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  1. KazeAmaru

    0.8.8 Gifts & Rewards: How to Get Everything

    So are those real super-containers or are those more like "castrated" Supercontainers. Like could one gets Ships in them and such or is it just a bunch of flags and "goodwill" from WG?
  2. KazeAmaru

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    Double Post, please delete
  3. KazeAmaru

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    Quadruple nerf to carriers. Hey, why give them planes at all? I mean the servicing time at the start is retarded. "Oh, our planes are not ready to strike. We are a naval power at war, of course we do not have our planes fueled and ready in anticipation of a battle" I could live with it, however it will not change a thing. The issue you are talking about is within the maps and the game itself. I know where DDs will be 45s from now on, the cap tells me they are inside. I just need to circle long enough. ( The issue is bad map design, not carriers ) Then let's nerf the HE bomb for DDs, because standard mechanics for DD never apply. AP from BB behaves different on them, because people cried and now HE Bombs will be adjusted for DDs as well. If so much adjusting is needed in favor of one class, maybe just maybe and I know I am gonna be wild here. Not the other classes are the issue but the class that gets exceptions from all game mechanics has a baseline problem?! I know crazy to think so. (Sorry physics do not apply to me, I am a DD and will now fly off) Then AA buffing, do WG Employees ever test their BS? More effective AA? We got like three or four attack runs in one squads and even if the ship is all alone, out of position and thus poorly placed by captain error we lose about 1/3 of the Squadron right now already. Now WG wants to increase the number even more? Sure why not, 8.5 introduce "Dud mechanic for HE Bombs and Air Torpedos" (Of course only applies to air torpedos, because see above). We got our plane regeneration nerfed, the current AA is already really harsh and now you want to make it even worse, so one plane may then roll the RNG dice ( which also screwed with and as you said "Will now hit the borders of the oval more often" )and pray for the best? That's carrier play revised then? Every 2 Minutes, one play gets to RNG drop one ordnance for a bit of DMG? Then of course the boost change. Sorry we used the mechanics, we are truly sorry. Nerf it into oblivion so it doesn't have any impact anymore ( given the plans to ramp up AA gain it is probably completely losing it is impact in reality :D )
  4. KazeAmaru

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.4

    Wheeeh, Do we continue to do this until 11.XX? Every patchnote reads the same now: "Nerf to carriers, we nerfed carriers. We did nerf carriers. Also we nerfed carriers" Just grow a pair and patch them out then. It is clear to everyone around here you do not want them in the game. OP AA builds are still untouched, if you were about balancing those would be touched up as well. However all the same, every patch the same content. "We did this and that to decrease Carrier effectiveness"
  5. KazeAmaru

    Update 0.8.1: British Squadrons

    Servers are down, no connection can be established. Ping and connection are pristine, in short: WG f-ed up big times again.
  6. KazeAmaru


    As usual "One step forwards, two steps back". Toned down the ridiculous AA last patch a tiny bit ( maybe 5% ) and now the next massive nerf to CV. Honestly, then have the balls to remove them completely. 4k on a T10 Torpedobomber? When everyone has Bulgearmor like crazy anyhow? Again, unwarranted nerfs to make CVs boring to play/annoying to play and soothe those who had to adapt to the new Meta but didn't want to. Whilst e.g. Worchester, Minotaur are still eating fully maxed T10 squads easily alone, godforbid if you are T8 in T10, then it is better to AFK right away anyhow. Here WG have some "Balancing" suggestion: - HE Bombs now bounce three times, if they land in the water, they are defused. - Planes are now only fueled half the necessary gasoline, as they will never make it home anyway because op AA. - CVs get implemented Browser-Support since T8 in TX Game might as well afk. - Rockets did Damage a DD recently, now they have been "upgraded" to firework rockets so DDs can be see my the Enemy team better but no longer deal Damage. - Implemented RPD (Random Pilot Death ) for balancing purposes. - Planes have a 25% to start without payload attached. ( After all errare humanum est ) Some might thing I am being sarcastic but we all know WG would do all this, because they have no [edited]clue about balancing.
  7. KazeAmaru

