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  1. you clownshow fools.............. the winning team already gets a sort of "discount", it comes in the form of a 50% increase in credits and xp.
  2. kingduckling

    Why are there such a huge amount of afk players in the game?

    Its a double edge sword. I load fast and just alt tab to reddit, WoWs forum, other game wikia's, pr0n etc etc But then again i personally dont see many AFK people, probably just bads over exaggerating like you know always. And its probably those self-aware baddies who realize the game just became 10 vs 12 .
  3. kingduckling

    There's no way Tirpitz has 56 AA rating.

    Tirpitz AA is garbage, every cv worth his salt knows this. But then again you dont want OP premium ships so its fine where it is.
  4. Well thats a good point . Still id like to see tirpitz added with the rest of the battleships and they can just milk the Scharnwurst instead. Prices should be fairly similar. Milking both scharnwurst and tirpitz is too greedy, even for WG
  5. and you will still be a paying customer. still im expecting scharnwurst to come out next week, with tirpitz added to the tree when full line appears.
  6. kingduckling

    Sick of people reporting and swearing in chat

    Turn off chat or grow up/thicker skin. I still cant believe people are crying about insults and sheit-talk in chat, its goddamn nature of the internet.
  7. kingduckling

    Premium ships nerf. Acceptable?

    well for tanks nerf happened to tanks like type 59, now e-25 was not disgustingly overpowered and it was available in the shop quite a long time. As for ships, i really would like them to tweak premium ships from time to time, no nerf for premium ships is a trash policy to have. How exactly were premium ships nerfed anyway? i hope the answer is not omg tier 5-6 premiums can no longer sealclub hur dur.
  8. kingduckling

    API Stats German BB's & French BB (0.5.9)

    why arent the secondary stats revealed? or maybe im just not seeing them?
  9. kingduckling

    Community degrading - toxicity on the rise

    There is no toxicity, well a little bit...from time to time..... when you know some idiot decides to post some stupid topic. The only thing that is on the rise is snowflake princesses.
  10. kingduckling

    Weekend all in!

    I just wanted to break this down so people understand how the event is not as good as some people might believe. 1. 2x XP for first win -> extremely generic for weekend so really nothing new here 2. Premium discount -> decent deal 3. Buffed XP conversion -> muahahaha....no thanks 4. Port slots -> this is a real good deal anytime 5. Modifications discount -> no ingame UI for depot, so unless you are about to sell a ship right now with modules and buy the new one before the event starts or just have a ship with no mods its a useless deal. So really its garbage 6. Premium consumables discount - So if you use 2 premium consumables per ship you get a bonus of 22500 per game (similar to what we had last 4 weekends, only this time it applies to all players, if they use premium consumables). Still no Depot UI so garbage. Look im not saying the event is completely horrible, its alright and that is due to no Depot UI. This to a degree a rant because i really want a depot UI and i really dont understand why WG have not implemented it into the game.
  11. kingduckling

    Sorry WG Storm is cool buts breaks balance !

    The thing is when cyclone is up, you need to know what you are doing otherwise you get molested. If you cant play mindgames or take risks cyclone drops a big dump on you. Cyclone is awesome, just needs some creativity to abuse it to your advantage.
  12. kingduckling

    How to improve the XP system

    So just to recap both my posts on this topic. Your feelings dont matter to the XP system, so everything that starts with something like: i feel, i think, i believe etc......are useless to this conversation. You dont know the current formula for the XP system, therefore you cannot possibly convince any rational individual that omg omg X , Y, Z should definitely earn more XP. Just to recap one more time XP system is a mathematical formula, not your feelings.
  13. kingduckling

    Scharnhorst Hype :D

    so my theory is that they will release it either after 0.5.9 or maybe 0.6? while addint tirpitz to the tech tree. It makes absolutely no sense to delay it too much, since german bb are close anyway.....that will extinguish the desire to have it for some players.
  14. kingduckling

    Changes to Update 0.5.9 after Public Test

    how about you tell us when the Scharnwurst is coming out for sale and we will put all this behind us .
  15. kingduckling

    How to improve the XP system

    people farming likes on skybucks threads by insulting him for ages now. could get used to it. Edit nr1: But now on a serious note, skybuck most threads are pure liquid garbage and look sometimes he cracks a good thread but nobody gives 2 moist turds because nobody takes him seriously. If you are reading this skybuck, you know what the first thing before posting something like "How to improve the XP system" is to find how the current xp system works. Im sure its quite the formula, hell it might not be available to the public, get in touch with people who could lets say datamine the information like Vaexa from reddit. Or maybe you might find the information on the RU server, most definitely on EU. So what im trying to say here ClownBucks is that you first need to prove the current xp system is horrid and since looking at your stats makes sad, its hard to determine if the XP system sucks or you do. So go find out how the current xp system works and link the source. So until we get some formula for the XP, the original post you made is as valuable as your other threads. meaning you wasted your time to come up with those ideas. And me well im just writing this because you could possibly make good threads if properly guided and because i get hard by mocking idiots.