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  1. spartian2000

    Please stop

    I don't have any problem with the game after the patch.....maybe problem of your pc
  2. spartian2000

    beta key

    Welcome to the game, have fun and enjoy it.
  3. spartian2000

    Turn off the chat for players who are dead

    MeanGreenUnseen Posted Yesterday, 10:02 PM "At some point, when WG has finished securing their client, they will work with modders so more mods can come to WoWs. At that time I reckon mods like BattleMessenger or similar will arrive and there you can filter out 'dead' players. Until that time...... " This is the better solution.............
  4. spartian2000

    will british ships be at lauch ?

    what about Greek ships??? (I just kidding ) But I am waiting to see british ships, I believe that they are amazing
  5. spartian2000

    Should the capture sound be changed?

    I agree, it needs to increase the sound because I don't hear them and when the enemy takes our base I understand it but it is too late
  6. spartian2000

    Loading of "port" at start up

    Same problem to me, when the game starts it take some minutes to appear my ship, but I am waiting for it
  7. spartian2000

    Remove the cap system...

    I believe that cap system must stay if a ship can cap, only after 4 minutes from battles beginning
  8. spartian2000

    Platoon , put team members closer by eachother

    I agree with this. When the battle starts I need a lot of time to meet an allied ship
  9. spartian2000

    After subscribing, any warning on beta key waves ?

    If you want to join beta you must visit every day forum, blog(http://blog.worldofwarships.eu/) and the main site of world of warships(http://worldofwarships.eu/). Also, you can follow the game with twitter https://twitter.com/worldofwarships or in facebook https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfWarships.NA Good luck next time
  10. spartian2000

    Subscribe button

    If you want join beta you must visit the main site of world of warships, blog or this forum. Don't complaining about this, there are a lot of people waiting for beta.
  11. spartian2000


    Or you can wait to finish beta to get in
  12. spartian2000

    WoWS mods. Should they be allowed?

    I believe that they shouldn't be allowed
  13. spartian2000

    broken smoke system?

    maybe you must disable you AA guns because if you don't disable them they can see you
  14. spartian2000

    Installing Wont Work?

    yes, this game isn't ready for apple machinesand you must wait
  15. spartian2000

    Beta Game Problems

    I had a similar problem, I reinstall the game and now it runs perfectly.