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  1. RavenSCO

    Clan AOD Are Recruiting NOW

    TheDark_Shadow i sent you a pm
  2. RavenSCO

    Clan AOD Are Recruiting NOW

    If its the forum you cant find it is under trial divisions
  3. RavenSCO

    Clan AOD Are Recruiting NOW

    when you click the apply now button the wows is the bottom option World Of Warships Trial Division.
  4. RavenSCO

    Clan AOD Are Recruiting NOW

    And i only bumped the thread once in the last 24 hours
  5. RavenSCO

    Clan AOD Are Recruiting NOW

    when you register at the forum you should then apply to join the clan. there is a link "Apply Now" on the front page. Select that then follow the instructions, enter World Of Warships as The division you wish to join. then go to the trial divisions section and post in the request to join thread.
  6. Join AOD Today What do you get? A 3200+ member community from all over the world Friends to play with in 24 games we currently have a division for Access to our teamspeak server where you can coordinate your tactics Access to our forums, classes taught by subject matter experts, and a good time waiting to happen. What do we want? We want you to have a microphone We want you to have teamspeak We want you to be older than 16 We want you to have fun! How do I join? Go to ClanAOD.net Make an Account Go to the Forums (All Links in this post take you there) Click Apply Here button Select World Of Warships Our recruiters will contact you shortly after you submit your application!
  7. RavenSCO

    AOD- Angels Of Death

    We are now actively recruiting for World of Warships. We are a large friendly bunch who play many games. Check us out at www.clanaod.net we dont bite ...well not unless you want us to.....
  8. RavenSCO

    [IJN DDs] I'm done.

    the stealth fire thing is ruining it for alijn and us dd players i still play my akizuki but not as much whats next bb that can lift out the water to avoid torps come on wg get it together stealth firing was a requirement when u screwed us with all those radar ships