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  1. JohnQuincyAdams

    [Suggestion]Battleship re-"balance"

    Indeed. Well summarized, sir. I like this idea/concept too. Hence, +1 to both of you.
  2. JohnQuincyAdams

    Myoko AA guns

    Yeah, on paper that seems reasonable (I haven't played either of them).
  3. JohnQuincyAdams

    Myoko AA guns

    So, what's the deal with the AA guns on the Myoko? They are a bit underwhelming for that tier, aren't they?
  4. JohnQuincyAdams

    My other ship is TOG

  5. JohnQuincyAdams

    Win of the Day rework idea!

    I like this idea.
  6. JohnQuincyAdams

    Hit Points linked to tonnage

    Feel free to contribute to the topic.
  7. JohnQuincyAdams

    A plea to all Destroyer captains.

    Why the rage? You are talking about me as a "supposedly" grown man, at the same time as you intiate a discussion by calling my arguments "utter rubbish", only to round it off by calling it "crap" and "childish mantra". How mature... Anyways, I'm not sure why you assume I am a bad player and put no effort in a game? My main point is that many "play to win" advocates make the faulty assumption that people who pay for access to certain areas of a game, automatically are bad players who can't contribute in any way (be it for the team in gameplay, or feedback in beta testing). Just because someone skips certain grinding and pays instead doesn't mean they are not dedicated to a game or that they are unable to reach certain levels of proficiency. I consider myself a gamer, and I'm fairly good in most games I play. But there will always be a healthy portion of even more dedicated players that have much higher levels of gaming proficiency than me. The point is that I'm not "bad" because i pay, I'm "bad" because I simply haven't got any better skills. I would be just as "bad" if I didn't pay a single penny. Have you ever played WoT? Don't tell me that the threshold for being flamed for being a "noob" and a "moron" is equally low when you drive a regular tank as it is when you drive a premium tank. Besides, this is a case of entitlement - not whether people are bad players or not. I would never excuse myself for being bad if I was utterly useless (as you seem to hint at) at a game. Why would I? There are no skill requirements to computer gaming. This is not Ivy League - anyone is allowed in.
  8. JohnQuincyAdams

    Hit Points linked to tonnage

    Why is that? This game focuses more on roles that on tiers. It wouldn't surprise me if experiences from WoT is one of the main reasons for that. A tier 8 cruiser have the same roles as any other cruiser. And when it comes to one vs one, it should fear any battleship, no matter the tier. This is a team based game, and the player need to focus on how he can contribute for the benefit of the team in the best way possible. Whining about a tier 6 battleship being a dangerous ship to face is not the right mindset. Why not? Playing a destroyer is far more hazardous that playing a battleship. You need to be stealthy and clever exactly for the reason that you can't soak up artillery fire from larger ships. It's all about not getting hit. The firepower must be improved because the targets you are shooting at gets better armor and more HP. It makes perfect sense to me.
  9. JohnQuincyAdams

    A plea to all Destroyer captains.

    It's has always been like this is the gaming world. If you have no job and just sit and play computer games all day, you are automatically more entitled to participation and opinion than those of us that [have to] participate in other walks of life/society. I have a wife, children and a full time job, and have no means to become an elite player through "play to win". Unfortunately for the "elite players" out there, I too love to play computer games for entertainment, it's just that I can't play so much that I will ever reach their level of proficiency. If I can choose between paying for progress and grinding for progress, I will always take the monetary path. I have more money than time. I've grown accustomed to being flamed for being a "wallet warrior", and that I "pay to win" and whatnot. Sadly, being a grown man with a job and family translate to being a "twelve year old kid who pays to win with daddy's credit card" in certain circles within the gaming community. The interesting question is though, what makes someone who grinds more and pays less more worthy? Isn't the gaming industry just like any other industry on the consumer market? They are on the outlook for as many paying custromers as possible. Gaming should be entertainment for the masses - not for the privileged few. Ferociously bashing of business models that involves certain elements of "pay to win" is elitistism talking if you ask me.
  10. JohnQuincyAdams

    Hit Points linked to tonnage

    Easy. BBs are "meant" to eat damage, while the smaller the ship class, the more you should rely on other means of defense than armor/HP. Speed, dodging, camouflage, etc. If nimble cruisers and destroyers got the same amount of HP as a lumbering battleship, they would be as OP as anything.
  11. JohnQuincyAdams

    How many are in-game and on forums as well?

    I'm in game, but have never been on the forums.
  12. JohnQuincyAdams

    Limiting chat to opponents to players still alive.

    Unfortunately, yes.
  13. JohnQuincyAdams

    Limiting chat to opponents to players still alive.

    OK, then I understand. But flaming the other team isn't much of an issue, is it? Sure, there are some immediate reactions to being killed, but the never ending swearing, whining and ranting are first and foremost directed towards own team in my experience.
  14. JohnQuincyAdams

    Music to go with WoWS

    In-game music and sounds.
  15. JohnQuincyAdams

    Limiting chat to opponents to players still alive.

    Though I agree that there are many people spewing out toxic comments after they've been killed (at least from WoT experience), I don't think it's a good solution to exclude all players from participating after they're dead. First and foremost due to the fact that dead players have the possibility to communicate to the other players about how things are going on different flanks by focusing their camera on different players as the battle progresses. Information such players can provide, have turned out to be valuable in many of my WoT games, and since this game is even more slow paced, I can imagine this asset to be of even greater value.