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    Basically, as expected: The nerf to AA was so minuscule that it is not impacting the issues at all. This patch did nothing, no problems were solved. The one thing it really showed: WG rushed the CV rework onto live, hoping to get it out to consoleros asap. This is an under-cooked, half-baked and unfinished piece of junk that needs head back to the PTR/Closed Tests.
  8. KazeAmaru

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    a) Spreading communication out, planting them on several different communication channels so one has to be reading all to be in the loop, is still bad practice. b) As I said, the AA overbuff was noticeable mere hours after release, statistics should have been ready a day or two later ( as it was not a "subtle" mistake so it was obvious ). Fix still is not coming until far next week. That is very slow (considering that a class has been completely nullified and made unplayable, our company would rate this a "6" Major bug, needs attending asap ( meaning overhours ) c) The CC said it is crap, closed test testers like myself were ignored, statistics were reread to be positive. ( I think it was 37% said no to the rework, 43 % or so Yes with BIG buts, rest were okay with it. WG said over 50% like it ). d) No they need to list it. So people can plan for the changes, is small AA going to be the go to or the large caliber AA? Is AA ship A going to be buffed/nerfed. People may want it because of its characteristics and thus if they are changed, they are not desirable anymore. e) Of course, if it ends soon, I am gonna take the refund and then after half a year I can drop back in to decide whether carriers are worth it. If the refund ends whilst they are still doing their balancing, it is not fair for those who own a CV. Thus the balancing, as WG says it is "final" must be done first before the refund period ends.
  9. KazeAmaru

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    You have an odd perception of public relations and how they shall be managed by a company. If people complain, do not answer them at all. Also if you are referring to the vague statement of "Patch, somewhen next week" that is just not cutting it. We need exact numbers, we need the announcement if they gonna prolong the return/hand back policy or not. What about captain retraining, with so much fundamentally wrong with the state of the game, can I wait around and look at the preliminary "final" result or do I need to opt out now and wait until they are done, then decide whether the CVs are worth playing. In fact WG does a pisspoor job at any communication. For example, why cut down the T8 Squadron size if Haku is overperforming. They do not give their insights, that is what making people mad. Also they are very, very slow to react. That AA was overbuffed should have been obvious after one or two day maximum. However now people have to wait for somewhen next week to see their next try. Which, let's be honest, will be crap as well but maybe a tad better than now. So in short why people are angry a) Wargaming doesn't communicate any details as of why they changed the things they did alter, how their reasoning is b) Wargaming is way too slow to react c) Wargaming doesn't listen to suggestion and concern of the community d) Wargaming does not list their planned fixes so people can see the route they are planning to head e) Wargaming does not communicate about the XP/FreeXP refund of carrier if it is extended or not in the wake of the balancing hip and hop they are doing.
  10. KazeAmaru

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Which may just be a symptom of too overbuffed AA as they are low/mid HP whilst striking and dying afterwards to the AA. So just fix that and it doesn't need a recall correction.
  11. KazeAmaru

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Yeah the recall is kinda pointless if your planes get wrecked on approach, so we can gladly ignore that.
  12. KazeAmaru

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Yeah pick their targets well. If the team convoys for once in close proximity, what is your solution then? AFK? Back to Harbor? Cap a Point?
  13. KazeAmaru

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    No my wish was, make AA clouds spawn in a matter that they can be avoided. Meaning there is a gap, my planes can reach in the time they take to get there. Not buff the undodgable AA from short range AA into heaven so it shreds all things in the sky.
  14. KazeAmaru

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Yeah, that's why the play DDs... Oh wait...
  15. KazeAmaru

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    What the real problem is: AA is way, much, much, much too overtuned. Ships have so much DPS on AA, even if you dodge all Black Clouds perfectly ( so do everything right you can do as a player ) you planes will still receive lethal damage ( meaning all planes die, not a few, ALL ) before being able to launch one attack. Even a Minotaur should not be immune to attacks, she should repell them more effectively than non- AA cruisers and BBs but immunity to any air-born threats is ridiculous. Further more, T8 Carriers against T10, or T6 vs T8 are majorily fucked. Having absolutely no chance of scoring any meaningful damage at all. Even if you have a 100% Unicum player in the CV. AA right now, just eats planes and has no downsides, no gaps, nothing to allow CVs to act besides AFK and spot. They massively overbuffed AA in 8.0.1 and killed any chance for CVs to fulfill their role.