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  1. Littlerift

    Be honest (Stats)

    After accidentally hitting a friendly DD with a torpedo (he was around 2km from the target when he was hit, so while I perhaps could have foreseen it he was quite a long way from where the torpedoes were sent when they were launched) and receiving a wave of abuse from him and his division mate he eventually started attacking me for being a crap player and having bad stats. Once I died I took a look and it turned out we have a 2% difference in win-rate despite the fact that almost all of my games were solo while all of his were in three man divisions. Chat was so sick of his petulant screaming by that point that there were quite a few 'lols' when I disclosed that. I only really look up stats when people start calling others noobs or idiots, and almost always the person hurling said abuse is a potato or only marginally better than the person they're insulting. I think it's something akin to the Dunning-Kruger effect: really good players know only that they have a lot to learn, but slightly above average and awful players think they're much better than they are.
  2. Littlerift

    Mine Laying Vessels

    I'd love to see this, but I think that friendly damage would have to be disabled. Ignoring the trolling potential - people are idiots. I've had people intentionally drive into my torpedoes after I 'stole' their kill and I'm a non-entitity, if you start laying mines that can hurt allies you can bet that people are going to drive into them just to turn a Community Contributor pink.
  3. Littlerift

    WoWs Smoke Camping Issue

    They already have super effective armour, high speed, and massively inflated accuracy. I just want to watch them complain about fires wiping out their targeting systems and crew, torpedoes being almost impossible to detect, and carriers slaughtering them with gay abandon from hundreds of miles away.
  4. Littlerift

    WoWs Smoke Camping Issue

    In a way I really wish Wargaming would give in and just make the game much more realistic. It would probably be less fun, but the BBs complaining about their ships being (realistically) almost completely useless by the time they reach tier 6 or 7 would be glorious to behold.
  5. Littlerift

    WoWs Smoke Camping Issue

    So the DD's get less mileage out of smoke but their gameplay doesn't change. Well that certainly makes perfect sense... If WG actually wanted to stop BBs from using smoke they'd just reduce the benefit BBs get from being in smoke. This system is obviously a major nerf for ships that rely on smoke despite the fact that it's meant to be a nerf for ships that only receive the benefits of smoke incidentally.
  6. Littlerift

    WoWs Smoke Camping Issue

    You were the one who was trying to use your stats to claim that you have a more valid opinion than an arbitrary opponent, so don't turn to the "what I play doesn't matter" argument.
  7. Littlerift

    WoWs Smoke Camping Issue

    Meanwhile, in reality, you play 50% of your games in battleships and are most successful in battleships. In fact, your overall performance and win-rate in DDs is rather strongly inflated by 153 games in the Sims (which you do appear to be pretty good in) but in most other DDs your performance is much lower than it is in tier-equivalent BBs.
  8. Littlerift

    The bb issue - what's your problem?

    I would imagine that s/he actually reached that conclusion by looking at both the battle description gravelbelly provided and their win rate, accuracy, defence/capture points, spotting, secondary damage, etc, rather than just looking at the win-rate alone. This kind of response is what's wrong with this community though: a clearly well intentioned and knowledgeable individual takes some time to try to help a player who isn't performing brilliantly and cannot quite work out why, and another individual completely unrelated to the conversation jumps in and claims that any advice rendered is nothing more than an elitist trying to lord it over other players. For the record, atomskytten has a 56% winrate overall, so I would assume s/he's not of the view that people below 55% are worthless potatoes.
  9. Littlerift

    New smoke upcoming changes very bad idea

    If it's "not going to change much" and "not going to affect the damage dealt by DDs and CA/CLs using the smoke to any significant degree" then why do it at all? If you wish to stop BBs from 'abusing' the smoke then nerf the freaking BBs, not the DDs and CLs that rely on smoke to gain any survivability in this current meta.
  10. Littlerift

    New smoke upcoming changes very bad idea

    My plan is just to become incredibly selective with my smoke. If there's a Tirpitz sitting there broadside on to 3 enemy BBs then no more will he receive smoke - he can just die and perhaps he'll learn. Somebody who's clearly average or above average can perhaps get a screen to protect them from overwhelming fire, but otherwise I'll just use it for my own purposes. Because that's how to make a team-based game progress, WG: nerf teamplay. Well done.
  11. Littlerift

    New smoke upcoming changes very bad idea

    And yet people aren't willing to 'adapt' to the current smokescreen situation?
  12. Littlerift

    Way to many islands in game

    Unless your cruisers are just advancing all ahead full you will catch up with them at the engagement area, unless you decide to spend the fight lobbing shells ineffectively from 8km behind your cruisers.
  13. If only they had something to help them survive against the ridiculously buffed BBs, like smokescreens or something similar... Oh wait, they already do, and yet you're whinging about it because it means you can't herp-a-derp around the map deleting people through luck.
  14. Littlerift

    Way to many islands in game

  15. Littlerift

    WoWs Smoke Camping Issue

    There's also the option of just backing away a bit and engaging the ships you can see. Why do people assume that they have to kill the Leander in that smokescreen right the hell now? When a cruiser meets a BB in the open sea the cruiser is going to have to choose between charging the BB and trying to torp him or running toward the nearest friendlies or cover; that you have to do the same thing when facing a smokescreen is hardly a game breaking situation.