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  1. robingf38

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery Thanks to everyone donating!
  2. robingf38

    Season 4 of Clan Battles

    Hum ... yes and no, i think lot of people want this released now like me and in same time i agree with you, during Christmas holidays this will be complicated
  3. robingf38

    gold symbols difference

    I m not absolutely sure about that but i think the difference between Aurora and Kronshtadt have a direct link with how you can earn this ship, Aurora can be pick by doubloons and Kro must be reach by free pex, the symbol difference must be come from how you can obtain this ships But yes we you obtained premium ship you earn more Xp and money
  4. robingf38

    T5 BBs for Ranked Sprint

    Hum ok for your lolpens I forgot this point, I didn't played this ship since .. oua 6 months however I remember it have a good precision and really effective against bb, during this ranked the most regulars ships are BB and DD for a huge majority, Bretagne stay yet effective for me
  5. robingf38

    T5 BBs for Ranked Sprint

    I not really agree with you, Kongo have good speed and good gun range but his bow ... my god, you took always heavy dmg by front, and your dispersion too .. I know habitual it s a good ship but with this 7vs7 meta, I thing it s not the best choice, for me, French Bretagne it s a good choice, AA quite good, slow speed 21 knots nice artillerie with acceptable range, 18,1 km, effective armor
  6. robingf38

    CV Rework Discussion

    I feel that to do damage and be useful it will be really difficult, it's my first impression when i see that video ....
  7. robingf38

    Lets talk Republique... The French Tier X BB

    Seriously ??? You think really what you say. Alsace pre-nerf was the best warship in Tier 9, now it stay a real good warship with 12 guns of 380, ok sigma was decreased at 1.6 and reload modified but now you have hight speed ,and huge montage of secondary who is more effective than IX German battleship, A quite good turtleback protection, who for me is pleasing.About concealment except the British BB, the Lion, he have 2th best detection range of his tier and his engine boost consumable who have the ability to surprising more one player Try again I think the feeling will come between u and your lovely ship
  8. robingf38

    Bataille classées : Saison 9

    Ou alors mettront plus de 300 batailles ....
  9. robingf38

    Le Richelieu

    J'approuve pas, c'est un très bon tanker, plutôt précis, beaucoup d'overpen sur croiseur mais tueur de BB, secondaire moyenne , a ne absolument pas monté, très bonne AA, Je préfère mille fois un Richelieu a un Bismarck, bien joué tu peux vraiment tirer ton épingle du jeu, il a des faiblesses heureusement mais c'est un navire très bien équilibré a ce tier
  10. robingf38

    Blindage du République trop faible ?!

    Mdrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr tu as fais le test ??? je te croie pas
  11. robingf38

    Rapports d'erreurs 0.7.2

    Pareil, mes fps chutent, mon jeu tourne entre 15 et 30 fps alors qu'avant j'étais constant vers les 60 fps
  12. [edited] lourd ..... Bravo dommage qu'il passe pas la barre excat des 300 k ;)
  13. robingf38

    Cuirassés Français

    Merci beaucoup
  14. robingf38

    Cuirassés Français

    Ah nice merci de tes réponses et tu sais combien de conteneurs on peux choper ou pas du tout ? :D
  15. robingf38

    Cuirassés Français

    Ok du coup pas de mission qui permet de gagner au hasard 1 des 4 BB fr ? :)