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  1. I only use the regular containers. To until now I got 2 ships (tier 5 and 6) and yesterday I got the mission for tier 7.
  2. Whiteridder038

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  3. Whiteridder038

    A Detailed look at Project 1047 Battlecruiser (Lert)

    i already love this ship :-). Would be the first one who take this ship if it comes ingame. :-)
  4. Whiteridder038

    T6 French Premium: Battleship Dunkerque Disappoints

    The speed is sure a think to watch out for. I had some games that I was already close to the enemy without noticing it. Other than that I really like the ship.
  5. Whiteridder038

    German BBs+ tier 6 premium French BB Dunkerque stats in 0.5.9

    Sorry, maybe stupid question, but PTS stands for what site? Looking formward to this new line of ships and the Dunkerque
  6. Whiteridder038

    Looking Dutch people

    Laat maar weten of je al genoeg spelers hebt, Ik heb voornamelijk tier 5 tot tier 8 schepen. De tier 8 voornamelijk premiu. Je kunt me hier of ingame aanspreken. whiteridder038
  7. Whiteridder038

    Best tier 8 premium cruiser: Atago or Kutuzov?

    Last week I played a lot of battles with the Kutuzov. I start really like this ship. Got now 4 skills with the captain and a range of 19,1 km. I try to stay behind as much as possible because it has not very good armour. I was once destroyed in one shot. Dont have a lot of engine or rudder problems. But it seems that everybody and his grandmother without glasses can see this ship from a distance.
  8. Whiteridder038

    Best tier 8 premium cruiser: Atago or Kutuzov?

    i got them both, bur prefer the atago. Nice ship and good guns. But the Kutuzov is also fun. But from my experience, the turrets of the Kutuzov were knocked down several times. Sometimes I ended with only 1 working turret.
  9. Whiteridder038

    Equipment Question

    Hello,I got a question about the Main Battery Modification. It says + 10% loading time and +15 % accurancy. But do I read it right, that this equipment makes your ship worse? Is it not -10% loading time and so on?
  10. Whiteridder038

    Equipment and skills for Atago and Atlanta

    Hello boys and some girls, I bought these 2 ships last week but I'm wondering what skills and equipment I must give these ships. For the Atlanta I'm more AA focust but what are good skills and equipment for this ship. Same question for the Atago. Can someone help me or gives some tips?