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    Who is the Player *edit*?

    Oh, I'm not trying to shame anyone or aquising anyone. I'm trying to get a conversation with the guy, he seems like he has something on his heart, but unfortunately he blocked me in game.
  2. gustnepjerrot_

    Who is the Player *edit*?

    Who is this little piece of sunshine anyway?
  3. gustnepjerrot_

    0.5.3 "Sandbox" Matchmaking Feedback

    The new algoritm is bad... really bad. Matching ships is not good, especially the destroyer and battleship matching is horrific. I have seen too many failed matchmakings like the ones I have attached to this post. Actually the often updates, with poor matchmaking, was the reason I stopped playing World of Tanks, and right now I think World of Warships is going the same way. http://postimg.org/image/maj5taqlj/ http://postimg.org/image/p6j2ydelh/