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  1. KOTS Add break

    I think you are talking about this Video here right? One of the best videos so far created by WG. It's however already over 1.5 year old by now ^^ but still a great watch.
  2. Da holt ihr euch eine woche mehr, und trotzdem funzt der launch nicht Irgendwie find ichs grad amüssant :D
  3. Will go for Musashi first... I don't expect to see another T9 Cruiser soonish... Although I already own Missouri and Yamato...
  4. Community Contributor awards

    Which is per Twitch illegal. You aren't allowed to do "Subs only" giveaways on Twitch.
  5. Ranked Season

    So far the worst season... Rank 10 save spot just kills the entire 10-5 ranks with people that just got a TX ship and don#t know how to play it.. those dudes will never ever drop out and just kill the fun for everyone else... I wish there would be the safe spot again at Rank 12 so that those dudes don#t fill up Rank 10-5 with it... 10-5 is already supposed to be filled with at least some brain.. now it's like playing 15-10...
  6. events.onFlashReady() still exists and works without any problems at all. Can't tell you that because you have a callback to a flash file which we don't have here for testing puproses which will give us an error message and it won't start witout the flash file. So pls provide the file so that we can test here as well. cheers!
  7. New Forum Ranks

    Guess it's time to go into full spam mode now
  8. Meet the World of Warships Team

    So kandly left the boat or did I miss something?
  9. Poll: Map Proposal "Dynamic Iceberg Map"

    Could be one of those proposals that work heavily well in a scenario enviroment like the Minefield in Dunkirk.
  10. [ALL] ModStation (beta)

    I think you have misunterstood my questions^^ I'm not talking about updating the ModStation client. I'm talking from the Modder point of view. I would have liked to know how I can enter with my created mods and in case I need to update it: How can I update my mod which other can install via this program.
  11. WG Game Center - Your Feedback

    Do you use the Game Center? I use it everytime I start World of Warships. Do you have any issues or problems when using the Game Center? I only had a problem once which was with update 0.7.3 which checked for integrity of the game for literally forever until I've restartet the Game Center. Then it repaired the game without any problems at all. What features would you like to see added to the Game Center? I would like to see a change on the focus of new news. Right now it's only the title of the news and the date/time of it meanwhile the premium stuff gets much more space. I think that giving the news more space with a preview image would be an improvement to the client.
  12. Suggestion for WoW

    This Suggestion thread might be a good start ;)
  13. Suggestion for WoW

    This are the forums for World of Warships (Short: WoWs) You are terrible wrong here if you wanna make suggestions for World of Warcraft...
  14. Asashio.. Please shelve

    There is a reason why WG changed the Torps on Shimakaze back in the days... There is a reason why WG tried to make the game less passive in the past with additions like Radar... Asashio goes against everything WG did so far since they worked for a less passive game... It just doesn't make any sense to release a ship which will make the game even more passive...
  15. Asashio.. Please shelve

    Irrelevant? If y think so... Noob BBs will stay in the back even more and the better BBs will ask themself: Is there a reason for me to push into a cap meanwhile we still don't know where the enemy Asashio is? A good Asashio player will stay undetected during the complete match... Due to the high range torps.. You pretty much have no way to know where he will strike next... So whut are you going to do in your BB?