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  1. condejojo13

    Strange inicial reward

    Thanks for the info. But that was not especified there, so I have this doubt
  2. condejojo13

    Strange inicial reward

    I was na weekend tester and I participated in both of the weekend tests. Acording to the wipe and reward post in Worl of Warships website should be like this: So what am I getting? If you have taken part in our Beta Weekends, you will get a certain amount of Credits and Free Experience refunded on your account. In addition, we’ll add some Piasters on top of it all, to get you on your way! The table below shows tiers into which these rewards are divided. Reward Tier Piasters Credits Free Experience IV 6,250 7,500,000 250,000 III 2,500 5,000,000 150,000 II 1,250 2,500,000 75,000 I 0 1,000,000 25,000 m I had in the weekend tests reached the tier VI BB Fuso. I has 1 tier VI, 1 or 2 tier V (cant't remember), 3 tier IV, several tier III and II. But when I logged in today my reward was only 25000 XP and 750000 credits, and no piasters, and I want to know why, because acording to the table I should received more. Waiting and answer by the developers. Sorry for my bad english. Cumps