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    dagor engine 4.0?

    i get -1 from you because of a suggestion..? they use the physx of nvidia. i think they use that together with the engine. cant wargaming use hte physx engine of nvidia together with bigworld to achieve this level of water detail?
  2. Snolle_bollekes

    dagor engine 4.0?

    will world of warships implement nvidia's dagor engine 4.0? this comes from another game, but the effects could also be cool for world of warships. the water actually looks like water! wouldnt it be cool if this could be implemented in world fo warships?
  3. Snolle_bollekes

    when do carriers get nerfed?

    please, tell me, how can you not see a city on the sea? the spotting system is world of warships is just as failed as in world of tanks.
  4. Snolle_bollekes

    when do carriers get nerfed?

    first htey have OP airplanes and they can spam an unlimited number of torpedoes against you, now ive lost a match because i wasnt allowed to spot a carrier, while i have a 23km spotting range WITH airplane out, and i couldnt spot him until 10km. when are those carriers getting hit by the nerf bat already? they are freaking cities on the sea, how the hell cant you spot them before you spot a battleship?
  5. Snolle_bollekes

    Bloody Mods Spoil Another Game

    well, it has been a while since i put any effort in reading the latest news of world of warships. if this is true, then i shall talk of it no more.
  6. Snolle_bollekes

    weird bug or simply lucky?

    im more amazed that they arnt turned on by themselves... takes only a micropatch for wargaming...
  7. Snolle_bollekes

    weird bug or simply lucky?

    where are those replays?
  8. i think your stats are a little bit off there, skipper. almost all show a win rate of below 50% for all players. that cant be right. i mean, surely people arnt that incompetent that their losses even tward logic, right?
  9. Snolle_bollekes

    Is this some record or what

    you really are petty....
  10. Snolle_bollekes

    Bloody Mods Spoil Another Game

    you guys seem to joke about it and be ignorant about it, but there are actually mods that help you win, for example, by telling you where to aim precisely to hit a citadel, or it tells you where the enemy ships are, even if they are really far away and actually shouldnt light up, or mods that tells you when you are being fired at, without having the applicable skills.
  11. Snolle_bollekes

    weird bug or simply lucky?

    so i got into a strange weird match. i was testing the albany, the free premium ship, and eventually we were able to kill off most of the enemy team without too many losses of our own. then we got against this person, he was in a hashidate, and we simply couldnt kill him. i mean, we shot AP and HE on him, but somehow his HP got stuck on 1. we wrecked his entire ship by shooting his engine and most probably all of his guns were destroyed as well, but we simply couldnt get him destroyed because of that 1 HP. eventually i was able to set him on fire, and the damage from that did seem to damage him and he finally got destroyed. had anyone else ever experienced this? is it a bug, or maybe a mod that might help him survive?
  12. Snolle_bollekes

    st louis?

    so, whats exacly the reasoning behind the st louis having more firepower and a bigger HP pool than the tier 5 omaha? also, why do both AP and HE shells seem ineffective against this ship? it has enough armor to stop HE, but AP shells still go through it? i think this ship is too weirdly put together to be a tier 3.
  13. Snolle_bollekes

    fuso (tier 6 battleship)

    hi, im currently at the fuso, the tier 6 battleship of the wapanese. is there any real advantage in unlocking the second guns and gun control? i dont see any real advantage trading in a few seconds of turning speed for 0.1 more shots a minute (thats like only 4 seconds better reload) and the second gun control only provides 2km better range, while most battles are between 15-10km distance. so is there any real advantage in unlocking them, or would it be in this case better to save those xp and go for the next ship?
  14. Snolle_bollekes

    battleship already nerfed?

    im sorry, i wasnt born in 1930 to witness the destroyers at samar. unless you mean an era closer to now, then i just dont know about it, so please dont tell me to look at something that i couldnt witness. the most i did was 20,000 damage on a cleveland because of a double citadel, but you try to get such luck all the time. maybe 1 shot out of 20 matches but thats it. it almost never does the advertised 8000 damage they show at the module information on a regular basis. thats false advertisement. people think, finally a battleship that does 8000 damage per shot! and then they see it does 200 damage. alot of people will be feeling miss informed or otherwise be complaining about this broken game mechanic like i am right now.
  15. Snolle_bollekes

    battleship already nerfed?

    im using the fuso at the moment. shot an AP shell at a destroyer and did only 200 damage. i dont care if it overpen or not, a hole of 360mm through the entire lenght of the ship should be more noticable than "200 damage". even world of tanks has better balance than that. i can understand that at tier 1, for balancing, you get alot of 200 hit shots. but at tier 6, using +300mm cannons, you expect the minimum to be atleast 1000 a hit. not sometimes a lucky shot of an actualy 8000 damage when hitting the citadel, no, when it hits another ship hard, it simply has to do 8000 damage +/- 25%. not do 200 damage when hitting another ship.