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  1. peter_s_price

    Accused by toxic teammates

    Really? not being able to play a F2P online game as well as a self appointed expert is "Bad behaviour"? Nah - stealing, Violence to others, wanton desruction of property, All examples of Bad behaviour. Being rubbish at an on-line Game - Not! Self appointed experts - keep your opinions to yourself. in the main they are neither sought for or welcome! Any self appointed expert or Game god - who thinks they arent self appointed - please feel free to share your accreditation and I will be more than happy to listen to your legitimate expert opinion on my Gameplay.
  2. peter_s_price

    Still no NEW free XP ship - why WG? Why?

    dont really understand the Research Bureau Mechanics. It seems to me like I am just losing a load of ships that I have had to grind through for ever - just to re-grind them again and lay out a whole load of credits to buy ships that I have bought before and only get half price back on. If someone could explain the benefit it would be nice
  3. peter_s_price

    Accused by toxic teammates

    Simply stated - those offering 'Critiques' are not 'Qualified Professionally trained WoWS Teachers' (Show me the degree/Doctrates/Professional Training courses) just in the main - "Self Appointed" experts who think they know best offeriing their unsolicited criticisms (Word Muppet used here frequently - how is that not derogatory or insulting). In all PVP game modes only 50% of you can win - and there are also the inevitable draws - so statistically if everything was equal and everybody played the same - everyone will only win less than half the battles they play. Rmember Oh self appointed Game gods that is the easier to beat lesser players like myself that make your stats look good in general.
  4. peter_s_price

    Accused by toxic teammates

    What he said
  5. peter_s_price

    Accused by toxic teammates

    And here we have it - A self appointed game god. Exactly the reason why Randoms are so toxic.
  6. peter_s_price

    I hate the Aircraft Bureau Rivalry

    Yes but this is warGambling - They WANT you to gamble on Loot box containers for those extra tokens! Why do you think little white mouse and all those other CC's left?
  7. peter_s_price

    Distant Voyages Container - Camo Drop Rate.

    THey did announce this restriction some time ago that this was being limited. Again the cynics amongst us would say that this was done to make it harde to check Supercontainer drop percentages. I accumulate normal 'earned' containers until a super comes along. Longest wait - around150 containers (before the change) shortest around 50. Typical between 80 - 100
  8. peter_s_price

    Interesting Spelling

    Interesting that the Eu server web page (when the Language is set to English displays the US spelling of the word Armoury; But of course the Native English Language nations in europe are the UK, Eire, Gibraltar - none of whom use the US spelling!
  9. peter_s_price

    Get rid of the Bl@@dy stupid mercy rule in co-op

    Because I dont hav to suffer the Self Appointed game gods telling me how crap I am and that I should go and play a different game becaus they cant stand losing.
  10. Not this time - It feels to me like I have been earning stuff worth having - These Birthday supercontainers dropped me my 1st ever super container premium ship; along with a total of 51 Premium Account days. Thats without all the special flags fron the gift cotainers and then the essentially free perma camos from the festive points. Best Birthday event in a while; but the cynic in me has to wonder about whether its content is in response to the Wargambling CC Sh!7$torm?
  11. I DOnt feel cheated by the Commander Bonus. Once a ship has become elite - WHat good is the ordinary XP - except to spend valuable doubloons on to convert to free XP? TBH I have better things that I want to spende dubs on like prem ships/commanders.
  12. peter_s_price

    Developer Bulletin 0.10.9

    So having listened to the storm over 'Not listening' Wargambling have decided not to listen to feedback again and are returning with one of the crappiest Haloween/April Fool events ever to darken the halls of WoWs the Big Hunt (replace the H with a C and you get what it really is) makes a return. WTG Wargambling!
  13. peter_s_price

    Chat bans

    yet another self appointed Game God deciding who should be able to play a F2P game and who ist 'worthy' to share the game with them.
  14. peter_s_price

    Oh boy, here we go again

    Yup just seen that. Pre-emptive strike against the inevitable Removed* that one Sub-O is about to experience. This is what interested me though : "...commit to the following: from now on for all new ships, if they are distributed via Containers or Random Bundles, there will be an alternative way to obtain them..." What about the existing ships that could only be obtained via the WarGambling Online container Casino (Agincourt for example)?
  15. peter_s_price

    Oh boy, here we go again

    Sub O apparently will be on Todays Stream - TurdStorm at the ready! How many embarassing questions will he be avoiding do we think?