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  1. PhantomSailor

    Combat Missions in Update 0.8.11

    I'm sorry to say Christian, you guys failed the entire community. You can spend your Doubloons, because that's your PAYMENT from the company, 60 000 Doubloons doesn't mean anything to you since you get payed by Wargaming in this currency. So your statement wouldn't be fair to compare to the rest of the playerbase who isn't employed by WG. ''very significant time investment'' If I want to spend 14 hours per day for something I need to pay for... The communication wasnt failed on your part, the entire system is FUBAR and the statement was ANYONE could complete it.... Don't try to explain your way out of this company public relations standard answers.... Own up to your mistakes, the community is the Robin Hood's, WG is the big bad wolf asking for all our awake time during a long holiday to invest into something unachievable for free. PEF campaign was free, but you had the choice to speed it up with PEF. When you spend 8300 Euros into a four year old game, and then begs for more money and time from the player. And then screw over the player in to pay HEAVILY to get something that should be free to tribute the players for continuing supporting this game.
  2. PhantomSailor

    Combat Missions in Update 0.8.11

    So first of all... Reading the responses and seeing that leaked CC chatter response from SubOctavian.. I have lost all trust and faith in you as the spokesperson. You have had heard to the community regarding the CV rework, how miserable that entire shitshow was. CV rework is still bad, but you guys listened to the community over a long period of time. Here someone leaked a response being a hardcore gamer with NO LIFE should sacrifice his every waking moment to World of Warships, to grind that the 1% of players earn the ''I have no life reward''. I'm a hardcore gamer, been supporting this game too much since release.. Spent like 8500 euro spread out these 4 years, because I enjoy this game and this is now my main game. Which says a lot! On that note, I have a job, and not unemployed like your team asks of that 1% playerbase and then to ask them to not enjoy the holiday and relax from the work. This ''apology''doesn't feel sincere at all, it just a response to save face! This [edited]-up regarding Puerto Rico and Dockyard made me think how greedy you guys are, and don't appreciate how this community keeps your job, and every WG employee still keeps their job at World of Warships department. This may actually ruin the reputation in World of Warships offices, and Wargaming in general. You act like you guys are generous, but holy hell. Feels like the community is Robin Hood and giving our money to the community which is Wargaming/World of Warships. How is this even fair in the company's eyes? There wasn't a paywall the other 4 years, it was a tribute to the community for STILL playing your game. This damage control you guys are doing, believe me its not working. Holidays are there to unwind and to enjoy stuff, not to grind something for 12 hours. This isn't Fortnite, where we as players gets rewarded 50.000 Euros for our placement efforts! Hate to say it, but Wargaming need to either lower the demand to a reasonable amount of player who can achieve this, and since its the holidays, it should be 45% and remaining progress can be unlocked for 8 000 Doubloons. You guys have become greedy and it shows in the responses from everyone. At least Electronic Arts had the decency to rework their lootboxes and listen to the community. It's sad..... and a tragedy that World of Warships might take a massive hit because of this, but its warranted for the greater good. The rewards from the Christmas update should be handed out for free, in token to the community for still playing this game, and want to keep it alive. This wont restore your reputation, but it will over time if your priority is your players and customers. Do the right thing here, and don't hide behind your [edited], own your mistakes FULLY.
  3. PhantomSailor

    PTS 0.8.11 - General Feedback

    WHY remove the pasta colored tracers from Luigi Sansonetti???????? I like the rainbow tracers!!!!!!
  4. PhantomSailor

    The Captain's Logbook

    A part from the REALLY laggy UI... its a really cool thing to get! 350 ships and a lot of other stuff, this would be cool.
  5. PhantomSailor

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.11

    German BB buff with 406 is too powerful with the Reload Module The_EURL_Guy 22 seconds is far too powerfull, either nerf Kurfurst and other Battleships that gets the reload module or buff other nation Battleships. 30 seconds Montana vs 22 seconds Kurfurst........ This is imbalance!
  6. PhantomSailor

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.11

    WHY nerf Steel awarded when playing T8-T9 ships????? You are now rewarding T8-T9 ships 75 steel per ships.. and T10 ships with Santa Crates..... WHY? I dont want Santa Crates when I have 340+ ships in the game. Go back to the system we all know from last year!
  7. PhantomSailor

    Pan-Asian Squadron

    Genova is such a baaaad ship, holy crap! No smoke, bad reload, bad maneuvering.... WORST premium ship to exist!
  8. PhantomSailor

    Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

    Italian Cruisers are good after 20 minutes of a battle, BUT you RELY HEAVILY on your team!!! I dont see the cruisers being good enough for me to play low Tier. Sorry, but its too snipey, accuracy is bad over range, reload is eh, AP seems meh... SAP is only good on DDs and most Cruisers, you struggle hard against Battleships.
  9. PhantomSailor

    Tirpitz and Asashio are back in action

    its bad.... everyting pens you, every BB at T7 is a big threat and you need to turn around right away. and with 20 knots you cant do much.. it was moved to T5... and its a huge nerf.. CVs spam you, you have no AA like Arkansas Beta. Everything is wrong with this ship. Konig is unpenerateable.... I mean i see no reason to play this crap.
  10. PhantomSailor

    Tirpitz and Asashio are back in action

    Viribus Unitis is pretty bad in Tier 7 match..... It takes damage like its a low armored cruiser, slow, shorter range, low HP! I suggest moving this ship to Tier 4, Tier 5 is a pretty bad matchmaking for this ship.
  11. PhantomSailor

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    Ohio T10 USN Battleship... its pure trash... Cant compare with Montana, and Ohio is worse than Thunderer! I hate the Ohio, its the worst Battleship I have had, and its Tier 10! The shear firepower is sooo bad its stupid!
  12. PhantomSailor

    Visual and Audio Enhancements

    Audio levels are soooooooo bad right now... SFX sounds are either massively loud or too quiet! Please fix it, gun sounds, collision etc are soooo unbalanced its nuts! Revert back to previous audio levels!
  13. PhantomSailor

    OHIO - The nerf that wasnt justified!

    no it hasn't, and i'm not gonna go to german language section, and there is no articles on it, either on reddit or dev blog.
  14. PhantomSailor

    OHIO - The nerf that wasnt justified!

    So... I have no real reason to play Ohio as it currently is! 8 guns with 30 sec reload versus 12 guns and 30 seconds, Montana will be the better ship in the better hands. Ohio is a worse Montana! Alpha damage for Montana is WAY better with 324 000 potential alpha damage per minute. Alpha damage for Ohio is worse with 252 000 damage per minute. In a perfect match with really good players, you would have great players doing their duty. But 30 second reload on Ohio is such a hindrance because we aren't dealing with good players and beyond in a match. And I have NO CLUE why you guys removed the 27.5 sec reload 12 days before release, that slight adjustment wouldn't effect the game or unbalance the harmony of other ships. If Ohio is there so ONLY be an overmatch ship, I would rather take Yamato with Legendary or Montana! If you aren't going to add Ohio Legendary module, the reload should be 25 seconds.. otherwise it's just a niche ship. My suggestion to Ohio buff, 26 gun reload and better torp protection.
  15. PhantomSailor

    Submarines Beta Test: Are You Ready to Submerge?

    I have TST installed and in my client since CV rework, hopefully I get to test this too!