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  1. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    So someone like me, that thinks that the guy behind this mod is a disgrace to the modder community, because the mod clearly breaches the rules in my eyes, isn't allowed to have an opinion on it because I refuse to use this mod due to the way I see this mod beeing illegal? Sry to say this but thats like saying: "You should create a moving picture film first before writing reviews about others... your opinion on it isn't valuable otherwise"...
  2. Heyho! After this tutorial you should be able to mod every xml file located in the "unbound" folder. With WG decided to get rid of double intepretation of Actionscript which resulted in beeing unable to change certain aspects of those XML files. An Example: <bind name="instance" value="'NationFlagsBig'; {_width: '300px', _height: '184px', _alpha: 0.8, shipCountry: (shipInfo.nameIDS == 'IDS_PJSB707') ? 'ArpeggioHaruna' : shipInfo.flagName }"/> This Expression would no longer execute due to the implementation of a new if expression for shipCountry because those expressions got precompiled in USSExpressions.swf for speed improvments. In other words: Changing something won't do anything. WG developed a new Toolkit though which allowes to mod those expressions again. How to Install the Toolkit 1. You need to download the following archives: FlexSDK.zip (In the Folder FlexSDK) xml2as.zip (in the latest version, as of making this tutorial: 0.7.2 => xml2as_0.7.2.zip ) You can find all necessary files here 2. I created a folder which is called ModDev where I will extract both Archives to. 3. Afterwards open the FlexSDK.zip archive and drag and drop the "FlexSDK" folder into the previous created folder which I called ModDev. You can close the Archive again. 4. In ModDev create a folder called xml2as, open the xml2as.zip Archive and drag and drop the content into the xmls2as Folder. You have Installed the Toolkit now. How to use the Toolkit Go into the xml2as Folder and rename the xml2as.bat file to "backup.bat" or similar. Create a dublicate and rename the dublicate into any name. The File has to end with only one .bat though. Like: dock.bat flag_edit.bat etc. Explanation: bat files are nothing else then pre created commands for the command line interface on windows. Double clicking it will perform the commands written in those files. Now we need to set it up for usage. The default bat file looks like this: "./dist/xml2as.exe" -i dock.xml -n MySuperMod -f "C:/FlexSDK" pause We have 2 commands written in this file. The first one will create a new swf file meanwhile the second command will let us give a chance to see if it was successful or not. Always keep "pause" in the file! To successfully use this toolkit we need to edit the first command and it's parameters. There are 3 parameters in total which we need to adjust: -i Names to xml files. Every XML file mentioned in this parameter will get it's expressions pushed into the new swf file. In case you edited 3 files you can add all of them like this: This Example will combine 3 xml file edits into one SWF. -i dock.xml game_menu.xml crew_file.xml -n Name of the generated swf file The Name of the newly generated swf file which needs to be added in. This Example will create a SWF File called FirstMod -f FirstMod -f FlexSDK location The Absolute Path to the FlexSDK Folder This Example has the FlexSDK Folder located in the ModDev Folder on the X drive. -f "X:/ModDev/FlexSDK" After Editing everything in the bat file is finished an ready to go. An Example of how it should look like with all above examples combined "./dist/xml2as.exe" -i dock.xml game_menu.xml crew_file.xml -n FirstMod -f "X:/ModDev/FlexSDK" pause Before start using the bat file we have to copy over all mentioned xml files into the xml2as folder. Afterwards we can generate the new SWF File via double click on the *****.bat file. In case of success you will see a FirstMod.swf file located in your xml2as folder. (FirstMod might be named diffrently depending on your choice) How to use generated swf files Open up your current WoWs Installation. Go to your current version folder located in res_mods, in case it isn't created yet create a folder called gui. Open this folder and create a new folder called flash. In the folder flash create a new file called USSExpressionsLoader.xml Open it and insert the following content: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <data> <expressions_files> <file path="FirstMod.swf"/> <file path="USSExpressions.swf" /> <!-- DO NOT REMOVE / НЕ УДАЛЯТЬ --> </expressions_files> </data> Now the Work is nearly done. The last thing to do is checking if all uncluded unbound xml files are located in the unbound folder in gui. This method doesn't eliminate the need to change the original xml files via a mod. Some Tipps n Tricks Always have your SWF Files before the USSExpressions.swf file in the USSExpressionsLoader.xml file! Avoid dublicates in your xml files. It might not work always.
  3. Is there a chnace to get an update withouth bugs

