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    If you go to the News section you will see there is a free server transfer offer coming up. Application window is open already, transfers start beginning of Dec. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/general-news/server-transfer-offer/
  2. Pte_Parts

    stuck on battle load screen

    Hi. I've only just started playing WoWs again recently and have had similar crashes (disconnects) on load screens, and only on load screens (entering or exiting battles). If I get into the battle the game runs fine until I leave. This was happening on both the NA and EU servers. After some experimenting (that resulted in my 5 battle pink status, even though I was only doing co-op while trying to figure out the issue) I've narrowed it down to Webroot that's causing the issue. If I run with webroot protection off I don't get any DC's....as soon as I turn it on I start DC'ing every battle. I've submitted a ticket to Webroot support, but still awaiting a reply. So if you're running Webroot yourself try turning protection off and logging in to WoWs (not an ideal solution, but it's worked for me). Strangely enough Webroot works just fine with WoT....but it doesn't seem to play well with WoWs....if anyone knows why I'm all ears. Edit to add: Before trying webroot I did all the usual..integrity check, drivers etc. However there is a forum post about a similar issue on the NA forum, and several users have reported issues with Webroot causing the game to "hang" on load screens. Sometimes you can re-log and get in, sometimes you can't.
  3. Pte_Parts

    Draws.. Sigh.

    I apologise , complete reading fail on my part. I do not see the 45 seconds mentioned in any of your previous posts though. For the record, I hate draws. I have (in WoT) been bitched at by my team when, as the last surviving player, I have ignored all suggestion of going for the draw and fought on.....I don't play to lose, and there is no material benefit to a draw, only a psychological one...personally I don't need an ego bandage when playing a game. You win some, you lose some....if you draw, well, you just lost another one. As far as changing mechanics go, not sure I'd like to see games extended all that much. This is not a sim, and I like the fact that it's reasonably fast-paced with short battles. I t suits me. I do understand that for some, extending the timer would be nice, personally I'd like to see the team with the highest total Xp/ damage done at the end of a game be counted the winners (with all differences in tiers etc. accounted for in the calculation naturally). Not going to hold my breath for this though.
  4. Pte_Parts

    Draws.. Sigh.

    Seriously? Just how bad would your team have to be to be constantly de-capped by a lone phoenix? C'mon...three Clevelands firing at it as soon as it's spotted? Not to mention, once you know where it is (roughly) what else does your CV have to do other than send out every squadron on a sweep? Draws can happen, and personally if I had been in the Pheonix I'd of gone down swinging (a draw is the same as a loss, I never deliberately play for a draw...every shot landed is + xp and credits after all), but other people have other opinions on draws, each to their own I suppose.
  5. Pte_Parts

    Compensation Calculations + toxic play

    In a low tier co-op game team damage is to be expected imo, the response of the person you hit was a little extreme, but not unusual. It happens. DD's can be tricky, but to be honest....your torps are always your responsibility, no exceptions. True, there are times when a decent team-mate would see straight away that you are in a good attack position and make sure to clear your firing line...but never assume this, it is generally rare. I've sunk team-mates before through risky torp launches, even though a tiny bit of awareness on their part would of allowed for a good strike, still my torps= my fault. Apologize and move on tbh. As another poster mentioned though, the compensation system is set up specifically to avoid the abuse that it was originally subjected to in WoT. Any situation that could be exploited by someone to make an easy "profit" through deliberately getting themselves killed by a team-mate is to be avoided.
  6. Pte_Parts

    Bloody Mods Spoil Another Game

    +1 Thanks for the laugh, needed that.
  7. Pte_Parts

    BBs need buffs.

    Have a +1. @ OP (and other BB captains) Communicate with your team, it's by no means a guarantee, but you will certainly increase the chances that you will be helped. Would also add, if asking for an escort, please indicate where you intend to go and/ or how you intend to fight (aggressive/ passive/ edge-hugging "sniper" etc.)....this would help to decide if you are worth the xp loss to escort, so I don't have to cut and run should you leave me hanging. Granted, I'm not hugely fussed about the xp/ credits if playing an escort....but I don't like wasting my time either. I wouldn't mind seeing a general buff to close-range accuracy of BBs though. Certainly I do think that allowing a BB to get up close to a CL should be a really painful experience for the Cl player, and something to be avoided at all costs....unless going in for an all-or-nothing torp run. The RNG at close ranges seems a little out of whack, but then I don't play BBs that much, however I don't generally fear them as much as I feel I should tbh (primarily talking low tier BBs here though).
  8. Pte_Parts

    Torpedo bombers

    As far as I know, this is a bug. There are some people who are trying to reproduce it, but with limited success. It can be nasty if it happens though as the torps behave unpredictably.
  9. Pte_Parts

    Could mines be a weapon option?

