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  1. krugerblue

    Premium ships in containers - cheesy logic.

    Yes I could technically, but would that not negate the whole purpose of why they were implemented in the first place ?
  2. krugerblue

    Premium ships in containers - cheesy logic.

    You do not have the choice not to participate. And stop patronizing me.
  3. krugerblue

    Premium ships in containers - cheesy logic.

    I had a 11 points captain before. I will submit a ticket for that. And to those that feel I am not right for asking for doubloons, just think of that fact that regardless if it is a lottery, it is fair to offer a prize of the same level for everyone. A lottery, a ruffle, whatever - starts with the prerequisite that it should be fair for everyone, and give the same level chance to everyone. If you win a lottery and then the organizer decides to just give you half of the prize, or not at all, and just invoke the fact that "mate, it's a lottery, you had nothing, at least now you have something = stop complaining" - you will think it iss not fair. Let's say you win a car in a lottery, but because you already have one you find out afterwards that you will be paid in 2 trucks of peanuts, roasted with salt - do you think that is fair ? How do you balance and monetize that in game economics ? WG should revise the mechanism, and eliminate the possibility of a player to win a premium ship in a supercontainer, if that player already has it.
  4. krugerblue

    Premium ships in containers - cheesy logic.

    OK, thank you for the suggestion.
  5. krugerblue

    huge fps drop

    Even though my problems are not as bad as some other players have described, I still drop to 25-30 FPS in certain maps, usually on higher tier games. I do not have any lag, and my ping is constant at 30 ms, it is only the FPS that drops. Now, I am pretty sure it is not hardware related, I run win10, I7, 16gb ram, gtx1070 and the game is installed on an SSD, broadband connection (as I mentioned I never get lag), but only this drop in FPS which is confusing.
  6. krugerblue

    Nation Vs Nation Game Mode

    Each nation has it;s own advantages and disadvantages. I would see this nation/nation in PVP work perfectly, nobody says the MM or balance would have to be perfect. The only reason people are complaining about MM not being spot on, is because the economics of the game, everybody wants to get XP and Credit, which is fair. Take this (not completely, but partially) out of the equation, and everybody would just jump on this mode to have fun. For example IJN/DE/RU vs UK/US/FR/PL and the rest. Would that not be awesome ? I imagine this working in the same maximum 2 tiers difference, and the economics a bit more lax. Meaning not gaining so much as in regular games if you win, but also not losing that much, and also not gaining so much XP for the ships and captains. In this way the continuity of the regular games would be guaranteed since you would need that to actually grind ships, etc. I am sure there are far more smarter people than me that could create the economic frame for this type of game, but is certainly would be something I would personally love.
  7. krugerblue

    General Feedback

    I cannot seem to be able to register for the 057 public test instance. I go to http://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/pt-guide/ it says Go to to the public test portal. You can change the language by clicking on the map in the upper right corner of the page. I cannot change the language, nor register. It seems that I am already logged in with the previous 056 username and password, but these credentials do not work in this instance (I already downloaded the client and tried to log in). Something is broken.
  8. krugerblue

    0.5.3 General Feedback

    Ever since the last update, the Ranked Battle selector says that the mode is not available (yes I am selecting the appropriate ship tier) - what I am doing wrong ? Is this mode suspended or not available anymore ?