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  1. Wizlon67

    Waiting for ships in battle

    Try really hard to read the forums, the question has been answered many times and is pretty damn obvious if you think about it.
  2. Wizlon67

    Potentional Wipe at launch.

    There's no good reason for a wipe, unless as has already been stated that there is a major clusterflub. Right now I can't play due to an elbow injury (typing left handed now). So I'm falling way behind and still I think a wipe would be a poor idea. If all the top players are reset on launch then we will see new players just quit in frustration at how far behind the curve they are, let them start at the same level as other new players rather than expect them to deal with an Alpha or Beta tester that knows how to play.
  3. Wizlon67

    St Louis needs to go

    It is a little Op, thankfully. It gives players an early taste of being in a superior vessel at a low tier, which is very easy to play and has good fortune in MM. I see it as a reward for putting up with the previous tiers so-so performance. It also encouraged me to take on more of the fight in the CBT due to its "user friendliness" and was the first ship that I took into PVP. I think that if this boat was in anyway nerfed that it would possibly leave players not feeling rewarded until higher tiers, which can be frustrating and affect player retention. IMHO
  4. Wizlon67

    EU server down?

  5. Wizlon67

    In praise of those who play as a team.

    Also had a social day in game today, even used the compliment system. Portside chat on Q&A channel was also pretty cool.
  6. Wizlon67

    Carrier Matchmaking needs to be adjusted

    Voted NO, this game would be purist vanilla if every MM was totally even. Very few naval battles were ever even, what wins the day is tactics and teamwork. Nothing Like a little challenge to get the blood flowing... [Finally my new graphics card is here!!! Another hour and I can get back in game for first time since stress test started ]
  7. Wizlon67

    Toxic chat - Please make it an option to turn of ingame chat

    An ignore feature would be welcome, shame as until recently chat has been pretty much OK, but does seem to be getting more toxic now.
  8. Wizlon67

    We Need Foghorn's!

    Definitely would like a klaxon or horn of some kind. Plus we have a collision alert for islands so why not for other ships, surely our ship crew includes more than one lookout. I figure if they gave us horns we would be honking 'em continuously...
  9. Wizlon67

    We already have such a "lovely" community.

    Must admit CBT has been really relaxed in chat, I logged into WoT for the first time in a while last night and chat there as always was extremely venomous. Hopefully WoWs won't end up like that.
  10. Wizlon67

    Arkansas - should I have it now or not?

    Damn, seems wrong. I had a shedload of co-op PVE and just 30 or so PVP by the cut off date and I got my Arkansas. Good luck with this and keep at them mate.
  11. Wizlon67

    Arkansas turret #4

    Heh, heh I thought it was just me, watching #4 just sit there with a full load and doing nothing.
  12. Wizlon67

    random freezes

    Had this a couple of times now, both in PVP and PVE. I think it's just the camera view jumping as my apparent motion and that of any other ship, seems to continue as normal.
  13. Wizlon67

    Public test 0.4.0 General Feedback

    Is there any way a mod can lock this fora for Beta testers only?
  14. Wizlon67

    Public test 0.4.0 General Feedback

    Then you found out wrong.
  15. Wizlon67

    Public test 0.4.0 General Feedback

    Sure is, think I read somewhere that there is a planned downtime today, not sure of details though.