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  1. Rather than start a land war in Asia, I'm opting to join a clan to gain oil. Are you looking for humour as hit-and-miss as my shooting? Do you have a desperate thirst for yet another "I want to benefit from the new Clan system, but the idea of commitment terrifies me to my core" and "Oh god please don't make me use a mic" -type person? Have a pressing need to fit around my tortured schedule and night owl tendencies? Then look no further! https://wows-numbers.com/player/511385495,ItWasRhetorical/
  2. Loading times increased

    Honestly the camo loading late isn't a problem, beyond the fact I'm wondering if it's connected with my main issue. Definitely not my hardware, and it's already on my SSD.
  3. Loading times increased

    I wish I could provide more details but I'm not sure what would be useful. Something about this update has massively increased my loading time into a battle. And my camo doesn't load until several minutes into the game. This is especially noticeable, because before now I was often one of the first to load into a battle. Now, I reliably load in a minute or so after the battle has started. I've tried repairing my installation, uninstalled and re-installed, but nothing seems to help.