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  1. OttoZander

    what would a legendary comander jingles get?

    Incorrect ship identification upon spotting. You will spot an Iowa and charge it down thinking you can take the thing down in close quarters, make a nice brawl out of it, only to realize upon approaching it that it was actually a Zao, and now you are getting a face-full of torpedoes.
  2. OttoZander


    Why does every one of you types feel like writing a Goodbye letter upon leaving? Please don't [edited] the bullshitter. You will not leave. You are just venting. You will sit your sorry-arse in that chair and continue the torture just like the rest of us. Also, please realize you are not the center of the universe and you are not as important in this community as you think you are. Leaving letters are uncalled for. Thanks, bye
  3. OttoZander

    Ragequit because enemy teams are too bad

    Apologies on my division's behalf.
  4. OttoZander

    Stalingrad sucking the fun out of clan wars.

    What is the most ironic, is that a lot of these treestump clans crying about Stalingrad being OP cannot even obtain and field one to realise what they actually are. I would love to host a showdown of them in Stalingrads vs any cruiser of their choice (except Minotaur) which I would be sailing to see if they even manage to chip my HP pool. Pardon my expression, but it is simply fruitless. It is like trying to explain to a goldfish on how to climb a tree.
  5. OttoZander

    Strangest game... ever

    You know what the worst part is? Those last few will breed.
  6. OttoZander

    question for everyone

    If you tickle the ping pong balls, the cherry should fall down the volcano and you will have yourself a drunken childbirth.
  7. OttoZander

    Stalingrad sucking the fun out of clan wars.

    That ship is so easy to play around it is not even funny. Especially for people sailing HE monsters. I see no problem with it. If anything I am very happy to see more of them, because Moskva is much harder to dislodge from positions.
  8. OttoZander

    T-61 is a god in ranked sprint

    I do not think a counter-argument can be made. She is indeed incredibly strong. Not strong enough for me to fault the tier 6 in ranked though. This is by far the most enjoyable tier we had so far. In fact, this was the only time I enjoyed myself in ranked. Usually I end up going on a cocaine binge and delve into madness. I cannot stand that stupidity on display, and they drag me down along with them. This time, I had something to make up for their mental deficiencies. 13 battles to Rank 1 with 100% winrate, only took 3 hours or so.
  9. Why is this guy focusing on the British so much? As if I am one
  10. OttoZander

    I just blew 100,000,000 Credits

    So for those of us that have every T10 bought and unlocked, and have over a billion in credits just sitting there doing nothing, you suggest we just keep on hoarding it?
  11. OttoZander

    How many selected you as target?

    I had all 12 target me multiple times, but I would count them as records as some of these players had no shots at me, I was simply the only one spotted at the beginning so they had a look at what was it. My unorthodox play-styles always put me on the front lines in the most odd positions so it's quite common.
  12. OttoZander

    does camo affect MM?

    If I draw my name on the ceiling with my own feces, will the price of Ginger Beer go down?
  13. OttoZander

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery! Best of luck to all fellow participants.
  14. OttoZander

    the queen , gold bless her ( cv rant )

    I thought quite decently of B0TS as well, they are a good bunch. It's best we pass this on to their PR department, or even the clan commander, before he embarrasses them even further.
  15. OttoZander

    Sealclubbing at T10

    Ha! Think that is weird? They have nothing on these lads.