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  1. MrDingles

    PSA - Patch 0.6.10 problems

    Same issue as OP. Checking integrity of game files, apparently something didn't compute. Getting updates (again), only 1.5GB to go .. let's see if it works after that.
  2. MrDingles

    Server Down ?

    Huh, so it IS down. Meh. Back to YT. Maybe tomorrow night.. since unfortunately I have to work during the day, you know, for that premium account? (wink wink WG)
  3. MrDingles

    Unusual high ping - packet loss

    Aye aye, thanks. Been looking for a subforum like this (apparently didn't look hard enough).
  4. MrDingles

    Unusual high ping - packet loss

    What is going on? 1 max 2 games working okay, then suddenly ping goes from 30 to 500 like crazy, it's been a long time since I've gotten something like this. Apparently killing the game process and restarting does the trick, until the second next game when it happens again. I'm not the only one complaining about it in game, but I can't find any other thread on the topic.
  5. MrDingles

    Bugs Feedback

    Auto-resupply switch bug seems to be permanent, every time you start the game it is set to Disabled. Every first game in a ship now I have to go through the equipment tabs.
  6. MrDingles

    Bugs Feedback

    Port interface froze after game, couldn't put camo on my Schors (pressing Purchase and mount without effect) switching tabs worked, but couldn't mount signals, flags, anything. Scrolling the carousel was working, selecting other ships was fine but no changes could be made. Tried to bring up the menu, nothing, not by clicking or pressing escape. Had to Task Manager / kill the process to restart the game. Edit: - auto-buy switch seems to be reset to Disabled, so after the first game with any ship consumables (repair, camo) won't be re-purchased.
  7. MrDingles

    0.5.8 Patch notes

    +1 vote for the transparency thing
  8. MrDingles

    Server off line ?

    Issue: clicking the battle button has no effect Ship: any Map: none Occurances: Occurred repeatedly Tested: Still happening Severity: game breaking Details: went to enter a game, clicked the battle button and nothing happened. Changed ships, clicked again and same result. Logged off, logged on again, can't play. Clicking Battle, after 5-10 seconds I'm back in the port.
  9. MrDingles Ship frozen in position bug observed

    This type of erratic behavior is mainly due to packet loss. Basically some packets of data get lost between you and the server. Otherwise the ping is good. But if you would have a ping running in the background you would notice some timeouts. That causes what's called "rubberbanding" in online games, cars that freeze for a split second and then jump forward, it's the server loosing a(some) packet(s) and then he places you where you should be when he gets the next packet. If you are also turning left/right while in motion, and have packet loss, the server might actually at some point put your ship into an island or beach you (for world of tanks players, the spinning tanks if you've seen them). My two cents, you should check that first. It might not be your computer / network card, it could be a router along the way, try to check with a ping running in the background. Perhaps ping the servers (if you know the IP) or the webpage (but I doubt the webpage is hosted on the same IP as the servers). You might still notice something.
  10. MrDingles

    Firing Control and targeting

    Uhm, even if you go with something like Aim assist (which is not recommendable, and totally sucks balls imo) the spread at that distance and the RNG would probably make something like 75% of your shells miss or land around the target. What's the point? You're supposed to make that calculation. They did it back then, you do it now. Today the artillery uses a firing computer that calculates the elevation and orientation (or what's it called on the horizontal) considering the shell velocity and mass, possibly even Coriolis effect, giving a firing solution, but that does not guarantee a hit at 20km. Back then probably they relied on optical devices to help them do it faster, but that also was subjected to a certain degree of error. If you talk optical devices you get the glass imperfections, the air temperature, stuff like that that affected aiming. For over the horizon firing they were probably writing stuff down, or having some tables to help, and aerial observation. We're not even mentioning there's 2 (randomly) moving objects (in open sea) that you're trying to shoot from, or hit. Even today irl there's some deviation to it. That's ballistics. Unless you have trajectory adjustment during projectile flight there's always going to be a chance you miss stuff (which is why they now use mostly rockets and guided munitions or rapid firing guns to compensate through volume of fire). So we can have ballistics in game (or something like that but simplified) or lasers. What do you prefer?
  11. MrDingles

    Invisible Island / wall bug report

    Yep, had it too, on Two Brothers. Spawned North, went on east side (toward 10 line). At first I was shooting and somewhere in E8 area my shells were hitting something in the air, like an island or something. Enemy team had the same happen to them. Then after I died I switched to an ally stuck on the island in D7, and he was shooting and getting shot through the island, causing and taking damage to an enemy Pensacola. You can see the shells from the Pensacola hitting him, and their trajectory. I think he didn't even see the island, it's like some or all of us were playing with a different map in the client, and the server was having a different version. Printscreen below, replay file available at: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rdwd1goadb1cf27/20151105_211139_PGSC106-Nurnberg_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  12. MrDingles

    German Cruiser Feedback

    The captain perk for extending range is a double edge sword. I was really happy to get the perk (17.5 km yay) on the Cleveland, but the ridiculous arch (you know, mortars!) makes the shell travel for something like 20 seconds. Good luck hitting any decent player at that range. It is good for stationary targets, islands, and people that don't know how to ship. With that travel time you can have 2 salvo's in the air, it's funny. AP rounds for the Yorck guns (considering WW2 model) weighed 109 kg (238 lbs) while HE was 113.5 kg (250 lbs). The propellant charge was identical afaik, which would mean lower HE speed, higher firing arc and lower range. Unfortunately if we want realistic, we have to cope with the bad armor all along the line.
  13. MrDingles

