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  1. PhantomSailor

    Godzilla vs. Kong: Titans Clash in World of Warships

    Any reason why the animation isnt available during battle? We have the Scorpion etc on Yamato.. so if its ''distracting'', there are other camo's that are visible in battle. And the audio... the audio of the horn is weak and the quick commands are non-existent.... a let down really.
  2. PhantomSailor

    Update 0.10.2 - Italian Battleships: Part 2

    I must say I dont feel Marco Polo is worth it.... The Vertical dispersion is really bad many times, the vertical dispersion is the size of 4 ships at worst. Which is really bad. Damage is bad compared to the other T9 line BBs, I think Marco Polo is the worst ship on the BB line and its something I wouldnt play unless I'm bored of other ships. LittleWhiteMouse has the article of the shell placements and confirms my theory.
  3. PhantomSailor

    0.9.12 - Kure Dockyard

    IX Hizen might be the worst battleship ever...... Its worse than Izumo, and no where near a Musashi or Yamato... Its a straight up worse Izumo with more guns and less accuracy and 1 less heal............. Not worth it.. got it to 67% winrate... now it's a ''docked'' ship in port..... ''number of guns for a high-tier Japanese battleship allows her to deal impressive damage per salvo.'' isn't misinformation unallowed? @Crysantos @MrConway
  4. PhantomSailor

    Minnesota seems pretty crap...

    7 games in Minnesota yields very low results... Bare in mind the playerbase is awful so it doesnt help a slow and oversized ship. Avg damage is 88k, highest is 131k.. I cant take the reload module, because the shell dispersion is dreadful... Even tho Minnesota has 12 guns, it cant compare with Musashi, Bajie, AL Rossi, Georgia... The guns arent that powerful that it needs 40 sec reload, slow ship and all the other disadvantages. Even Iowa and Missouri I have better stats... Minnesota seems to be a ''chance'' ship.. I'm not even thrilled to play it, and fear how the T10 will be... Like 2 pens and 4 overpens makes 10k dmg.................... 3 pens and 1 overpen for 13k...... 4 pens 11k on a broadside Iowa....
  5. PhantomSailor

    Minnesota seems pretty crap...

    Dispersion is awful... it doesnt compensate for the really slow reload.... I overpen A LOT.... It's a crap ship with bad everything... its needs buffing
  6. PhantomSailor

    PT 0.9.8 - Asymmetric Battle

    As I figured the day this was announced... it's too unbalanced....... If you have a low tier ship, just select a ship that can compete in T8 matches... Like WV, and it's all dependant on players skill.... For me, nothing worth testing when I KNOW its unbalanced! Why would I want to play this to carry harder when the reward is terrible.. sorry, but I don't see the reason to play this over Random Battle.
  7. I really cant see the justification of nerfing the 1.6 sigma to 1.5... The AP shell penetration is REALLY bad, the gun accuracy is REALLY bad, gun angles are REALLY bad, the rudder turn time is REALLY bad, the armor is eeeeeh.... I don't see anything good about this ship, why release such a piss poor ship for Doubloons/Coal..
  8. PhantomSailor

    Will every update delete the previus res_mods folder?

    its not, its moved to a different bin folder... World of Warships\bin\2666186 to World of Warships\bin\2697511
  9. PhantomSailor

    Sound Changes in Update 0.9.6

    Turn down gunfire volume, or just zoom out so the camera isnt close to the turrets. Also turn on Wide dynamic range if you want other sounds louder/quieter.
  10. PhantomSailor

    Sound Changes in Update 0.9.6

    @The_EURL_Guy @Crysantos I kind of like it, due to less watching on my ribbons if I'm ricocheting or non penetration. But since many don't like this change, can you put up an Original and Enhanced option for gun and damage sounds in settings? So players can choose what they want to have.
  11. PhantomSailor

    Clan Battles: "Loop" Season

    My guess.... very few clans will play because of Carriers.... so... this will be fun...
  12. PhantomSailor

    Apply for our Super Tester Program!

    Would be nice to get in and do some good, and spend my time in the game more productively
  13. PhantomSailor

    Champagne - Good ship, low survivability..

    Max range sniper, no tankiness etc.. players will report and yell to those players for playing like that.
  14. PhantomSailor

    Champagne - Good ship, low survivability..

    I like Champagne, but it's survivability when meeting Tier 8+ ships, it gets farmed by UK AP cruisers, BB AP above 380mm, Cruiser HE above 203mm, Haru with IFHE etc... Used all my heals in a match, but I can't long-range snipe all game... And Champagne isnt the only ship with 406mm guns.. Either increase the Hit Points or give Champagne an extra Repair Party or a powerful Repair Party. Champagne 52,600 - Repair Party (3) Superintendent 4 Richelieu 63,700 - Repair Party (4) Superintendent 5 Gascogne 63,200 - Repair Party (4) Superintendent 5 Bismarck 69,200 - Repair Party (4) Superintendent 5 Tirpitz 69,300 - Repair Party (4) Superintendent 5 Odin 52,800 - Repair Party (4) Superintendent 5 Roma 65,400 - Repair Party (4) Superintendent 5 Amagi 59,300 - Repair Party (4) Superintendent 5 Kii 68,200 - Repair Party (4) Superintendent 5 North Carolina 66,000 - Repair Party (4) Superintendent 5 Alabama 63,300 - Repair Party (4) Superintendent 5 Massachusetts 63,300 - Repair Party (4) Superintendent 5 Fast Heal Monarch 60,500 - Repair Party (4) Superintendent 5 Vanguard 71,700 - Repair Party (4) Superintendent 5 Vladivostok 73,600 - Repair Party (3) Superintendent 4 Lenin 63,200 - Repair Party (3) Superintendent 4
  15. PhantomSailor

    0.9.5 - General Feedback

    Gun traverse sound isn't synced with the movement of the guns. When you stop moving the turrets the audio still fall behind by like 700ms... which is annoying as hell. Either sync the audio or make the sound of the turret turning fade out.