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  1. Du kannst vlt. auf Nebel verzichten. Aber wennst denkst, dass in einer ranked Season TRB wirklich ein ersatz ist für smoke dann muss ich echt an ein paar Dinge zweifeln. Dann könntest vlt. ja mal anfangen teammates zu smoken dies vlt. brauchen wennst es eh nie selber benutzt.
  2. Nönö. Dafür haben ja die leute bezahlt. Das darf man nicht anfassen. Außerdem würde das am ende genau gleich aussehen wie bei der Khaba. EInfach bei den Torps ansetzen die eh schon recht wenig bei der Sims das ausschlaggebende ist. Hat niemand gesagt, das jeder Spieler mit jeder Art von schiff gut sein muss. Siehe CS und die AWP. Nun ist die sache aber die, dass die Shiratsuyu außer Concealment nichts hat, was sie Attraktiv gegenüber anderen DDs auf dem selben Tier macht. Als DD mit TRB muss man ergo passiver spielen. Du kannst nicht mehr gleich aggressiv spielen wie früher, caps richtig contesten usw. Denn jeder DD hunted dich down. Shira ist einfach mit abstand die langsamste aller DDs zwischen T5 bis T9 (Außer Akizuki mit 1knt weniger). Jeder andere DD ist schneller und die AA ist sehr mittelmäßig. Im Endeffekt ist man CVs bzw. anderen DDs schutzlos ausgeliefert. Smoke war da meist die einzige möglichkeit wirklich zu fliehen bzw. die situation unter kontrolle zu bringen. Wennst nun smoke nicht mehr hast und dich ein DD catched dann ist es eben Game Over. Und wenn dich ein CV spotten will, dann hast auch nichts dagegen zu setzen. Der lacht über die paar DPS die du da hast. T7 Hiryuu Torp Bomber haben ja 1210 hitpoints standard mäßig. Da brauchste schon mal gut 80s bis du n Squad mit 4 planes runterholst. 100sec für ein 5 planes großes squad. (Disclaimer: ich rede hier von werten ohne cap skills oder modulen) Und da du auch mal gerne in T8 oder auch T9 matches reingeholt wirst isses im endeffekt nicht wirklich möglich damit was zu machen. Viel spaß dabei sag ich dir. Mit der smoke kann man das ganze zumindest schon mal etwas erleichtern. Aber dadurch verliert man halt enorm viel potential im Alpha Damage. Ich weiß ja nicht wie du DDs spielst aber wenn du keinem DD in irgendeiner Art und weiße davonfahrne kannst dann hast ein problem.
  3. Nach dieser aussage müsse man jedes Schiff nerfen. Den es gibt immer Spieler die mit einem Schiff solo auf eine WR von 70% kommen werden. Egal was du machst. Weil eine person gut mit dem DD umgehen kann muss ergo jeder damit umgehen können. Gute argumentation. Das is so als würde ich sagen: Ich kenne leute die mit der Pensacola immer gute ergebnise erzielen. Daher ist das Schiff gut so wie es ist.
  4. Bringt aber für Spieler wie mich z.b. herzlich wenig. Shira war in Ranked ein Tool um statische Ziele einfach zu eliminieren. Da smoke in ranked/comp aber nicht wegzudenken ist für mich der TRB relativ unrelevant. Und Shira mit TRB in ein T9 battle mit CV is im endeffekt nicht spielbar sobald du gespotted bist. Kannst nicht weglaufen, kannst nicht smoken und gegen den CV kannst dich auch nicht verteidigen da die AA ein witz ist. Ich sehe selten IJN DDs mit TRBs. Weil Smoke in einem Teamspiel wichtiger ist als einmal TRB benutzen zu können und dafür durch CVs etc. regelrecht bestraft zu werden weil man ein etwas risikoreicheren spielstil verwendet der vlt. in 1/10 spielen funktioniert.
  5. 0.6.8

    I wonder how long it will take the WG St.Petersburg guys to do the exact same move as the WoT guys. Because as much as I love WoWs. Right now it looks comepletly the same. It looks like they simply don't know what they are doing. There are so many questionable balance decisions, nerfs that are just too much (Shiratsuyu) or doesn't work at all (Khabarovsk) and that just continue with new ships coming up or "new mechanics" that we hear about. where everyone from the playerbase is just thinking: "What are they doing? How can this even be a good idea for the game? That won't work in any way possible". BBs are just too powerfull but the guys that can counter it don't get played enough because the UI doesn't work properly and performance is also not great and the other things that can counter them are either hated by the community like the Khaba because obvious reasons or get nerfed into oblivioun because they are "too strong" then other silver counterparts meanwhile premiums still perform better then silver ships. But I think that we will have at least 5 more patches until they finally get Khaba right. We will simply have to deal with this broken ship for the next 15 weeks and then it might be over. I lost hope already that they will finally realize what the real problem is but they don't as it looks like. Afterall players with over 4k battles or more don't know anything about this game I guess.
