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  1. Nightdare

    USS New York, really?

    To OP you are making the same mistake as I've done: judging a boat under its first sail, and the US BBs suck major donkey nuts unless fully upgraded Not that slapping torps, smokes, turtleshells and heals on anything BUT the US BB line improved matters, but that's the basic problem when taking out a fresh US battleship
  2. Nightdare

    Wyoming vs New York

    Currently, in my stats, the New York still holds the record for highest damage done in 1 game (143K, with an average of 36K per game) Now it may have been a while since I played the NY, but regardless of game changes and new ships introduced, I don't think it's overall performance has dropped to the level at which you are But I will admit that on average, I did a little better with the Wyoming
  3. Nightdare

    What happend to Ashitaka?

    I'm guessing WG took quite a PR beating after the Chrysler drama I tell you, if that little chapter hadn't played out like it did, I'd have bought the Enterprise (which would have been my first ever F2P purchase,... not even playing or interested in CVs)
  4. Nightdare

    BB fixed torpedo launchers

    As much as I love a counter against Suicidal cruisers and turtleback KM BBs, not thank you, this game could use a lot LESS torpedoes (if people ever realize why players are sniping from a distance en masse)
  5. Nightdare


    Though not by a large margin, Musashi's belt armor is also a little thinner than Yamato's
  6. Nightdare


    Man that's a clean deck
  7. Nightdare

    HMS Hood (1940 version) inbound as T7 Premium BB

    Great, even more torps in the water
  8. Nightdare

    The Rangebuffs for US Battleships Plotting room?

    Well then, there isn't too much to celebrate, because at max range, the lower USN BBs aren't in any way comparable to their IJN counterparts
  9. Nightdare

    The Rangebuffs for US Battleships Plotting room?

    Haven't checked the buff, but what does it do for dispersal at that longer range? If it simply increases inaccuracy (from the original maximum dispersion at maximum range), it's not too much of a buff
  10. Nightdare

    Scharnhorst Gun

    Though not relevant to the topic but then the webdesigners should not make it available to the regular posters
  11. Nightdare

    Murphy's Laws for Battleships

    I'd say my signature would fit fine somewhere in that list Also 19A. If you have Destroyers escorting you, you have a survival chance of 35% since there is a 50% chance they are enemy DD's, and if they are friendly, you have a 15% chance of getting hit by friendly torpedoes
  12. Nightdare

    A Detailed look at Project 1047 Battlecruiser (Lert)

    I think if there are to be a Dutch premium, I'd rather see a ship deserving of the honor, than a paper mache pipe dream De Ruijter, Java, Soemba/Flores Preferably De Ruijter or Java, since some [insert expletives] thought making money of wargraves was good business and these ships have disappeared from their final resting place and ended up as scrap.
  13. Nightdare


    Difference is that US line has options Barring the Royal navy, every other nation will have to suffice with paper fantasies
  14. Nightdare


    Poor CV-6, Instrumental in some of the most important fights of the war, bruised and battered throughout, missed the surrender because of kamikaze damage, ended up on the scrapheap Seems like she doesn't even get the recognition she deserves in games as she did IRL
  15. Nightdare

    Which Hood?

    FWIW, remember that hood's 1942 refit would have been her 1941 modernisation, had war not kept her in continuous service