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  1. We released a new mod for removing the "New News Icon" at the top left corner of any port out there. In case you already have a mod like Flags Redone you can implement it during this version via editing the dock.xml file just as described here
  2. Did you try applying your changes again? That sounds like a problem with your translation file which is still from the version before the birthday update. Create a new one. If it still happens then I will try figuring out why. I'm currently having nearly all achievments anyway so that I can nearly check everyone. Only need 2 more atm.
  3. And the waiting has an end for some guys out there now. Have fun with Flags Redone!
  4. New Mod guys! King George V Twin Turrets fix
  5. 0.6.11

    I've checked Mogami today on the PTS and kinda saw that the 155mm guns have the same smoke penalty although beeing a smaller caliber then 203mm. In my eyes implementing something saying "it's based on X" and ignoring it for some ships feels really fishy. I didn't checked it myself but I can bet that this also applies to KM BBs at T9-TX where you can change between 2 calibers. If you can't change this then better fix this at the same time you introduce new mechanics. Now would have been an oppertunity to improve the system.
  6. With the release of the latest SNS version we are starting our Update Week. Expect more updates for loved mods that suddenly stoped working!
  7. Idk... I mean on one side we could say that Kandly should have known that there isn't gonna be a live Q&A session but at the same time... It kinda sounds fishy tbh... like ignoring the complete topic at GC...
  8. You can't test something when it gets added as a last minute change...
  9. Look closely to the impact markers... basically you drop it perfectly over the ship and he turns left but the AP bombs still hit the ship perfeclty because they are "glued" to the ship rotation so they rotate with the ship. Was just some thought that i had which would have been hilarious if that would have been the case...
  10. I only saw this video here Which is kinda like sailing straight... Thats why i had the thought that auto drop is simply just glued above the ship and getting delayed for some seconds and then the y see the normal procedure just at a diffrent place...
  11. Is it just me or could it be that the AP Auto drop is actually simply glued to the ship? Like... y drop it and it doesn't matter if y turn left or right the AP bombs rotate with you? Can somone test this maybe? like this: Someone that could test this would be kinda awesome
  12. Looks like it wasn't a mistake afterall WG SEA also released it some time ago Does this count as trolling?
  13. Whiping stuff under the carpet worked great so far... I can still remember the good old time with Youtube DMCAs and the Christmas Convoy debacle
  14. My guess is that if this continues like that then we will have a statement from someone quite at the top of WG just like we had the last time regarding a certain copyright strike threat against youtuber.