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  1. IsamuKondera

    Camouflage Design Contest – King of the Sea

    Contest Entry: "Arctic KOTS" Nickname: IsamuKondera Server: EU Seamless Texture colored: Ingame Texture for those that wanna use it: With Color coding: <color0>0.553 0.553 0.553 1.000</color0> <color1>0.118 0.329 0.416 1.000</color1> <color2>0.071 0.196 0.404 1.000</color2> <color3>0.071 0.118 0.259 1.000</color3> Ingame Screenshots: Cruiser Battleship Destroyer Carrier
  2. IsamuKondera

    [] KanColle Designers Table Mod

    There are 4 textures in total. Try to adjust the "dd0" to "dd2" variants and don't use the dds file. It will work then. To edit the dd0 file rename it to dds, open it in your prefered image editing program and then save it again as dds and rename it back to dd0 or dd1 or dd2 depending which original you edited. My suggestion is: Simply open the dd0 file, which is the biggest one (4069x4069) and then resize the outcome and make dd1 50% of the size of dd0 and dd2 50% the size of dd1.
  3. IsamuKondera

    [] KanColle Designers Table Mod

    A simple Mod for the new port "Designers Table" Adjusts some blueprints into images of Kantai Collection characters. Preview: Download (~33MB) (No Password required) (readme may still show Always use the latest version folder for it) Mod still working with
  4. You obviously need indices. An indice just tells you which vertex is connected to which one. 3 vertexes create a triangle when you have an indice with 3 values. So I guess we will see indices with just 2 values to connect 2 vertices with the r value. Thats just a guess though. Will have to write a provisional extractor first to make it humanly readable for me. Also: xyznuvr{ # exists only when type=="xyzuvr" (most likely for wire models) r:4  # float } This must be at least 12 bytes long. Otherwise it doesn#t work.
  5. Some quick search via google: Getting Tangent and bitangent data: https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/26116/script-access-to-tangent-and-bitangent-per-face-how Extending the import and export menu: https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/56829/python-extend-select-similar-menu Overall the blender addon would be probably the easiest part. And I would also start with this one because here you can define the file properties. I also think that it is a bad idea to touch the armor stuff. So my suggestion is: Let's start with the blender addon first in this way: 1. Creating Menu functions 2. Export (with file dialog) 3. Import (with file dialog) When this is done we can start concentrating on the primitive file. Regarding the posisble wiremodel attribute... Could it be the... radius? like r? That would explain the nature of it. Two vertices beeing connected and the radius telling the software how to render it. UV mapping inclusive. We should test this once. Because if it is the radius we would have to think how to implement it.
  6. I guess at this point it's probably easier to write an addon for blender, because they actually have a documentation, and just adjust the obj file so it meets our requirements. And call it specifically something like sobj which stands for Ship Object then or something like that. You can then still export it via FBX to other 3D suits but blender will be the main target because it's free to use.
  7. My guess for the first unkown:4 is a so called "magic value" or "magic number" which is used to see if it is from the same filetype as you expect.
  8. IsamuKondera

    [ALL] ModStation

    I think you have misunterstood my questions^^ I'm not talking about updating the ModStation client. I'm talking from the Modder point of view. I would have liked to know how I can enter with my created mods and in case I need to update it: How can I update my mod which other can install via this program.
  9. IsamuKondera

    [ALL] ModStation

    Oh! Finally somone is doing what I've already thought about quite a few times. ioce to see such an installer. However: I miss information for modders here. Is there somewhere a backend where we (modders) can enter so that we can upload updates etc.? Because it feels like that I have little to no control over it. Especially when I create a small update for it and I want that people can use it after I've uploaded it without having to wait several days until it gets checked again. Is this client made by WG or is it from a third party? cheers!
  10. Some weeks ago WG said that they know that Tears of the Desert and Epicenter isn't really a popular map & mode combination but since then we never heard anything about it. We still have this combination ingame and I wonder myself just why we still have this ingame? They could remove ocean but they can't remove this combination? Why? I just wonder how long it takes to simply get one map/mode combination out of the MM. This can't be sooo hard afterall. They can afterall still work on this map although it's not part of the MM. At least not in the Epicenter mode...