    Mine laying? No thanks, I can think of some nasty ways to troll my own team with those, and I'm not a troll....those who enjoy trolling would have an absolute field-day. Random mine fields? Oh hell no. If you think the actions of the seriously risk-adverse are bad now, imagine what it would be like if everyone is having to worry about an invisible PvE threat. Seriously, the game would not start at all until the minesweepers had gone out first....and you'd have to pray to the Gods of the MM that the minesweeper on your team was remotely competent. I can imagine a scenario wherein BB/ CV captains in particular would be loath to move from the starting positions....at which point the enemy DDs (for example) could have themselves some very easy pickings. Stationary ships are torp-bait.
  10. I'm not sure if you were trying to be insulting, but you have rather made the point I was making. If I had a serious dislike of your posts, or found them distressing to read for some reason, then naturally I would not read them. likewise if I considered the state of the game, or the lack of specials to be intolerable, I would stop playing. I would not, however, demand free stuff or insult those whose view differs from my own. Certainly a suggestion is no bad thing. Nor is constructive criticism. Demands backed up by insults are not likely to be particularly effective in my experience.
  11. No offense intended, but the sense of entitlement coming through in the quoted text kind of proves Ectar's point. I came from WoT, I knew it was beta, and as such did not come in expecting freebies and give-aways. Rather, I expected to play a somewhat buggy game, with balancing issues, which hopefully with enough time spent, could be tweaked into a really good game. So far I have not been disappointed. Personally I don't need freebies.....the game itself is a freebie, anything else would be a bonus. However, I'd far rather have time/ effort put into balancing/ bug-hunting/ development etc. at this stage, than some promotional gimmick. Maybe it's because I actually enjoy playing the game, that I couldn't give a damn about what happens on the RU server....as long as it's not something directly concerning the game-play itself of course. Gifts are always nice (even the Arkansas Beta )....but at this stage of development, given the seriously limited number of ships, I'd be surprised if WG started a massive "boost" cycle of XP gains. Wouldn't do to have everyone maxing out the lines before you could get the game balanced and new nation lines in place....people are far more likely to quit through boredom at that point imo. Simply put, if you don't like the game as it is, leave. No-one is forced to play, and/ or be a beta tester....that's a choice, and not a "stupid" one if those that so choose are enjoying themselves.
  12. Pte_Parts

    Lack of team-play in games

    I don't know what tiers you are talking about, and I can only speak for low tiers....so. Ultimately WoWs, like WoT, is a hit-point race. The first team to reduce the HP "pool" of the enemy team to zero wins. Capping is (depending on game mode) primarily there to prevent excessive stale-mates, and/ or to give an incentive to combat. Given this, as an "escort" player, you have to weigh the loss of your firepower directed at enemy ships, against the worth of the ship you are protecting (in this case a CV). If said CV is capable of exceeding your damage against the enemy, then it would make sense to cover them. If however, said CV player is playing poorly, or is being "shut-down" by an opposing CV, then ultimately it's not worth wasting the damage potential to keep them alive. Granted, CVs can be devastating if played well, but at lower tiers I can't say that I've come across that many "great" CVs. If you factor in the rather poor AA available to low-tier ships, with even ships such as the Yubari being somewhat lackluster in performance these days, then the net gain just isn't worth it in most cases. Better by far to escort an aggressive BB player, where both ships can put out effective fire, and destroy targets each to their particular strengths. That said, if I'm close enough to a CV to help, then I will. However, that would assume that the CV is not sitting behind an island far to the rear, but rather moving up to give effective (fast turnaround) cover to the rest of the team. Might be a bit more risky for the CV, and harder to keep control over everything (I don't play CVs, so not sure just how much attention is required tbh), but it will certainly help to reassure me (and others I hope) that you are a "serious" player, and worth sacrificing my own damage output for. I'll happily burn any DD that tries to go for my CV if I can. As far as reporting people that don't play the way you want them to....No. Seriously, I like good team-work as much as the next person, it's what interests me about multi-player games, but I don't believe I have the right to dictate how someone else should play. Advise, yes...encourage, certainly. But punishing someone purely because I disagree with their play-style? Not my thing. Deliberate team-damage on the other hand is not included in the above^......TK'ers can go <self-censored> for all I care.
  13. One communication channel to rule them all would be nice. Forums are fine, but it will be a cold day in hell before I create a FB account. Discrimination against paranoid old farts is not very nice.
  14. Out of curiosity, can the EU staff proceed with competitions, special offers etc. without authorisation from on high? If yes, then the OP's question may be valid... ..If not, then you're asking the right question, about the wrong people.
  15. Pte_Parts

    useless Kawachi

    I'm not much of a BB player, and after a couple of games I free xp'd to the Myogi. The only good things I can say about the Kawachi, come from the perspective of a DD player who has sunk a lot of them.. 1) If you are in a DD and get spotted within gun range of a Kawachi, it can be seriously nerve-wracking to try and dodge it's salvo. After all, no-one knows where the hell those shells are going to fall, not me, not the Kawachi captain, no-one. 50/50 whether they even land off the same side of the ship they were fired from. 2) When torp'ing from concealment, I don't feel guilty 1-shotting a Kawachi player....I'm sure they are grateful to have a valid excuse to play something else for the next 20 minutes or so. On a more serious note. Either give it the range to at least attempt to return fire at the cruisers that are burning it to the ground, and/ or the speed to be able to take the fight up-close and personal, albeit that is not always the best choice. However, I found it immensely frustrating trying to be of any use to my team, when I knew I could of contributed far more in just about any ship of that tier. Unless the enemy are utterly stupid, the Kawachi is a liability. This is a personal opinion only of course.