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  1. Comrade_Mod

    CV reverse xp

    I'll try to contact them, thank you very much for your help.
  2. Comrade_Mod

    CV reverse xp

    Every tier and every upgrade was researched using free xp. The rts style just wasn't for me so I never bothered playing CV's, 0 CV battles on my account prior to the rework. I exchanged everything through the inventory option and I got credits out of it, but 0 free xp. Nothing. Checked again and now I cannot even find the elite exp in the japanese t1, it just vanished. Really hope something went wrong and this is just a big misunderstanding.
  3. Comrade_Mod

    CV reverse xp

    So my friend and I were playing Wows at his home today and while being on his account we saw that he can sell his American carrier line for free exp and credits. He didnt want to do it, but I did. So we switched to my account and I sold my entire Japanese carrier line, which I researched entirely with free exp after the rework. No free exp was added to my account. The ingame inventory page clearly states: "... You can exchange any researchable aircraft carriers for credits and Free XP." After I saw what happened I googled and found this thread. Can you tell me why the hell did you decide to screw me over so badly? Only because he spent his free exp prior to the CV rework? I just cannot see logic behind this decision. Whats even worse I cannot even re-research Hakuryu without using my free exp that I have left because the "elite" exp is now in the T1 Hashidate. I never commented on a forum in my life, but I'm so pissed and I feel so cheated I decided to complain here. Please give me my free exp back!