    If you would start programming today and start writing small things you would notice quite fast how sometimes debuging stuff can be a nightmare... And thats just the easy crap.. UI and so... Simply put: A game so complex without any bugs at all is simply impossible... and every software developer would tell y the same...
  4. OLD PATCH DESIGNS by Wo-Era Mods What’s this mod about? Wargaming changed three patch Designs with Update 0.7.2. This Mod should change it back again for those that want to keep the old designs. Features [0.7.1] Bee Patch [0.7.1] Crocodile Patch [0.7.1] Cat Patch Version 0.7.2+
  5. You don't really have to ask there... because as you know I've frequently asked about this topic during the streams of you guys and Ev1n and other WG guys always said that due to laws in germany they can't add this flag meanwhile EA and DICE obviously have it quite prominent in Domination Game Modes on maps that feature the Imperial German Army in Battlefield One... Also in the german version... And they have zero problems. Which makes it rather hilarious that a flag that is actually not banned to be used in games isn't present just because some people use it as a subsitute for their agenda... And the second thing which makes it even worse is that you guys don't even give modder the possibiilty to do something about it. Since Script mods aren't allowed anymore it's no longer possible to change flags on a per ship hull basis... Although this would be doable in 10mins and wouldn't even require testing because it would be only changing one variable name and exchanging a flag in the flags.dds file and creating a duplicate of the germany flag in the flags folder.
  6. I frequently asked for them to change the falg to a clone of the current germany flag so that modders can adjust the flags at least via a mod and having a distinction between WW1 and WW2 vessels.
  7. Bug Reports

    1. Description Using the spectator camera after death, it is posisble to render dead ships on the surface although they should be on the bottom of the ocean. 2. Reproduction steps Play a game Die magnificent Wait until others die as well Go to the position and wait until the ship is completly sunk and look at the position of the sunk ship. Now move away with your camera and at a certain distance you can see the ships rendered on the surface again. (see Screenshots) 3. Result We see "ghosts" of old fellow warriors. 4. Expected result A ships which got sunk should stay at the bottom of the ocean. 5. Technical details https://imgur.com/a/nF74O Screenshots to show how the bug can occour. Happened every round since I've noticed it. (Mind the distance I have towards the ship. Getting closer and they vanish again)
  8. Detonation Cancer Extravaganza

    Dare anyone who played a BB starts criticize anything ingame... That's herasy afterall... Thats at least how those comments in this thread looks like to me... hypocrites as it best...
  9. It was me... And it's still hilarious how they try to defend their stance although it pretty much has no backbone at all..
  10. Twitch Q&A 15/02

    - Can y guys make it possible to let us mod the sound feedback for ribbons ala citadel, base captured etc.?
  11. MM go home, you're drunk!

    There is a saying in our clan apperantly... Never play T8 between 19:00 and 23:00 because you will just get into TX battles permanently... If a lot of people feel the same way then there must be something going on... T8 MM is not really any fun at all atm...
  12. If they would actually do it right they would also have to ban the Kaiserliche marine flag... Or if they don't ban it.. why isn't it in the game then? Same applies to the IJN Flag, Pan-Asia DD flags and the list goes on... IJN Flag gets "censored" ingame but it's fine to have a mod of it in the forum? Better just ban it altogether.. otherwise people would think you endorse it... Which means in other words: They would have to ban any flag mod from our forum except those with fantasy flags if they ment it serious... The way they do it right now is just based on double standards...
  13. Quality Poster Initiative

    Ehhh.... Hand translating? Don't see this really working on a forum... especially when y have then multiple languages in one topic. I would prefere having one topic for each language... would be kinda hard though having 4 diffrent community discussing at the same time diffrent things in 4 diffrent languages. But I think thats more a thing which needs to be placed in the modder section then. It's not a 100% thing anyway right? Still room to imrpove it right?
  14. Quality Poster Initiative

    And there y think germans are efficent...
  15. Quality Poster Initiative

    As a side note... They don't even have the capacity to do the modder section of the forum right now.. already told me two times they do it "this week" (week is meant where I asked for it) and it's still not here... So creating a whole new forum section must be out of question then... if they can't do a small section which they promised