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  1. peter_s_price

    Co-op Battles Matchmaker

    Totally agree
  2. peter_s_price

    Co-op Battles Matchmaker

    Basically you have now made this a Bot Fest. It is almost EvE. You should consider increasing the wait time and making sure that the P team in PVE ALWAYS has more humans than Bots. 2 + 7 bits v 9 is not much fun in a ship where you cant realistically (due to speed) affect the outcome until 50% of the Bots on the player side self destruct.
  3. peter_s_price

    Update 0.8.10: “Resolute and Rapid”

    Sorry WG but you have really messed up Co-Op with 9v9 - whereas previously you had to be on the server really late to be faced with a Bot Fest on your team - Now it is about 50/50 (and I should say 2 in 5 at higher tiers). WHY? I can only assume that you want players to go and play Random. TBH I might as well go and play the Toxic WoT for that. - Similar levels of abuse in Random!