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  1. Sputnik421

    4.1 test server and update notes

    So they are nerfing INN CV and forcing teir 4 INN CV only see OP teir 4 USN CV that has not had it's air power nerfed. So how are INN CV drivers going to get though to teir 5 then? OP USN CV get a buff to there air to air, and INN CV's that are UP get nerfed. WTG WG making the out of wack CV balance worse.
  2. Sputnik421

    St Louis needs to go

    6.75 RPM would be a better ROF to change to for a bit better speed. 5.5 RPM is far to low.
  3. Sputnik421

    Mac OS

    I would like to see a GNU client for this game as well as one for WoT, so I could play on a LINX system.
  4. Sputnik421

    St Louis needs to go

    OK I do't mind losing a bit of ROF, I don't normaly salvo fire in this ship anyway. I would just change the rate that I click my mouse button from 2 sec to 2.5 sec or whatever, to maintain consant fire on targes downrange. I don't use the hold the mouse button down option, as then you need to wait for a reload, once you have fired two or three shots. You know from first one landing, where to put the next one to get produce a fire before your first gun is loaded again. I love this ship ATM just needs a speed buff to make it able to dodge incoming shells and torps.
  5. Sputnik421

    St Louis needs to go

    No this thing needs a buff to speed as unless you are fighting BB's you can't dodge incoming fire. I did have some games in mine this morning, and only got 178 HE hits. The game was quite BB heavy though so was able to maintain range on them for a good while, untill one of them flanked. I was last man sailing and the rest of the team sucked, so I provided some fun and pain for the hostile team.
  6. Sputnik421

    A different idea of US staff from EU staff?

    This is WG. WoT still has loads of bugs and how long has that been in OB, and still no sign of v1.0.0 for that game yet.
  7. I was stuck in a division for 3 days finaly got to play again this morning, you can try sending a ticket in but CS will fob you off.
  8. Sputnik421

    Server problems anyone?

    They have finaly managed to get me out of the division I was locked in, so only two games away from the Ark-an-sas prem ship now.
  9. Sputnik421

    My game broke !

    I was on 41 games when it happened to me, and was going to get to the 50 that night. Now can't play and WG are closing tickets without sorting the problem, they should not be able to close open tickets. Only the player should be able to say the problem is resoved, and close the ticket. CS is what CS?
  10. Sputnik421

    My game broke !

    3 days for me now WG are aware and doing nothing about the problem.
  11. Sputnik421

    Server problems anyone?

    It has been two days in division for me and my Clan mate, I check after sever reset and still in division. I sent a ticket into WG and it just got closed but got no help!
  12. Sputnik421

    Server problems anyone?

    I have been stuck in a division for two days has anyone found a fix for this problem?