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  1. PhantomSailor

    Ranked Battles: Thirteenth Season

    Is 2-man division allowed in normal Ranked?
  2. PhantomSailor

    Can we get back the Crew animations on deck?

    the animation file exists and it still works... I still have it
  3. PhantomSailor

    Can we get back the Crew animations on deck?

    They already made it...... lol
  4. PhantomSailor

    Can we get back the Crew animations on deck?

    Works well for me, 7700K and 1080ti, I use modded engine file to make sure its running better. It wont impact the performance, its like Steven Seagal, he has his own animation file.. and there is no performance loss.
  5. It was an April Fools I believe, but it was a file like Steven Seagal that showed the animation. Can we have it back permanently??
  6. Hi Luke.
    Can you check the message I posted to your inbox. 

  7. PhantomSailor

    Public Test of Update 0.8.5: Round 2

    Rather want to have a sustainable MAIN weapon.. if my turrets are destroyed it doesnt matter if I have 80% AA left.........
  8. PhantomSailor

    Public Test of Update 0.8.5: Round 2

    Never needed that module because my AA didnt die like 4 minutes into the game... Kremlin and SS and USSR BBs are VERY vulnerable and got AA HP buffed, or so it was said before the line got released.
  9. PhantomSailor

    Ranked Battles Season 9


    Nothing kill the motivation more than low stat players, like yourself, for grinding their way to Rank 1.
  10. PhantomSailor

    Ranked Battles Season 9


    Your only dislike with Ranked is because you don't have Tier 10 ships and don't want to spend time to get them. Well your problem, and I'm kind of glad it is Tier 10.. Ranked is for mostly good players, to show off their skill. Letting people with low stats grind their way to Rank 1 is not the way Ranked should work. I think Ranked and Clan Battle progression needs to value players skill..... and not determination to play 500-800 battles to get Rank 1.
  11. Hi.
    I have bought many French containers and opened like 60 now... I have only gotten 3 missions, Richelieu isn't one of them. 60 crates to get 3 missions... thats pretty low chance to get the missions. 
    Are these crates bugged or do you really need to get 100 crates to get a T8 free BB?
    I have spent ridiculous amount of money on this and now I feel this is just stupid.

    Can you enlighten me on the missions and why I have only gotten 3 missions on like 60 containers? 

  12. Hi Crysantos!
    Thanks for the New Year greeting card with bonus code:Smile_great:

    Any chance I can exchange the bonus card for something else?

    I have like 740 premium days, I feel that I have enough for a while:Smile_teethhappy:

  13. Hi Kandly!
    So I won the New Year card with bonus code in my mailbox...
    Only to find Crysantos and two others signatures... No Santa or Kandly signature.:Smile_amazed:
    Was hoping for a universal greetings card with everyones signature and your drawing.. 

  14. like being a toxic [edited] huh?
    you are three times worse than me and yet you complain about me.. stop feeding the community with crap!
    btw Conq heals..... learn the game

  15. PhantomSailor

    gamescom 2017


    Will there be Youtube/Twitch/Facebook streams from the Warships events?