually doing good damage (aka plunging fire). - medium range 15-10km, your hit probability increases a lot in this range but it may be difficult to penetrate consistently, due to the angles involved. - Close range 10-4Km at this range you should be creating a dead zone, as you can have a high crit probability and can take good chunks of the enemy with each salvo (flat round trajectory with high penetration probability) - Very close range, less than 4km. At this range you should be murdering everything (unless you get sneaked by a DD). Your secondaries (hit the ctrl+opponent combo for increased effectiveness) should be hitting home a lot and your main guns are criting like hell. Where's the RNG? At +15km with guns with round dispersions of +270m? Just because you can't hit something, doesn't mean something's wrong with the game. It just means the gun isn't accurate enough. HINT: And about aiming, most of the people are aiming for the wrong places (normally too high) and hittting the superstructure. Or shooting with HE... which is useless. Your ideal close range shot should be hitting as close as possible to the water line midship.
  4. kramxel

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    My keyboard is defaulting to US layout, and not to portuguese. That means chat is very difficult for me to type in.
  5. I understand that in fact, there is RNG involved with shells. That doesn't mean you can't make it work your way. And you can actual tell, despite all the RNG, who is doing it right and who is doing it wrong. So, that's not really huge RNG. It seems a fair ammount, to me.
  6. kramxel

    Language and keyboard

    My keyboard is being detected as an US keyboard, and not portuguese. As such I can't even chat properly
  7. Hi, I was messing around with my Commanders and was wondering at which level is a Commander worth retraining for those 200k, instead of just spending the 5k and using a temporary one. In the lower tiers, untill tier V or VI, it makes little sense to keep spending those 200k, but if you retrain him, like I did as a test, he's on to 6 skill points before even getting to tier VI. Any thoughts?
  8. Hi, I've been having this issue, when starting the game and Port first loads up, the ships are not displayed for a significant time, i mean around 20+ seconds, it keeps "loading" the selected ship. This also happens, but very rarely when coming out of a battle. After it loads the 1st ship, the remaining are loaded super fast. Even if I switch ships while it's still loading (that 1st time), it will still take a long time. Anyone else have the same issue?
  9. kramxel

    Piasters availability

    Right now, some more harbor slots would be nice. Always having to sell a ship, is a bit lame. It forces you to move on to the next ship, and not fully developing a gameplan for each ship, at least in the lower tiers, after tier VI it becomes less of an issue as you spend more time on the same ship.
  10. kramxel

    Just want to report this player for cheating.

    http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/7438-ships-lagging-at-distance/ Maybe this is what he's talking about.
  11. kramxel

    Ships lagging at distance?

    Could be max view range. I also get this. Always at far distances. At first I thought it was a design feature, as it's at max detection range and it could just be some incorrect information from the ranging personnel. But it seems more like a bug.
  12. kramxel

    free xp bug?

    That's not a bug, that's how it works in WOT too. You have to use premium (piasters) to convert XP gained to free XP.
  13. kramxel

    free xp bug?

    Have you reached the required account level for free XP?
  14. kramxel

    Alpha test reward

    Also had the Fuso and the 1st US CV, and only got 1million credits (on 2nd test, didn't enter 1st).