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  1. Hiddenblades

    Project R is up on EU

    Ok thanks man.
  2. Hiddenblades

    Project R is up on EU

    Are we still getting the ship when we reach 206 pearls or is it still lottery system. I am on 236 pearls.
  3. Just last game in my fuso, I fired 12 shots at the omaha at about 3.9 km range and omaha is abit angled, oh my 4 shot bounced 5 shot missed and 3 shot did minimal damage and i died from torps since I was so horrify of what just happened that I didn't take evasive maneuver.
  4. Hiddenblades

    Matchmaking Woes!

    I have a game in my Tirpitz, in my team Cleveland platooned with st louis, I mean they should limit the tier of fail platoon to +1 or -1 imo.
  5. Hiddenblades

    Matchmaking Woes!

    you know what is worst when you have fail platoon in your team.
  6. Hiddenblades

    useless Kawachi

    no my friend, South Carolina is a tiny bit better because she has less dispersion than Kawachi so it is abit more accurate
  7. Hiddenblades

    Allied torpedoes

    That is [edited] you can't [edited]doge a torp that is shot within 2 to 3km what a dumbass.
  8. Hiddenblades

    Battleship Comparison

    Can I just asked why the hell does japanese guns have more dispersion than american BBs?
  9. Hiddenblades

    Kongo...The Biggest Piece of [edited] in the Game?

    that is a load of [edited], When you try to shoot a stationary target at 5 to 7 km and all your shot splice the target there is nothing you can do, no matter how you aim it f*****g RNG say no you can't do S***T
  10. Hiddenblades

    useless Kawachi

    Lol It is so true, to do damage you might as well as ram other ppl and do the damage
  11. Hiddenblades

    useless Kawachi

    Yeah, but I also have USS South Carolina, I feel that she is a lot more accurate than Kawachi, the shots are more grouped, I don't know maybe it is just me.
  12. Hiddenblades

    useless Kawachi

    I just started playing Japanese battleships again, (I have got Nagato before they wipe the progress), the stock Kawachi is quite useless. The guns are so inaccurate that it can't hit a target that is 6 km away. The gun range is so short that you have to go to suicidal range, and sometimes you get into tier 5 matches, so I don't know how people play it but currently this is my most hated ship in the game currently.