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  1. bigbambooz

    Server Error

    Ok, Mr Conway, this time excellent timing
  2. bigbambooz

    Server Error

    Sure, u'll see this time WG is prepared to face up to our compliances... Something like this i think...
  3. bigbambooz

    Server Error

    ...and here u are my fellows...
  4. bigbambooz


    11.30 AM. The haunted EU server spits off me again. Any other? Can't enter both in random and coops. I'm having something like a déjà vu.....
  5. bigbambooz

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    Nobody wants to blame WG. I don't want to start a flame, neither to stress the concept, but there is, again a 'communication' matter here. I repeat, a technical fail can happen, but why don't they care about to communicate it to their costumers as soon as it occurs? So difficult to write an advertisement? Somebody in the staff should understand that we aren't only costumers, we're persons that like to be treated with manners. 'Manners maketh man'. Not like this. We don't love russian style to address the complaints
  6. bigbambooz

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    Oh no! Now it works! We have to stop to blame WG now.... ....UNTIL NEXT PATCH AT LEAST.....
  7. bigbambooz

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

  8. bigbambooz

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    Thx 4 reply. Nothing of personal naturally. What I mean, 4 next time, if a problem occurs, there is no need to 'have any information about the scope of the issues'. Set an IMMEDIATE announcement on the portal just like this: 'Sorry, technical matters are occurring on server. We're hardly working to individuate and fix them as soon as possible. Thx 4 the comprehension '. It will be more appreciated than the apologies.
  9. bigbambooz

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    The server went down since last night. I can understand that a technical fail can happen, okay, i can understand all except the lack of EDUCATION!. A simple announcement about technical matters on server, possibly on the main portal, should be correct for costumers.
  10. bigbambooz

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    And did u think to keep it secret? Why didn't u published a single word on this 'issue' on the portal before? Busy whit usual wodka party?
  11. bigbambooz

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

  12. bigbambooz

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    AGAIN!!!!! Less vodka WG
  13. bigbambooz

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    Yesterday after midnite it crashed. Today again , the match starts then it fails. Then it's impossible to enter in a match. The game reports: 'server overload'. Is it possible'? This isn't Wot, the total number of players is low, this should be another patch fail
  14. *Edited* This post has been removed due to inappropriate content