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  1. zuadao

    0.6.3 micropatch issues 31st March

    game is unplayable after the 1st battle.
  2. zuadao

    Fires needs a heavy nerf

    i try but when i see CAs not caring and shooting BBs 18km away when theres a dd 10 km from them i kind of lose hope. bad play is a cruiser showing his broadside and not get punished for it.
  3. zuadao

    Fires needs a heavy nerf

    so being the t10 you play the most the zao and the shima makes you imparcial?
  4. zuadao

    Fires needs a heavy nerf

    you mean the dds that actually come to 6km of you launch torps and even if you take half life from them they can just run away happy? oh yea i fell so bad for dds these days...
  5. zuadao

    Fires needs a heavy nerf

    i dont care about BBs dude. i have the same overpens in my moskva. but BBs are the ones who suffer the most with this mechanics cause of the reload time.
  6. zuadao

    Fires needs a heavy nerf

    i agree that should happen as much as ending invisifire from dds or zaos that arent inside smoke.
  7. zuadao

    Fires needs a heavy nerf

    im sugesting to end the overpen as well as the overmatch in wot. for those who arent aware overmatch in wot was made as a bad adjustment to game mechanics untill they could sort stuff out. overpen in here is the same. instead of adressing why cruisers were taking deletes they created overpen untill they can figure this stuff out. dont you see how stupid it is that a cruiser with more armor is more likely to not take overpens wile cruisers with thin armor can just make mistakes and give you broadside without nothing happening to them? i find it funny how the "pros" suggest i learn to play in a game with simple mechanics...
  8. zuadao

    Fires needs a heavy nerf

    wich is almost the wole ship and where i fired.
  9. zuadao

    Fires needs a heavy nerf

    oh then pls teach me where should i shoot the minotaur to not give overpens.
  10. zuadao

    Fires needs a heavy nerf

    at 5 Km in a bismark shooting a full stop minotaur - 8 shots, 1 pen, 1 bounce, 6 overpens. not to mention in the montana shooting hindenburgs... i dont allways expect to hit but when i do i expect results not [edited]mechanics.
  11. zuadao

    Fires needs a heavy nerf

    no with the guns a BB has they should do the same damage a cruiser does with he.
  12. zuadao

    Fires needs a heavy nerf

    lets talk about overpens and how BBs are overpowered. its great as a BB giving a full broadside salvo to a cruiser only to give overpens and 8k damage. just great. but hey ppl who dont like BBs are just very happy about overpens. BBs have to take crap that no other class has to. cruisers have hydros radars smokes. paper thin armor cruisers just dont care if theyre showing the broadside its gona be overpen 90% of the times. Great wargaming mechanics just like overmatch in wot. makes perfect sense.
  13. zuadao

    Matchmaking Chart

    for me main problem with mm is the shiptype diference. puting in a game 5 DDs against 4 usually gives a win for the 5 dd team. ship types should be ballanced.
  14. zuadao

    Payment error

    Hello zuadao, "Thank you for contacting us. I am sorry to hear that this happened to you. Unfortunately we are experiencing technical issue regarding credit card payments. Please note that you were not charged for this transaction. In case you wish to pay on our shop in the mean time, we advise you to user another payment method available to you, like for example PayPal, as you will be able to add your credit card to the PayPal account and make the payment indirectly with it. Nevertheless, I'm sorry that I couldn't offer you any better news and that this answer cannot fulfill your expectations, but I really hope for your understanding. If you have any other questions feel free to come back to us. Best regards," so there you have it. seems like the usual BS with altapay that happens once in a while.