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  1. Phlee

    Can anyone explain!?

    First off the Myogi should never be full broadside. Its a support battleship. Great guns for the tier. Relax it's okay, kongo is awsome. Shoot AP. Do you use the alt key?
  2. Phlee

    Aircraft Fighters do nothing

    Yes the point that BB /CL/CA have better anti aircraft duty than aircraft is well said. Also the need for EXP is essential for shooting down planes to make it appetizing for players
  3. Phlee

    Aircraft Fighters do nothing

    *Don't have experience in fighters above tier 8* So right to the case... I feel like the problem for anybody in the game is getting 2* Sqd Tbed at the start of the game. Granted if you know how to sail the map that won't happen. But, bottom line is that aircraft carrier players don't fear fighters at all. They send the TBS right down the middle of the map, not adjusting course even when 2 of my sqds of fighters are in intersecting pursuit. Even when my sqds of 2 fighters from my carrier lock on. THE RNG IS SO bad that 2 sqds of fighters with 500+ rounds of 7.7-12.7mm can't take them down, and run out of ammo. BOTTOM bottom line is the carrier gameplay for low tiers is watered down and doesn't make sense that it poorly trains future high tier players in how to play carriers in a naval engagement. Carriers should fear fighters and push them to achieve air superiority and in result will lower the spam of tbs in the game. Also to fix the exp for shooting down planes needs to be. I've had games of 25-30 planes shot down and I get less xp then if I just tbed whored the whole game. Please mature discussion.
  4. From what I've read much of the navy was picked apart, including relocating sailors and detaching guns from ships in order to reinforce the red army when Germany invaded. How many ships were still active as DD CA BB's etc in World War 2? Such little is talk about the Russian Navy and wanted to know what ships I can expect in this game.