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  1. DenOndeBonde

    Stuck at Loading when logging in.

    Anyone else stuck at loading in after getting into the docks? Me and my mate keep having the loading bar in the middle of the screen. We both have the sub selected but are not in a division.
  2. DenOndeBonde

    how is it possible to get 9 Losses in a row

    Play with 2 more and win like 80% Friends ftw.
  3. DenOndeBonde

    "Clear Sky" is too hard to get.

    "working as intended" WG you so silly
  4. Easy to get done. dont own a tirpitz, so skipped that.
  5. DenOndeBonde

    New year permanent camo

    Awesome, I was just thinking about this question
  6. DenOndeBonde

    spotting damage counter / ribbon for carriers

    Only took WoT's what? 4 years to get that into the game. Lets hope they work faster at WoWs +1
  7. DenOndeBonde

    1000 fire flags

    Nechrom, I got 100 dragon flags in a SC once. Dont know if that qualifies
  8. Its an utter crapmode. It was crapbefore they changede it. It's even worse now.... GG WG, only you can [edited]stuff up more than they allrdy are...
  9. DenOndeBonde

    buying ship

    No he dident
  10. DenOndeBonde

    Daily first victory bonus reset time?

    Yep, 4 am ps Daily missions can be completed only few time per account. After that they don't reset anymore. - are u on drugs? they reset after the timer expires
  11. DenOndeBonde

    Premium shop discounts?

    The atago(tier 8) was on sale not to long ago, 15 or 30% cant remember, so yes it happends
  12. DenOndeBonde

    Premium ship captains

    Thats excatly what they are Blastmaster. Commander trainers. I got the molotov, and I use captains from gnevy and the tier 6 dd(same line) in the molotov, they both now have 4th crew skill. I do NOT have a Commander for the molotov,
  13. DenOndeBonde

    Bonuses for the weekend.

    Damn im blind, thanks for the link
  14. DenOndeBonde

    Bonuses for the weekend.

    I cant seem to find information about what we are getting each weekend. (like 100% xp maybe some discounts) Apparently im bad at finding this info anywhere, can someone please help me? Ill be sure to bookmark the page
  15. DenOndeBonde

    Hey new players. Don't buy atago.

    Think I bought mine after 50-100 games, but then again, I knew pretty much what to do, and I havent teamkilled anyone with the atago "yet"