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  1. peter_s_price

    ST - Update 0.9.5

    Have you seen : https://store.steampowered.com/app/1007740/RefightThe_Last_Warship/ Looks and feels remarkably like WoWS. surprised that WG havent issued some kind of copyright/patent challenge!
  2. peter_s_price

    M.I.A. HMS Goliath

    With the exception of Torps (Single shot), Brit CAs play like any other Cruiser class. HOWEVER Brit CL's are Unique and interesting. WHY would you play Goliath when you can have the insane rate of fire from the Minotaur (with smoke and same single shot torpedo).
  3. peter_s_price

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    My issue is hat once all ASW capable ships are destroyed subs have free rein. Cvs can try to hunt but if they stay low you cant se them until you are on top of them and a quick dive and - shoot at what? the sub just then hunts your cv with a full charge - how do you attack her while she is underwater? you can only try to run away?
  4. peter_s_price

    0.9.4 - Submarine battle

    The lack of Balance aspect is that if team A has all ASW plus Subs destroyed and team B still has Subs the game is over - no matter how many other ships are left. (It could be just 3 subs on team B) butt he other ships have no defence other than run away
  5. peter_s_price

    0.9.4 - Soviet Cruisers

    Happens too frequently - Played all 3 directives - plus Daily log in containers - All 5's except for very 1st container (a 300 WOW) and then broadly 1 for each final directive reward set which has been either a 10 or 15. The occasional single directive submission has been a higher number too. Basically I have done all 3 directives opened all the daily login containers and have earned 885 tokens. SO I have the Mikoyan, but will not be buying the Tallinn Camo Bundle. What is the point without the Tallin to put it on? (Yeah I know it will become available eventually as a Grindable cruiser but even so - that is a long Grind before I get to use it). I will probably do what I usually do when 'Turned Over' by the random percentages - POINT BLANK REFUSE TO SPEND REAL MONEY ON CONTAINERS THAT GIVE SFA IN REAL TERMS AND SPEND THEM ON EITHER CREDITS OR PREMIUM DAYS
  6. peter_s_price

    0.9.4 - Submarine battle

    Actually the First 'Cut' at subs was a halloween special and the Deck Guns could be used. In fact I enjoyed this Halloween Implmentation of Subs Soo much more than this 'Combat' version. You still had to worry about the Depth charges, but the firing mechanic was so familiar to current torpedo - it was really quite good. All in all I found that implementation much more playable all round particularly as being forced to surface after a period of time made it interesting and gave the opponents a chance against you (even though they were bots) BUT that wasnt the end because of the deck gun angle you could still fight back as normal and dodge shots if good enough. TBH I am a little disappointed that Hween subs ended up with what has been implemented!
  7. peter_s_price

    0.9.4 - Submarine battle

    In our clan, the biggest complaint is what happens when the ASW capabilities have all gone and only 1 team has subs left? At that point in reality the game is over, but rather like a crap game of monopoly you are forced to keep playing until finally the opponents that you cant touch wipe you out. Isn't this (allegedly) why you changed the mechanics for CV's to have unlimited planes? So that they would not be idle bystanders if the opposing team destroyed all their squadrons? (Kinda proves dont it that the real reason for the change was what we all suspected and that was a Z-Box compliant change)! Anyway heres an idea - Most of the ship types that dont have Depth charges did have spotter planes (or in the case of CV's bombers) that could carry depth charges. Similar to how, when activated fighters target opposing planes in a given circle; I would allow planes to have a 'Dual' depth charge mode -(with only 1 or 2 charges dropped). Similar to ship or carrier/squadron fighters these could then be deployed and would automatically target subs as fighters do for bombers etc). WIth only 1 or 2 charges this should not always be fatal and in fact a good submarine player will be able to do exactly what was done in real life - crash dive and avoid the attack - but it would allow the battle not to be a 'Dead Rubber' when ASW ships have all gone. BTW I pre-played Subs on the public test server and this scenario - GNight ASW - happened there much too often too - I would not be playing Non ASW ships - as I have enough ASW cruiser in my port - unless you had made it part of a missions (play with BBs)
  8. peter_s_price

    PT 0.9.5 - Updates to Combat Missions

    Totally agree - particularly with the "finding a Japanese or Pan Asian" Ship aspect. I ended up starting the Game and then if no Jap or Pan ships just YOLOing and colliding with the first enemy ship I could find, particularly when it was a heavy BOT Battle. IMO you really need to reconsider this for in the Live server (I do not agree that it should be fine for the live server), as it does not 'Encourage' play because you cannot impact the nations selected by MM, (for example if the requirement is Damage BB's with CV - This you can work on by playing with friends in divisions - A good thing for your player numbers). But not being able to locate or get into battles where the target ship even appear is very frustrating and just irritates; This is made worse by the fact that you can only then hit these ships with torps and trust to RNG. In fact I think it actively discourages good play (and you see this a lot with kill nation x missions that you put forward in the past) because everyone just goes after those ships. I would not (and have not in the past) actively played towards missions of this type on the Live server unless the reward was Exceptional.
  9. peter_s_price

    PT 0.9.5 - General Feedback

    One of the biggest issues for me with WoT is that the "Missions" and "Events" dialogues have got very confusing and messy and not very user friendly. The simplicity of the WoWs with its different types appeals. Directives, Missions and challenges in different places. This new interface seems to be moving towards the WOT nightmare. Whilst the Look and Feel this release was Ok please dont move too far towards the WoT LaF.
  10. peter_s_price

    PT 0.9.5 - Dockyard

    Bug - Completed Dockyard for doubloons - clicked "Collect" Ship was not awarded
  11. peter_s_price

    PT 0.9.5 - Bugs

    SEE ATTACHED SCREEN SHOTS. Note the overspill on the completion status line, then a visit to the shipyard resulted in a hang (no screenshot). had to use task manager to kill to restart
  12. peter_s_price

    PT 0.9.5 - General Feedback

    Public Test server seems to be rejecting Log -in Requests at the moment - was OK last night but down now.
  13. peter_s_price

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.0

    Should so something about the number of 16+ Bots in Co-Op Games. I would rather wait for an extra 30 seconds than get stuck with a Team of 6+ Bots
  14. peter_s_price

    Co-op Battles Matchmaker

    Totally agree
  15. peter_s_price

    Co-op Battles Matchmaker

    Basically you have now made this a Bot Fest. It is almost EvE. You should consider increasing the wait time and making sure that the P team in PVE ALWAYS has more humans than Bots. 2 + 7 bits v 9 is not much fun in a ship where you cant realistically (due to speed) affect the outcome until 50% of the Bots on the player side self destruct.