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  1. Myself and three friends have been looking around for a new clan, but unfortunately our current arrangement appears to not be working out as we hoped. We are looking for an active clan that can provide regular division play and the opportunity to gain high level clan wars experience. All 3 are english speaking, with discord and working microphones. As this is obviously a rather unique situation don't be afraid to ask questions either here or on discord (linked below). wows-numbers pages https://wows-numbers.com/player/511597067,IlIustrious/ https://wows-numbers.com/player/518467930,Callis557/ https://wows-numbers.com/player/557446364,Viggen_37/ My discord is Illustrious#3002, I can get you in contact with the other two if you need. Thanks, and fair seas!
  2. IlIustrious

    [-FNV-]'s Recruitment Thing

  3. IlIustrious

    [-FNV-]'s Recruitment Thing

  4. IlIustrious

    [-FNV-]'s Recruitment Thing

  5. IlIustrious

    [-FNV-]'s Recruitment Thing

  6. IlIustrious

    Clan for Noobs

    Head over to the looking for clan section, lots of clans are willing to take new players. Your odds of finding a clan improve as you play more games so that recruiters can get a read on you.
  7. IlIustrious

    [-FNV-]'s Recruitment Thing

    Who are we? [-FNV-] and our sister clan [-VNF-] are a group of friendly, like-minded players who enjoy playing World of Warships in divisions and Clan Battles. We are on the smaller side, with 17 members across our two clans, but are an active community that has achieved consecutive placements in Storm league three seasons running. We are looking to expand on our group and find more players to enjoy this game with! What can we offer you? Regular division play A discord server for communications Clan Battles play whenever it is possible An introduction to Clan Battles for newer players A friendly and open environment to improve in Basic Requirements We don't ask too much of new players, and are usually willing to make an exception for these. If you have any questions, just ask. The only ones that are non-negotiable are in bold. Use discord Be able to communicate in English (it doesn't have to be perfect) Have, or acquire soon, a microphone Have minimum 50% winrate Be active. That's the point of the clan. Exceptions are, of course made for real life circumstances. Applicants will be placed into the appropriate clan. [-FNV-] takes competetive players with an interest in Clan Battles, while [-VNF-] takes casual players, or those inexperienced in Clan Battles. If you are interested in joining message me here or a recruiter in game. Fair Seas!
  8. IlIustrious

    Miley looking for a clan

    Hey mate! [-FNV-] is always recruiting good players like you. We are on the smaller side, but we are a close knit community and participate in CBs often at a high standard (Storm League every season we have played). If you are interested, message me here on in game (the second L is an i). Fair Seas!
  9. Hey mate! I'd be happy to talk with you about joining up with us We're a somwhat small group of about 20 players spread across two clans who enjoy messing around in randoms with some competetive play during the season. If this sounds good, feel free to message me here or join our discord.
  10. IlIustrious

    Looking for a new more active clan

    Hey vapochill! We'd be happy to have you as a part of [-VNF-]. We are a smaller group of players, around 20 at the moment, who play this game to improve and have fun doing it. If you are interested, message me or join our discord! Fair seas!
  11. Hey mate! [-FNV-] is a semi-competetive group of players who want to enjoy this game in a friendly, open environment. We currently number about 20, and we use a discord for communications. We offer you: Regular division play A tight knit group of friends to play with Clan battles play at a fairly high level (2 consecutive seasons in Storm) An environment to win and improve yourself doing it. Feel free to message me here or join our discord. Fair seas!
  12. IlIustrious

    Looking for an English speaking clan

    Hey there, [-FNV-] and its sister clan [-VNF-] are an international, english speaking clan made up of like-minded players who want to play World of Warships in a friendly, open environment. We use a discord server for communications and provide you with regular division play and the oportunity to participate in competetive play, as well as better yourself as a player. We simply ask for your regular activity and involvement in the clan, which generally requires both discord and a microphone of some sort. If you are interested, message me here or on Discord at Illustrious#3002. Fair seas!
  13. IlIustrious

    Topic closed. Delete this post please.

    Hi mate! We here at [-FNV-] are currently in the middle of a push for Typhoon league, and are playing CBs regularly. Aside from that, we can offer you a discord server for communications, regular division play, a friendly but competetive atmosphere and the perfect environment to improve. If you are interested, you can message me here or simply join our discord. Fair seas!
  14. IlIustrious

    LF a new Clan

    Hey mate! [-FNV-] and its sister [-VNF-] are always recruiting friendly, active players! We currently have around 20 members, and use a discord server for communications. We offer you: - An active, friendly community of like minded players - Occasional competetive play, as well as frequent division play - An environment to learn and improve in If you are interested, feel free to message me or join our discord. Fair seas!
  15. [-FNV-] Facta Non Verba is an international group of like minded players who want to play World of Warships in an open, friendly environment. What can [-FNV-] offer you? - A discord server for voice communications - Regular competetive play - Divison play - A friendly international community What does [-FNV-] need from you? - English speaking - Use Discord - Be able to take criticism - Be able to handle a joke - Active participation Some Basic Guidelines We may wave these if you fit in well, unlike the previous requirements Minimum 55% winrate At least 1 tier X (or good progress towards one) Have at least 1500 games For players who are more interested in casual play, our sister clan [-VNF-] takes all comers so long as you are active and fit in well! Interested? Contact a recruiter on the forums or join our discord server Fair Seas!