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  1. peter_s_price

    Analysis of AA rework and Ship/CV-interaction

    I rather suspected that the reworked CV's would be even more dominant than they currently are. your write up confirms my worst fears. If your CV doesnt hunt down their CV first then the never-ending supply of aircraft will end up trashing the surface fleets n the hands of a really good cv player. This might be the thing that stops me playin WoWs because it seems likely to become World of Sitting Targets
  2. peter_s_price


    I too mainly play co-op it avoids unpleasantness in the main from others.
  3. peter_s_price

    Update 0.7.11: Rule, Britannia! - Discussion Thread

    they certainly are rare.
  4. peter_s_price

    Update 0.7.11: Rule, Britannia! - Discussion Thread

    So as WG are removing a large significant part of what I can spend free experience on, and as I am unlikely to accumulate a further 600000 free exp in 2 months, can I hope that the tendency to award now worthless free experience in containers will also be removed? Thought Not!
  5. peter_s_price

    What is the point of Guineas?

    I currently have 20 Guineas. But wont be buying any as I have noticed that it is cheaper to buy the Cossack in the premium shop than it is to buy 40 Guineas!
  6. peter_s_price

    Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    got acasta then icarus then jarvis all wthout buying any
  7. I nearly always play co-op - primarily because it is a lot less toxic. The only thing that really gets people worKed up is AFK
  8. peter_s_price

    CV Rework Discussion

    As planes are going to be unlimited wont it just make it even more vital to knock out the opponents carrier? Wont CV players trying to gain that advantage just send their squadrins straight for the opponents carrier - once its gone you have the freedom to completely dominate the game surely?
  9. peter_s_price


    I object to (and reported) the word "Mong" for similar reasons as it is a derogatory word for a person with Down Syndrome! It all depends upon what type of society you believe we live in I guess. From my point of View If phrases such as 'Puff', 'Tranny' and 'Carpet Muncher' are offensive because of the LBGT community or 'Nig Nog', 'Honky' et al because of Racial Issues (AND THEY ARE OFFENSIVE DONT THINK I AM JUSTIFYING THESE TERMS) then Disability Discrimination is equally offensive. Sorry - You cant have your cake and eat it.
  10. peter_s_price

    Surface Radar

    If they were going to make Radar 'Realistic' It has a MASSIVE spotting range far greater than the traditional LoS and is far more accurate to in terms of targetting over distance. So what you seem to be looking for is Realistic Radar where you can be spotted (and remember it doesnt switch off in reality unless damaged) from any distance (over unrealistic Radar where the range and duration are unrealistic but traded off against magically looking through rocks.) Its a sacrifice to Gameplay - as are most things - Live with it. or take your leave and play a 'SImulation'
  11. peter_s_price

    CV’s ??

    *edited* is a highly offensive word in the UK used to derogatory describe people with downs syndrome. The allusion being that they look like 'Mongolians' or 'Mongaloids' abbreviated to *edited* . But I guess that the Forum monitors don't care about that. So to call someone a *edited* is to intimate that they have Downs syndrome with the corresponding learning difficulties and physical impairments that are often associated with that condition. As I say Highly offensive and discriminatory!
  12. peter_s_price

    Is there a chnace to get an update withouth bugs

    Programmers make mistakes. Tester make mistakes. Implementation teams make mistakes. As a programmer I hate the though of anything that puts my life in the hands of computers. What if the programmer that coded the "Fly by Wire" is as crap at coding as I am? We only lose stock in a warehouse - that could kill a lane full of people. Scary thought
  13. peter_s_price

    Still unsure about captain skills.

    But as an Englishmen isnt there a little bit of amusement that french ships die quickly? Nelson would be ecstatic!
  14. peter_s_price

    Still unsure about captain skills.

    I think Last stand is under valued particularly when there are carriers. If you are immobile or cant manuever you are an easy target. as your positioning is easy to predict. Extra salvos can help but being ditw ramps up the damage you can receive. what benefit then the extra salvos when your ship is on the bottom of the sea?
  15. peter_s_price

    If WG bias premiums, game will need overhaul