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  1. IsamuKondera

    [0.11.8] BattleType Button

    Still working in 0.11.8
  2. IsamuKondera

    [0.11.8] BattleType Button

    Updated for 0.11.6
  3. Hi Isamu,

    I can't find the info page/topic of your mod Battletype Button customization.
    Where can I find instruction on how to set a different  button or color as I saw in the Preview window installing it?

    Thank you very much!

  4. IsamuKondera

    Marine Division Thola (MDT) Rekrutiert

  5. IsamuKondera

    Marine Division Thola (MDT) Rekrutiert

  6. IsamuKondera

    Marine Division Thola (MDT) Rekrutiert

  7. IsamuKondera

    [All] Colorful Cursors Collection

    Cursors Variant A Download Variant A Variant B Download Variant B Variant C Download Variant C Variant D Download Variant D Variant E Download Variant E Variant F Download Variant F Variant G Download Variant G Variant H Download Variant H Variant I Download Variant I How to Install Download your preferred variant Extract the content and move the gui folder into the res_mods directory You can find the res_mod directory inside your WoWs Installation at bin/CURRENT_VERSION_NUMBER/res_mods How to Uninstall Delete the cursors directory inside bin/CURRENT_VERSION_NUMBER/res_mods/gui
  8. IsamuKondera

    Marine Division Thola (MDT) Rekrutiert

  9. IsamuKondera

    [0.11.8] BattleType Button

    Still works for 0.11.3
  10. IsamuKondera

    [0.11.8] BattleType Button

    Updated to Version 0.11.1 just now! Greetings!
  11. IsamuKondera

    [0.11.8] BattleType Button

    BattleType Button Description Adjusts the Design of the "Battle!" Button in your Port so that it adjusts its colour or adds design elements based on the currently selected battle type. Preview Download Warning: This mod is not compatible out of the box with other mods that edit the service_lib.swf file! You can find instructions to make it compatible in the readme.md file Release 0.11.8 Updates 0.11.1 Updated service_lib.swf (now compatible with 0.11.1) Added a new BattleType Button for Training Rooms 0.11.6 Updated service_lib.swf (now compatible with 0.11.6 onwards) Updated BattleButton.xml and BattleButton.swf HowTo: Install this modification (You can also find this guide here and in the README.md file) Warning: This mod is not compatible out of the box with other modifications that edit the service_lib.swf file. If you want to use this mod with your other mods, either ask your mod creator to create a patch for you, or do it yourself via the patch tutorial below. Other mods that also edit the uss_settings.xml are compatible with this mod. Copy the "res_mods" folder Just copy the res_mods folder from this release into the latest version directory from WoWs located in the bin folder. It will look similar to this: C:\World_of_Warships\bin\5045210 In case the system asks you to overwrite the uss_settings.xml file, then do not overwrite it and continue with 2. This step is only needed when your system asked you to overwrite the uss_settings.xml file Open up the already existing uss_settings.xml file and add the following lines in the mods block. <mods> <!-- Add your modded XML and SWF paths here. Modded content should be put into the unbound/mods folder. Example: <xmlfile>../unbound/mods/carousel_extended.xml</xmlfile> <swffile>../unbound/flash/carousel_extended.swf</swffile> --> <xmlfile>../unbound/mods/BattleType-Button/BattleButton.xml</xmlfile> <swffile>../unbound/mods/BattleType-Button/BattleButton.swf</swffile> <!-- already existing mods here--> </mods> HowTo: Uninstall this modification Delete the following directory /gui/unbound/mods/BattleType-Button Delete the following files Warning: Only delete these files in case you do not have other mods installed that need the uss_settings.xml file. If no other mod uses this file, then you have uninstalled this mod successfully after this stop. Otherwise continue with 3. /gui/flash/service_lib.swf /gui/uss_settings.xml Restore the service_lib.swf backup This Step is only needed in case you have created a patch for an already existing service_lib.swf modification. Just restore the BackUp. Remove File Entries inside the uss_settings.xml file Open up the uss_settings.xml file and remove the following entries: <xmlfile>../unbound/mods/BattleType-Button/BattleButton.xml</xmlfile> <swffile>../unbound/mods/BattleType-Button/BattleButton.swf</swffile> Save the file. Now you have uninstalled the mod successfully.