    German Cruiser Feedback

    Venting! Tier 5 cruisers: Armor values - German 5-50mm, IJN 6-76mm, US 10-76mm HE damage is very low for 150mm guns, as others said. Turrets are knocked out too easily, even by tier 3/4 DD's with HE. Looks like the turret armor is made out of shells, not steel plates. Engines are probably outboards, they are knocked out continuously, you might get hit by 1 shell for 0 damage but there's at least 1 module that gets knocked out, usually engine, rudder and/or magazine (goodbye retaliating). If not module damage, then fire, 1, 2 or three fires at once. Some would say the armor values are accurate, but how on earth a 2 mm deck armor difference, in favor of the Konig (!) (Konig 40, Omaha 38) makes it this bad? Sometimes it feels like there's no deck, only a tarp for shade. AP damage, almost nonexistent compared to similar tier/class. Why can't the Konig's 15 cm AP shells pen the Furutaka sides like the Omaha does? Or like the Phoenix can pen the Kuma, the Karlsruhe can't! The shells have a flatter trajectory, hence better speed, for AP this should be perfect. But nope, you only get measly 1k-2k damage on 5-6 hits (at tier 5). HE damage is ridiculous. You can have 6 hits on target, set a fire, and then nothing happens for the next 50-70 hits. Are you sure these are HE shells? You get damage values around 200 and 300 per hit. Sometimes you land 3-4 hits for no damage, but hey you knocked out an enemy AA gun! As far as sailing goes, they are pretty fast (at least the Konig, I still don't want to remember the Karlsruhe, it has been SO painful) but slow to reach top speed, and have a big turning circle. Balancing the same tier ships across the nations should mean that it should take less module damage than the Omaha (which is more more nimble, turns tighter, accelerates better), and almost the same as the Furutaka. Well no, you can go in a straight line, you can zig zag (slowly) but you will get hit in the rudder/engine/set on fire rather quickly. I could understand module damage if we were talking about DD's, that can pretty much dodge bullets, but this is frustrating. I have mounted every upgrade module I know that can reduce module damage, chance of fire or flood, increase main armament survivability, but to no avail. I have chosen captain skills to further decrease the time for repairs, and decrease the reload time for the repair party. I have spent credits with camo to decrease enemy fire accuracy. Credits spent for nothing. Also, why can't the Konig switch the Hydroacoustic search for a fighter plane? In 1935 the ship was able to launch and handle floatplanes. Is there a reason behind this choice? Like balancing issues? Was it an oversight? Lat patch introduced (YAY!) the Kriegsmarine and the russian dd's, but brought us some really broken toys. Last game: 7 HE hits 832 damage with Konigsberg. 6 hits, 200 dmg +1 fire. 2 hits, no damage, 1 AA gun knocked out. Ridiculous. Then I get detonated by an Aoba shooting HE.
  14. MrDingles

    [Rant?] WoWS... am I disappointed or what?

    Stock hulls are crap. No matter what tier we talk about. I went up all the way to Izumo in the beta and stock hulls are crap everywhere. Fuso was the best tier for tier in the beta, still awesome today, but lookes a bit toned down, probably just a feeling, the XP being calculated different in the CBT makes the grind look longer. Nagato was ok'ish, you can feel those missing 2 guns. Stock hull, again, crap. Fully upgraded is ok, because it is reasonably fast and can turn (pretty big circle though) as opposed to their US counterparts. Does not have the same Colorado level of armor belt, but speeding and slowing can help to throw off enemy aim. And as opposed to Colorado you can actually do that. Amagi is awful in stock form. Cheese. Those 5x2 guns help the grind though. i went for hull first, engine after. The Izumo in the CBT was kind of crap. Perhaps I was crap. Im not talking about citadel shots, but mainly the fires. It was bad. Old wooden ship versus flame throwers level of bad. And I had the upgrades and perks to avoid that. It burned like a twig. The strange turret disposition makes maneuvering difficult, or at least different. You kind of expose yourself completely to fire all 9 guns, so you will probably fire mostly 6, or when you're not targeted all 9. On the other hand, if the enemy is behind, you can swerve and shoot 6 guns on one side, 3 on the other, but showing your butt can result in citadel shots. Kiiind of weird but it happened. Boiler room probably. AA wise, starting with the Nagato, it kicks up. Amagi in its final form is ok, does not have US levels of AA but that's the general trait. BUT, depending on your play style you can change the spotting aircraft consumable with the fighter one. Sometimes it can help spread the incoming planes and hamper enemy launches. 1-2 torp hit is preferable to 4. I should also mention I am a complete [edited]when firing with spotter, I could never get the hang of it. Also for me the spotter is bad when I want to spot a DD close by, it modifies the aiming view angle and pisses me off. I prefer the fighter, not missing shots at 8km. All being said, looking forward to the Yamato. IJN BB line is pretty good, the OP should consider watching plenty of YouTube material to change his mind and/or pick up some tips&tricks. Fair seas everyone PS: There has never been a grind as bad as the Colorado. Ever. You should try US before saying IJN line is bad.
  15. MrDingles

    can not login - server NA

    Weird issue on EU too, game stuck after credential window with loading icon turning endlessly.