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  1. Good research! Why do they do this though? Could it be this has to do with bots needing to know where other bots are (in case they are on your team too)? Just guessing cause apart from perhaps a tiny advantage like this, I never feel like it's utilized against players. In fact I have experienced tons of matches where the bots go anywhere but a spot that could be concluded as 'logical'
  2. SerPurr

    Type 16 Camouflages. Pay more for less!

    Give +50% XP to Type16's would solve it? It's not like the cost can be an argument since Type 18's give a 5% service cost reduction over Type 17's at the expense of 1K doubloons.
  3. SerPurr

    Type 16 Camouflages. Pay more for less!

    If anything it's about consistency. Camouflages for Tier VI Premiums also offer a +50% XP bonus. Don't get me wrong here please. I think the Type 12's are awesome for their bonuses but at the same time I do like the Type 16's a lot more for looks. You can of course argue it's still a choice depending on how much this weighs in for any individual but to fork out doubloons for a camo giving you less benefits is well...odd to say the least. The Tier VI camo's are the only tier suffering from this. At tier VII you already start to get a -5% reduction to service cost and onwards. Just seemed a little off, that's all.
  4. As of the latest patch, a lot of tier VI ships got their Permanent Camouflages (buyable for 1K doubloons). Great (if you like Permanent Camouflages)! But wait..Didn't we get a whole bunch of free Type 12 Permanent 'Fizzy-Fuzzle' camouflages for Tier VI ships with the Santa's Christmas Convoy campaign? Those might not look the part but they give +50% XP so that's quite cool right? So surely the new Type 16 Camouflages are at least identical in what they offer for those freaking doubloons you have to cough up? No, of course not. Why wouldn't they. Who buys permanent camouflages anyways!
  5. SerPurr

    BB's ruined this game

  6. SerPurr

    More Stronk RU Ships

    2100ton DD/Scout Cruiser based upon Novik DD
  7. SerPurr

    More Stronk RU Ships

    It's basically a shittier Bogatyr (which everyone can obtain by sneezing twice) so in order to get this in game WG will probably pull out either another campaign or sth along those lines.
  8. SerPurr

    More Stronk RU Ships

    That's currently my gut feeling. It smells like a WG troll attempt. Edit: Found it. Indeed Vodka Spillage from the brain of an infant. Well here she comes then
  9. SerPurr

    More Stronk RU Ships

    Has anyone figured out what this is supposed to be? I've never seen it nor can I find it. I guess this came up during a vodka-spillage in the basement of the naval archives?
  10. SerPurr

    More Stronk RU Ships

    Gimme a yell when it's ingame
  11. SerPurr

    Bismarck or Tirpitz

    Tirpitz is a Premium (should count for something I guess). Nowadays I use my Currywurst captain in her so she still has 6.5km range secondaries plus the torps. That said, I'm also convinced Bismarck shoots slightly different from her main battery. For Co-Op I consider Tirpitz the ultimate yolo boat (cause you have to try real hard to die) but for randoms Bismarck has way better utility (hydro + uber secondaries).
  12. SerPurr

    Calling All Hands - To An Open Boycott

    It's not the 'Red' Motherland my beef is with. And fwiw, I reckon Sub_Octavian at least does a fine job at communicating with his audience. Sure, that may or may not count for something but it's better than nothing. Fully agree the community will never unity over any common cause. No need for it either. Each his own. We can but try right? You can also abandon all hope upfront (or after a couple of painful defeats) but that has never been my style.
  13. I'd love Adama as a commander. And Admiral Cain. And that hot Cylon blonde.
  14. SerPurr

    Calling All Hands - To An Open Boycott

    Forum communities have a significant impact. Companies dread bad rep. Percentages play no part in this whatsoever. These days even 0.1% can spark something that spirals out of control before you can blink twice.
  15. SerPurr

    Missiles in game

    This is all so confusing!