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  1. lowell85

    Gift Containers a joke!

    The camo I don't mind. It's nice enough. It's the fact you can get the 3 consumables in them too that is annoying. Still. Bought 8, got a Texas from them. Rest was camo, and 3 boxes with the stupid 3x 3 consumables.
  2. lowell85

    What is your cursed ship?

    Des Moines. 4 battles. 0% win rate. Kolberg, Emden. 2 battles.0% win rate. ARP Haruna, Bogue, South Carolina, Kongo, 1 battle, 0% win rate. Those don't mean much though. My worst results are in the following ships: Mikhail Kutuzov, 54 games, 38.89% win rate (shocking) Iowa, 32 games, 34.38% win rate (shocking!) Surprisingly, my best ship is the Błyskawica with 61.39% wins from 44 battles. Only really been playing her the last week, despite owning her since she was launched. My best in my favored Battleship class being Warspite and Imperator both on 55.88% and 55.47% respectively, from 136 battles each.
  3. lowell85

    Favourite Ship so far

    Warspite is my favourite ship. Colorado I absolutly love too despite the overall hate for her. Imperator I really like too. It's funny. In CBT I was a battleship player but grew to hate them. Went cruisers at launch but gave BBs another shot and never looked back. I still play some Cruiser and DD games but battleships are my main things. I can't wait for more Royal Navy battleships.
  4. lowell85

    [Suggestion] self-destruct button

    So we're carrying fairly decent yield nuclear devices on our ships now?
  5. lowell85

    new new and just new

    I think he's asking for land based targets we have to destroy?
  6. lowell85

    Some information missing in game.

  7. lowell85

    Delay in Joining Game

    Seems way better after the last few patches. I'm consistently one of the first loaders again all the time now.
  8. lowell85

    Share your warships.today evaluation!

    High level overview Plays a mix of battleships (excellent) and cruisers (very good) Deals an above average amount of damage Extremely rarely uses torpedoes Key vehicle - Tirpitz Hey I'm happy with that.
  9. I didn't consider it could use the captain skill range upgrade. That's made it better. I'm still not a huge fan, but I did have a fun game escorting a Yamamoto around. I'll keep playing her though! 3 smokes is very handy I must admit (+1 from the skill, +1 from using the level 2 version that costs 22k credits).
  10. lowell85

    Please remove the ships horn...

    I did the same thing *coughs* the horn sounds after the collision. Nearly at the point of the collision being over and untangled.
  11. What tier ships were you up against? I barely do any damage in the thing. But every game has been tier 10 so far.
  12. lowell85

    This game has the same dumb problem as Star Trek Online

    I was going to say once you've got a few games under your belt it becomes second nature. But you've got 1101 games under your belt so.. I dunno what to say to you.
  13. Wow. Thanks! I'd never heard of this game before. Had a look for it when I saw this post. Made by the same guy who made Darth Mod for Total War back in the day. Placed an order for it. Hopefully I'll get in the wave of invites sent out today It looks good on Youtube.
  14. I bought it. I hate it Ah well. I loved the Imperator and the Murmansk which is why I bought this one. But this thing.. I dunno. Maybe I just need to learn how to play it. But in my first game I had about 100 hits and did less than 6k damage Very nice AA though. So be handy when escorting my friends carrier.
  15. lowell85

    New Premium Camo

    Murmask is horrible. Every other ship I own is pretty nice. Esepcially the Warspite and the Imperator. Premium that is. The normal ships are horrible too Tirpitz I prefer before and have switched it to the naked version now. But the new camo isn't too bad.