  6. You aren't alone there. Why should I buy prem camos? Outside the Christams convoy mission camos I doN#t have a single prem camo fir silver ships. And I'm glad that it is like that. I still have Shira in my Port but I will sell her in the next couple of days. No reason to keep her afterall. Other T7 things just do the job better. Guess I will use Bellfast as well in the next season and just heras everyone out there. I doN#t have to fear DDs, BBs or CVs. The only thing are other cruisers with radar but hey. As soon as my BB mates get them out of the game it's game over. But having a DD with TRB and Smoke? No.. you can't have something like that because this one might kill a Belfast sitting in smoke right? But thats okay afterall. People paid for it afterall. Noone paid for shira so it's not allowed to perform better then other silver DDs. so yeah. As others said: Take TRB, get into a T9 battle, and cry. When y get into a T7 battle hope there are no other radar cruisers around and also hope that you can get the enemy DD before it gets you. Good Job WG in destroying a fun ship again. But hey. I expect you to reduce the Firing range of Khaba next. Afterall thats the source of the Main dmg... not torpedos unlike shira.
  7. It is. The topview doesn't really work well in this game. It relaly needs more improvement. I nromally doN#t have issue with foliage but i think that in the CV mode the foliage makes it really laggy.
  8. I'm using it myself and always think that WG should change this even more just as I think that this kinda needs to be adressed. Especially in ranked or competitive every shot that hits the enemy ship counts a lot. If foliage makes it harder then not having it... then we need to adress this in my eyes.
  9. Sry to say this but every shot that doesn't hit a target due to foliage is a disadvantage compared to somone that hits you instantly because he doesn't have foliage active.
  10. Here now a comparison on the map Two Brothers. Left with active foliage and right without. In my eyes it's an advantage if you are able to see where the waterline of a ship is without having to guess where it is via the icon above the ship. We have the lock system but this system doesn't help you with aiming at waterlines etc.
  11. It doesn't affect spotting. Only the island shape affacts it thankfully. It affects the visibility though. The stuff you can see from the enemy ship. The red area (on the last image) is basically the area which gets blocked via trees for a normal player with highest settings everywhere. Sadly I do not have an image yet because I would need a friend so that I can place a ship behind the island and make a screenshot of it to compare it. (will provide it after sleeping) In other words: In case you use foliage: Trees will block your vision on ships (you only see the mast) where others without can see it quite clearly with the angle etc. so that people with foliage enabled have to rely on the minimap there. Skilled players won't have a problem there because they can estimate the distance via the red icon over the ship but it's still kinda strange that this is even possible in my eyes. Because you are of course more accurate if you can see the model of the ship. And not only the icon over the island which signalize that there is something.
  12. Some minutes ago I saw a topic on reddit which basically made me aware of one thing which kinda wondered me that it was a thing. Actually I forgot that this was a thing because I'm one of those that can run the client at highest settings without any problems at all. Back in the days, before a certain patch hit the server, it was natural that noone had foliage over the islands. And at a certain point WG added the possibility to enable this and some people activated it instantly and just as me forgot that this is actually a thing. So I went into the game, into a training room and went to a place where a cruiser could hide behind and compare one thing there. I created a screenshot with active foliage (highest setting, at the top) and one without foliage(in the middle). And compared basically which area the foliage blocked of from view (at the bottom). I think that we can go through multiple positions where it is actually an advantage playing without foliage then playing with it. It kinda feels like a shooter where a sniper sits in a bush, thinks he is save but gets killed instantly by somone that doesn't see any bushes at all. I understand that WG kinda wanna keep potato PCs active in WoWs since this is also where some money comes from but on the other hand it feels like we got something which should either get removed or forced on everyone for the sake of keeping it fair for everyone.
  13. I'm not surprised by it... Why should anyone play the IJN Boat line when it's basically just kinda mediocore and the final thing is shimakaze when you can have a Khaba which is OP as [edited]and needs the same work?
  14. Guess why they didn't mention this part in the dasha video... Because otherwise more people would realize this and a shitstorm would start.... For my point of view WG just showed us again that they doN#t have any idea at all how to balance this game. And they prove it literally every time they "balance" something. The Khaba nerf is ridiculous meanwhile the Shira gets nerfed into oblivioun. Totally no bias there isn't there? So yeah... Shira will be sold instantly, maybe I play some battles with her before the nerf hits her and I can use the captain for something diffrent... I should really grind up to Khaba now and just use this OP ship like nothing else...
  15. Got it now as well after a 12 hour marathon grinding my T4 ship up to T5... Now my T5 ship will collect dust instead the T4 ship which got sold till the next time. Time to mount the flag on my glorious kruppstahl