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  1. Omnichr0n

    Ibuki, the weakest link of IJN Cruisers?

    Personally I don't feel like the guns are that bad with the ship (although it might need a slight buff there as well). It's the whole thing about the ship being instantly dead once a BB sneeze at it and one of those droplets of lead hits the ship. As every part of the ships is overmatched by any BB shell, angling or playing the ship well isn't really a thing once you are spotted. It's just a very frustrating ship to play. Some sort of added protection to the ship would make it a lot more enjoyable. Espesially if you can survive a little bit more with angling at distance. Maybe that is the Wargaming tactic though, make people use their free XP at tier 9 (and maybe spend some doubloons on getting the free xp converted). I just hope that the Roon and Buffalo will be more fun and something I can enjoy.
  2. Hello everyone! Out from when I started playing WoWS, I quite quickly started playing the IJN cruiser line, and finally got the last ship of them all, the Zao. During the "grind", there were some ups and downs, where I actually loved the Furutaka (even before the hull C upgrade), hated the Aoba, loved the Mogami, and finally got the incredible ship Zao. However, on my way up the IJN line, there has been one ship that has been utter garbage for me, the Ibuki. As everyone knows, the Ibuki is more or less the same as the Mogami, a paper ship which can't take hits and has to use islands to hide behind and kite away from enemies. The playstyle, which I have become comfortable with when I came back to the game around summer, has given me great games in ships like Mogami, Yorck, Hipper, the french cruiser line and so on. However, I never got any of my cruiser tactics to work with the Ibuki. At the first 12 Ibuki games, I was incredibly unlucky by getting cyclones/storms in 6 of the matches (yeah, 50% cyclones!), which gave me a rather poor introduction to the ship (as I needed to get closer in engagements to help out the team, and then you are oneshot for absolutely every BB in the game, no matter the angle you have). In the other 6 games without the storms, I had rounds with around 70k-100k dmg done and thought that the ship seemed decent enough (although I died quite often whenever anything shot at me). The next 20 battles I had however, was unbearably bad. No matter what I did, sneaking behind some island to shoot at enemies, keep at maximum distance and kite... Slowing down and moving up in speed against single BB captains,... no matter what I did, almost every volley from a BB would get a citadel on me. Heck, if I was "caught" in medium distances and angled away whilst trying to run off, or even move my front in towards the shipts from a BB, I would be instantly killed off as more than one shot would pen and citadel me. I know some of you will say "just don't broadside then", but I almost never do, and the times I do it is only when I get outflanked and have no choice but to give one BB a chance at it, or have done a rare horrible mistake and have to take my chances and run away. It became so bad that in the very end of my grind, I found myself not firing my guns for quite a considerable amount of time, as I knew I would be instantly killed off. That is really a bad tactic with a ship type which needs to keep those guns active to be useful in a match. I got so sich of it that I just had to use 100k free XP to get past the horrible grind (as it was destroying the fun of the game entirely for me). And straight of the bat, with the Zao, I did 150k dmg and could easily have done 50k more (but I sopped firing as it was an even match and my teammates told me to stop shoot and just flee so we could win the game the last three minutes). The end result of my Ibuki grind was a rather meager 50% win rate for me with an average of 56k damage, which is 16k lower than my average of Mogami (with 57 battles) and even my Emile Bertin do 9k more on average! So, was this Ibuki grind just me being incredibly unlucky? ( I mean, the Mogami should be mostly the same, but I have a lot more success with that ship). Could it do with a little bit more protection to make it viable again? Could the BB players be more kind and not instantly fire at Ibukis they see, so that they don't go instinct?! What do you guys think? Personally I got the Zao now and kept the Mogami, so no more Ibuki on my part.
  3. Omnichr0n

    Ramming damage is just absolutely stupid.

    I have to agree with the OP... the ramming mechanic is just silly. You shouldn't do nearly as much damage as you do in the game if you just touch the enemy. I wish WG spent a little bit more time on figuring out a better mechanic for it... Just sailing along and touching an enemy ships shouldn't do much damage at all. Ramming into a ship that is sideways with your own front, should deliver more damage to the ship you ram into than yourself and so on... That being said, I don't see that much ramming anyways, so the problem isn't huge.
  4. Omnichr0n

    If there were subs in the game

    This is my take on the idea of subs for this game. In a game about battles with different kind of war ships, I don't want a class of ships that are designed to avoid combat. What I mean by that is that the submarines are meant to take out enemies without being spotted. Once it gets spotted, a submarine just have to dive and try to avoid the submarine hunters. I think it would be a gameplay that is quite destructive for the whole game.
  5. Omnichr0n

