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  1. OttoZander

    Hit the Tier VI Milestone in 10 Simple Steps

    Step 1: Get a bot and get it to run down the KM cruiser line on every machine and virtual machine you have access to!
  2. OttoZander

    Arrogant ships...make Arrogant Players

    Hey Godiva, do you know what the definition of irony is?
  3. OttoZander

    Tier Ten no skill required (

    No matter how many tutorials you will churn out, it will not matter, because the fact is, they cannot find help not for the lack of it, but due to the lack of will to find it. To a lot of them, it simply does not matter. One way to mediate this issue would be to introduce ranked/tiered match-maker, where similarly-performing individuals would be grouped into the same rank/tier and face each other for the most part, and only face the ranks above or below them when there is a need to populate the match. I cannot predict how the queue times would be affected, but I'd guess it wouldn't be drastic, +20 seconds? But I can predict what would Wargaming's response to that would be, as they made it clear that a much more enjoyable match with better distributed teams do not justify +5 wait times
  4. OttoZander

    This is a topic about gameplay

    You do not understand. We need to shut down every bloody thread that criticises our actions so that the community does not have the bad impression of the game or us under the pretext of having "all feedback in one place, in one thread". Do you actually think that the immense amount of moderators surfing these forums and shutting down every god darn critical thread can actually pull your feedback from the said thread?
  5. OttoZander

    This is a topic about gameplay

    *THREAD CLOSED* Please guys understand that blah and blah and we need to blah.
  6. OttoZander

    Paragon System

    I was very close to quitting when WG shat the bed with the CV Rework, but somehow I managed to pull through by taking a big break, in the end I just completely cut off my spending on WG thinking they might butcher their own game, but I was hopeful. But if this garbage gets implemented - I am out. Wargaming does not care about the community anymore (assuming they ever did?) and are only interested in creating new income channels.
  7. OttoZander

    Savage Battle - How do you like them?

    This grind you speak of I completed in half a day, after which I was left with 4 stages of Directives in which I will have to play this mode 4 more times. The grind lies in those dailies, not in the event. as far as I can tell.
  8. OttoZander

    Savage Battle - How do you like them?

    Is it really that noticeable? I bashed it out very early in the morning before work. I don't want to be rude. But I honestly believe that they deserve a break on this.
  9. OttoZander

    Savage Battle - How do you like them?

    There is no pleasing you people. My first few battles I thought it was rubbish as well. So many of my friends said the exact same thing until I forced them to division up with me to try it. They actually created a great, stupidly fun action-packed game-mode where you can just unload after a day without ANY consequence as you are not ranked or rated, and you crap all over it with lame pretext. You lose 75% of the time? Here's the news-flash chum - 3-man divisions are invited and promoted. It is not WG's fault nobody wants to play with your sorry [edited]. I brought on people along every time and my win-rate there, if only it was rated, is definitely above 95%. Ironically enough, even if WG did not inted it to be, this is a true skill-based competitive mode if you wish it to be. If you hate it for the art-style, design or anything else - fine. You want bloody bespoke events now? Each and every one of you wishes for a custom-tailored event? At the end of the day, it is a team-exercise that functions well, and if it is not your cup of tea just don't play it.
  10. OttoZander

    Is this how CVs are intended to be "balanced"?

    @Miki12345 I apologise if this has already been brought up, it is quite a large thread now and I did not go through all of it, perhaps I do not feel as invested, but please pay attention. You came to the forum with your complaint over the game you had, provided all the details and even the replay, asking other Forumites for help on the matter, for advice or an analysis of what you did wrong. Right from the start @ColonelPete gave you a list of missteps that lead to your demise... and you argued against them. You claimed that you did what you did because it was a lost cause and nothing would've changed the outcome, but you are wrong. Every bit matters. That is why a lot of us are completely unaffected by the rework, while others do not fare so well. If you are not going to take small steps to improve oneself, why bother at all. Why bother coming here, asking for advice at all? If you enter battle with such defeatist attitude, nothing can help you.
  11. @DFens_666 Quite a boring match that one. On top of the enemy team's inability to fight, the storm completely prevented us from doing anything. I barely paid off my repairs and camouflage...
  12. OttoZander

    nice fake russian boats

    Enough with the bollocks. If you want realism, pick up ARMA 3 and mod away to get scenarios you want. It is an arcade title.
  13. OttoZander


    @Beastofwar Have you ever considered that it is a multiplayer PvP game and some people really REALLY like winning?
  14. OttoZander

    Rentals in ranked - discussion thread

    I was holding a question of a similar note actually. Does anyone consider Ranked to be fun? Why does it exist? I don't know about you, but I would say that suffering through something for a reward you want is not a credible basis for a game-mode. It's as if.... as if it would be your 2nd job.
  15. OttoZander

    Ranked matches new season

    This is what you get with the inclusion. Wargaming does not want the amoebas to be left out, because they cash out from time to time. They are targeting to please the widest audience possible. And it sucks donkey-balls, it is not sustainable. Do they think they have the attention spam to evolve with the game? Do they think they will stick through the times with the game, good or bad? I mean take a look at one of my favourite bloody titles - Dwarf Fortress, It has been 13 years and we still see the same people playing within the community, the same guys testing and giving feedback, and their output of mods and support has been incredible. Wargaming is attempting to go down the Triple-A path, and I would not deem it reasonable. I also believe handing every commoner a TX ship to participate in clan battles or ranked kind of devalues it and the achievement. But that is just my worthless opinion and it should not rustle your jimmies.