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  1. Solstad1069

    t10 is unplayable

    Then you should know that a little damage (under your hp) and no premium you lose money every time. Last night i did almost 4000 damage in a tier 8 (i was top tier) and lost 1K on a non premium account.
  2. Solstad1069

    Dropping numbers of players.

    Its me thats sailing around in 30 knots being shot at from all directions. The enemy is just sitting "tacticaly" behind their islands and lobbing their shells at the noob (me) trying to move around. The funny part is when i think i have had a good game i often find myself 4th from the bottom with less xp than the guy that died several minutes ago. Cant even remember tha last time i was on top of that xp list. And to be honest i find it a bit sad really because i love those ships a h3ll of a lot more than tanks. Whenever i dare to take my New York out on the ocean i pick a flank and folow the DD and Cruiser on that side and most likely i get some of those 1000 overpenetrating hits before all my friendly ships in front of me are on the seabottom. Then i sit there with my 48000 HP unable to do anything to defend myself from from whats coming. Most likely i will burn to death before i see anything to shoot at. And thats when you start to fear the battle button But as someone said more nations, ships and maps are coming so i will keep on trying to improve my game.
  3. Solstad1069

    Dropping numbers of players.

    I must say i really like World of warships, but too often i find myself quitting after a few battles and opening wot instead. Not sure why but one of the reasons is that a failed team or my own failure has a much more negative effect on my will to keep playing in wows. I find World of Warships even more teamdependent than Wot, its soooo much easier to carry other tanks in wot than other ships in wows. You just cant be somewhere else in wows, if you choose a flank you have to stick with it as it takes forever to move around. I find it funny when Jingles says he performes better in wows than wot because for me its complete opposite. Offensive play in other ships than destoyers will just get you killed in seconds, so i just end up sitting behind islands waiting for others to make my mistakes.
  4. Solstad1069

    So here's my resolution to Colorado class

    WG has to make money somewhere and people getting the gold to skip this one is a reason itself.
  5. Solstad1069

    Wyoming vs New York

    All ships are bad stock, thats why they get upgraded
  6. Solstad1069

    colorado is a juke

    Its just one of those ships WG put there so people would spend money to skip it.
  7. Solstad1069

    Ship xp system?

    Unless of course you just like to play with that ship
  8. Solstad1069

    Whereto begin

    Just grind everything below tier 7 because thats were the majority of players are atm.
  9. Solstad1069

    Blue Line Abuse

    Just make land around the map borders and let the ships take some damage whenever they hit land.
  10. WG really needs to balance the CVs in next patch. Let them wait the time it takes to get into a battle.
  11. Solstad1069

    ........... I think I just want my money back

    who cares about statpadding anyway, is there a nobel price or big cash to be earned for 70% winrate. Does anyone care?
  12. Solstad1069

    Whats the point in South Carolina?

    South Caroline is worth playing just because the sound of her guns
  13. Solstad1069

    Torpedoes and Destroyers

    Totally agree with you OP that Battleships sometimes feels very underwhelming. So many times i get around 30 AP pen hits during a battle and ends up with 28 K damage. Then i use the St. Louis and does 70 K damage with 100 HE hits. You just have to laugh sometimes The best part of a battleship is to soak up damage as long as you dont run into crossfire AND you have friends around you. Always watch your surroundings, press alt key to check your friends healthbars and start planning to turn around before its too late. I have played some DD battles and they are far from easy class. As someone else mentioned every single hit u take in the back destroys engine or rudder, then you end up a sitting duck or just target practice for the enemy.
  14. Solstad1069

    Torpedoes and Destroyers

    The main problem here is you being alone against a DD. Unless you are the last one alive try to stay close to allies.
  15. Solstad1069

    Seriously now?

    Ban people for 1 hour if they do more than 20K team damage over 2 hours of gametime. As a warning.