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  1. SHIP NAME SELECTOR by Wo-Era Mods What’s this mod about? A long time ago me and my friends were talking about the Kongo ingame and came to the conclusion that WG made a very small mistake for the gamplay and so on. But for fans from the navy it could be a big disaster. The last C Hull from Kongo isn’t really Kongo. It’s from her sister ship Hiei. One of the reasons why we started to search for the possibility to change this. WG doesn’t have the plan right now to add the possibility to choose your name. So we thought that we should make this possible, at least on the client side, with our current possibilities. Features Change the name for nearly every Ship in the game. (Every Nation Included!) Change the Nation Names to their Navy Counterpart. U.S.A => U.S. Navy Germany => KM (short for “Kriegsmarine” and “Kaiserliche Marine”) ect. Settings will be saved after closing the program. Use prefixes (when availiable) USS Phoenix SMS Dresden ect. Hull upgrade names will take over the ship name Modules System Version 0.6.13+
  2. So basically: UI/Flag Mods into one thread... and Anime Skins in another one Joke/Meme Skins into an own and History based skins in an own thread as well?
  3. Okay. Guess I have to redo everything then. Because atm I have only one post for all mods. Some mods just don#t need any updates at all (hull & texture mods) and that just let em end up in a nogo zone where no one really sees them anymore. Guess thats a drawback form the moderating option.. (when I think about all those history skins one of our EU guys did... dayum... thats gonna take a while redoing everything)
  4. pls tell me I'm not dreaming... Can you elaborate more on it? Should I create one extra post now for each mod (because there are a lot of them) or one for all mods from our group?
  5. The technology already exists... let us modder do the job at least until you guys have implemented the new technology... easy fix with explanation here This doesn't take long and we could finally have it... meanwhile you ship the game as you want.. with those unified flags... and the guys that mod the client can have the fun client side with the WW1, WW2 german flags and pan asia DD flags... Win/Win Situation for everyone.
  6. First: The NA Publishing Team said the following: I would like to know when we can expect those improvements? I'm not seeing any of them since 10 Months where the games ModAPI got even more restricted. So I wonder where those improved native engine methods are that your developers are working on. Second: Why are Halloween Camos locked behind the Haloween crates? Every "special" camoflauge (not premium ones) so far from events was obtainable while playing the game. And I basically mean every camo with this. Just look back at the Christmas Camos (Fuso etc.) and the Camos from the last event (Charles Martel etc,) or the Special Bismarck Camos. Why is it not possible to get a Halloween container for each 5 stars you get on the mission? (So that it makes sense to replay that missions...) So that people can choose to play for the halloween crates or buy them. We can only get 5 and then you have to be lucky to get whut you actually want. And I'm honestly not really a fan of this practice tbh. Third: Why did you not decide to connect a Steam Accounts with a WG ID? I would have liked to use Steams Update service because I run steam basically permanently anyway...
  7. This stuff is webbased. We can't change that atm. That's at least whut I think about it. Otherwise they wouldn't use the webbrowser for it and otherwise I wouldn't have got 403 Forbidden error last time I've checked the clan.
  8. Ship Name Selector got some bug fixes and new ships.
  9. In my eyes the issue with this deal is that they basically lock the camo behind the most expensive bundle. Kii might be a good ship or not. I can't tell anything about it and I honestly don't know if she is worth the amount of money they want for her. But if we compare Asia with EU... Then I see kinda something that I honestly don't really like. 46€ Bundle on EU: Kii & Portslot And the 70€ Bundle on EU: Kii & Portslot Doubloons: 8,000; 50×Equal Speed Charlie London; 50×Zulu Hotel; 15×x3 XP for a Victory missions; 50×India Delta; 50×Papa Papa. Meanwhile on the ASIA portal we get a camo bundle for ~52€. Content: Kii & Portslot Doubloons: 1,000; Mission for Makoto Kobayashi Camo; 15×x3 EXP battle mission for Kii. Which is a good thing for those that wanna have the Ship only with the camo. For 6€ more then the cheapest EU bundle you get 15 x3 Missions, 1k doubs and the camo. (1k doubs are around 3.75€). Thats in my eyes the biggest Issue I have with the Kii release on EU. I don't think that locking a camo behind a 100€ Bundle is a good thing to do. Yes, WG needs money to operate but I'm now basically thinking about not buyng the ship rather then actually buying it. Just due to the bad design of the packages. Adding one Bundle which might be a bit more expensive, with a mission for the Camo would actually be a kinda nice thing to have. And it wouldn't mean the end for WG as well. And when I look at it from an objective point of view then I do not really understand why this wasn't done from the get go. And when I think back towards the Gamescom Q&A with the question about treating every server equally... You might guess where I wanna go with that.
  10. We released a new mod for removing the "New News Icon" at the top left corner of any port out there. In case you already have a mod like Flags Redone you can implement it during this version via editing the dock.xml file just as described here
  11. Did you try applying your changes again? That sounds like a problem with your translation file which is still from the version before the birthday update. Create a new one. If it still happens then I will try figuring out why. I'm currently having nearly all achievments anyway so that I can nearly check everyone. Only need 2 more atm.
  12. And the waiting has an end for some guys out there now. Have fun with Flags Redone!
  13. New Mod guys! King George V Twin Turrets fix
  14. 0.6.11

    I've checked Mogami today on the PTS and kinda saw that the 155mm guns have the same smoke penalty although beeing a smaller caliber then 203mm. In my eyes implementing something saying "it's based on X" and ignoring it for some ships feels really fishy. I didn't checked it myself but I can bet that this also applies to KM BBs at T9-TX where you can change between 2 calibers. If you can't change this then better fix this at the same time you introduce new mechanics. Now would have been an oppertunity to improve the system.