    Just how ridiculous DD's really are, DD's fans i laugh at you

    You know OP... you shouldn't laugh at DD players, you should thank them! Thank them for what? Spotting enemies, torps, planes Capping zones and fighting for the objectives up close Defending your big lumbering... ship Hunting those pesky CVs And DDs bring more diversity to the game as well! Be thankful that some of us bring the small paper armor ships to the fight instead of big lumbering beasts with huge cannons and heavy armor.
  6. Omnichr0n

    Just how ridiculous DD's really are, DD's fans i laugh at you

    Exactly... there's a reason why we don't have battleships anymore, and WW2 was the beginning of the end for them (even though some of the US ones were kept and used for many many more years). Yamato was the very peak of the BBs, and we all know how that story ended. Also, the average damage of BBs are about twice the amount than the DDs, they have tons of armor, HP, can repair and barely take any module damage... I don't get what any BB players whine about.
  7. Omnichr0n

    Just how ridiculous DD's really are, DD's fans i laugh at you

    Yes, lets bring the realism to this game! *Sells all DDs and buys the CVs to harvest BB tears for life*
  8. Omnichr0n

    Best Premium Ship - [edited]

    Personally the Atago is one of the very few ships I feel is just allround good and fun to play. Unlike other ships which has some glaring flaws to it (Molotov for instance) and is much more specialized in doing one thing good, the Atago can work in almost all ranges and against most ships. Of course, if there is a certain type of ship you like the most, you should probably go for a premium ship that is similar to it.
  9. Omnichr0n

    Cruisers are becoming more and more pointless

    The problem is that the paper still have to get past scissors and dynamite... and then it is kinda hard to wrap that paper around the rock if it isn't big enough! That being said, if you are a lone DD against a lone BB, you should win easily.
  10. Omnichr0n

    Cruisers are becoming more and more pointless

    The reason why CL/CA is struggling can be simplified into the whole rock (BB), scissors (CA/CL), paper (DD) line of thought. Now that there is tons of rock around, you will struggle quite a lot with that scissor! Of course CV is always fine as they are dynamite and takes out everything. That being said, the ships are way too different to be set into just simplified classes, and I for one think that a lot of the cruisers today works perfectly fine in a BB heavy meta... it's just that you get punished much harder whenever you do mistakes (which is why the more average player (who do more mistakes) will suffer more heavily than the better players).
  11. Omnichr0n

    Mogami called useless in Ranked. Wat do?

    Yeah, they did lose a lot of ships in the Russo-Japanese war, and the aftermath was of course the revolution for them and further on the very unfortunate cleansing which a certain moustachy dictator did before (and during) WW2. They never really got to build a strong fleet (although they had some decent DDs from what I remember) before WW2 was over, so it's not really weird that the cold war ships are really the only interesting ones. It's too bad that the Atago is so much more better than Mogami... I have both, so it doesn't really matter as much to me, but I wish that the other cruisers of the same tier was closer to the power of the Atago.
  12. Omnichr0n

    Ranked Battles S5 [all rank battle topics merged]

    Had the worst 5 ranked games yesterday... that is, three of them were really bad (with my Benson). I've always been good at doing the right things with my DDs, being able to stay alive for long and don't die to stupid moves (Well, it happened but very rarely). In ranked however, it seems like everyone are much more focused on taking down DDs, and especially when you get that first "meet DD at cap", you lose half your HP instantly. I am not sure whether I was just unlucky or that I've met really good players with godmode aim, because every match I had with my Benson, I was almost dead at once. It was only the last battle, where I did som smart torping which got the enemy DD, that I could really play the game as it should be done, but I did that with about 30% health left. Maybe I should've just stuck with playing my Atago... Was much easier for me yesterday at least.
  13. Omnichr0n

    Too many fires!

    It's a huge difference between camping/sniping and taking a tactical retreat though. BBs who are engaging early and mid game, only to draw back and support from a bit of distance is something I want to see, not full HP BBs all the way back not even trying to cap zones or support their teammates.
  14. Omnichr0n

    Too many fires!

    Now now Clyde, we all know you do your complaining on live streams @OP: It surprises me that you have played more CL/CA than BBs... because every cruiser player knows how painful it is with todays BB meta. Having salvos that sets enemy BBs on fire randomly can quite often go againts you, and the other day I got 2 fires on a BB and not a single fire before he had his crews back on track and ready to fight the next fire. Also, if a BB player is smart and moves into cover or away from the engagement, they can easily recover most if not all their HP. Meanwhile, a CL/CA can easily get oneshotted by BB AP shells... especially in the meta where you have BBs that can crossfire you, even though you might think you are in cover behind islands. There's a reason that the BBs are the kings of damage (except for CVs, who of course can deliver more pain as they survive most of the match).
  15. Omnichr0n

    Benson Ranked - 6 Kills and a defeat

    You killed 6... there is more than 6 on each team. You have to kill more! It's frustrating with games like that... on the other hand, it is really only when your own team sucks out that you can get your best achievement when it comes to damage and kills.