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    Wir suchen DICH!

    Beast's Warship Gaming Habt ihr es auch satt, dass eure Schiffe unter euch heraus-explodieren. Habt ihr es auch satt, alleine zu fahren. Kommt zu Beast's Warship Gaming. Wir sind eine Truppe von etwa 15 Mann, aktiv und engagiert. Wir haben das Ziel in den Clan Wars erfolgreich zu werden. Vorraussetzungen: - mindestens 1 Schiff der Stufe 6 oder höher - mindestens Accountlevel 15 - regelmäßige Aktivität; Bei mehr als 14 Tagen Inaktivität wird man aus dem Clan entfernt. - Anwesenheit auf dem Teamspeak Clan Boni: 10% Kostenersparnis im Service für alle Klassen 10% Kostenersparnis im Kaufpreis der Schiffe Stufen 5 - 7 andere Boni in Arbeit, bei sobald mehr Öl gefarmt wurde. Kontakt: Teamspeak: beast-clan.de; Passwort: 123 MFG 4plains
  2. Dear members of the Wargaming Design bureau, I'm writing this letter to you, so you can avoid another PR-desaster. After the thing with the Alabama and the Christmas-Campaign, it seems direly needed. I understand that the choice between RDF and "Concealment Expert" is supposed to give us a choice between "seeing better" or "being seen". HOWEVER the concept of RDF is stupid. It hardcounteres "Concealment Expert" it makes stealth USELESS, and thereby ships with it. Replace it. What do you mean by "NO". I mean it. Just replace it. [...] WHAT???, you don't know what to replace it with that would give players a 'meaningful choice'? I have a solution: "Surveillance Expert". Grants +50% to the range of assured detection base range before upgrades (like the "Target Aquisition System Mod 1"). That would mean IF I ran a Tirpitz (or by that manner EVERY other ship) with that skill AND "Target Aquisition System Mod 1" I would get an area of 4km around me that every vessel would be detected in. Under normal circumstances that does not make a huge difference, but alike Concealment Expert it is situational and players who know how to make the most out of their ships capabilities will be able to use it well. Radar, and hydro would be unaffected. Yes I am aware that that could have huge implications. But considering the high tier meta, I seldomly find myself closer than 8km to the closest enemy. And low tier ships DON'T get the option to fit the upgrade to increase the assured detection of enemy ships. "Surveillance Expert" could/would give a meaningful choice. JUST DO IT! Best Regards 4plains
  3. 4plains

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    Will you explain to me how I could be shot at by a Nicholas in an New York for 5 minutes and NOT get set on fire? Since I have mounted Fire Prevention on my ships I have been on fire WAY less.
  4. 4plains

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    In my humble opinion HE needs to be back with some other changes. Like ACTUALLY working hullplating and citadel armor in Cruiser VS Cruiser fights. (I have some suggestions in post above). Tweaking smoke to deploy 3 puffs, last 90s, less powerful heal, ... HE should have low fire chances, 7% at max on the T10. And lower for lower tiers. The effect would be that if you have the fire prevention skill on a captain you should NOT get set on fire by the RN Cruisers. You still have HE to deal with angled cruisers, destroyers and BBs
  5. 4plains

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    Greetings I will start by what I was looking forwards the most on these Royal Navy Light Cruisers. I got the opportunity to fight them in various ships before they were pulled to be redone in 0.5.11. I cannot say anything about how potent their HE is as it's difficult to tell that without having the stats available, but it seemed OK. When I died to them it was out of my stupidity, when I won, it was because I played well. What interested me the most was the premise of light armor, smoke and single launch torpedoes. I wanted to be able to make that work. On my ships where my captain HAS fire prevention I was rarely set on fire by them. They were annoying to deal with on the enemy team, and a delight to have in the friendly team. This is how my opinion has changed after being able to play them: I don't like them. They feel incomplete. Hodged and bodged. They have too thin hull plating. It cannot counter other cruisers AP. EVERY cruiser around the block can penetrate it because it's to thin and it gets overmatched. Angling = "What is that, you have smoke" By the way DDs of similar tier have thicker hull plating and DON'T get overmached by AP. [lost for words/don't wanna swear] They have very much armor around the citadel. Great I don't get citadeled by other Cruisers. Eh wait I DO GET citadeled by them. Because the top and front armor is only 6 to 10mm. Citadel front armor = overmatched. The side armor is tough so when you angle and be shot at by BBs you ALWAYS get absolutely REKT. *applause* Oh I get radar. I have Hydro too. AND smoke. And ridiculous concealment. "Oh look there is a gold plated pony around the next corner. Please don't notice we didn't know what we were doing." Alright complaining without suggesting what to do to fix it won't accomplish anything. So here is my 2 cents on what you should to to fix it: -increase hull plating so other cruisers cannot overmatch it with AP (12mm on T4, 15mm on T5, 16mm on T6, 17mm on T7, 18mm on T8, 19mm on T9 with 20mm on T10. This makes the armor progessively better from T5 and up. T5 ships cannot be overmatched by 203mm guns, T4 ships by 152mm guns. Angling in cruiser VS cruiser fights is meaningful and player skill will more likely decide the fight -Increase the frontal and top citadel armor. 16mm is a JOKE on the T10. As are 6mm on the T4. These are my suggestions: Citadel top: 25mm at T4, T5 and T6, 30mm at T7, 32mm from T8 to T10 Citadel front: double the top armor. You will no longer get citadeled by EVERYTHING around the block. In a cruiser VS cruiser fight the RN cruiser should seldomely recieve citadel hits. It will take heavy damage. like every other cruiser if it doesn't angle well. -Manouverability It's ridiculous that these things don't loose speed IN the turn but after they exit it. I suggest they slightly loose speed in the turn and after exit. -Concealment: Is ok as it stands. -Consumables Less powerful heal. If feels like we have it because you guys didn't want to actually place working armor on the ship. So we got given a bodge job fix. I am ok with having Radar, Hydro AND Smoke. It makes a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled player. I'd tweak the radar range to slightly lower values, but have it active a bit longer. More like Russian radar instead like USN Radar. Hydro is powerful, Range is fine. Smoke deploys 3 puffs, but lasts shorter. 90s instead of 105s Ammo: Take the AP and make the normalisation 1° less. Give them HE back. Fire chances are 4% on T2 to T5, 5% on T6 and T7, 6% on T8 and T9 and 7% on T10. A captain with fire prevention will counter the fire chance. The choice between narrow spread torpedoes and single drop torps is very interesting and for me part of the reason I want to play this line. In closed quarters engagements it makes for an interesting new tool. Aside Hydro, Radar and Smoke. Best Regards 4plains