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  1. Fire_Spitter

    The Ottoman Fleet Before Steam

    imperiumgraecum, on 11 November 2013 - 04:16 PM, said: Overall a fine article, just a notion: In 1451, Mehmet 2nd ascended to the throne. Constantinople fell at Tuesday, 29th May 1453 (it's the reason Greeks consider Tuesday 13th to be the "jinxy" day, instead of Friday 13th, that is in the rest of the Western World). The name of the city remained basically the same, during the living years of the Ottoman state: Konstandiniye, in Turkish, which was a loan from the arabic "al Konstandiniyya"(= Constantine's City). The city's name was officially changed to "Istanbul" in 1925, as part of the secularizing legislations passed by Kemal Ataturk. Istanbul was more like a "folklore" name between the turkish population in the Ottoman empire. According to "legend", Mehmet asked some greek peasants(or greek officers that had defected to the ottoman side) where the city is, and the greeks pointed the direction, responding: "Εις τήν πόλιν"(Is tin polin= to/towards the city). Mehmet thought that was the actual name of the city ("Istinpolin"), but he mispelled it as "Istimbol/Istambol", so the name stayed. Just a little correction we also consider Friday 13th as an unlucky day aswell as Tuesday 13th
  2. Fire_Spitter

    Battle of Port Arthur

    NIce info and topic, rich of images aswell.
  3. Fire_Spitter

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    I cant wait to get my hands on Nevada she is one of my favorites!
  4. Fire_Spitter

    USS Missouri - BB-63

    A really good ship and I like it so much I have a live screensaver with her sailing in the pacific :teethhappy: Thanks for the info!
  5. Fire_Spitter

    H. L. Hunley (submarine)

    Reakky good post and AMAZING info :honoring:
  6. Fire_Spitter

    Krasnyi Krym

    Nice info +1 :honoring::medal:
  7. Fire_Spitter

    Admiral Kuznetsov Russian aircraft carrier

    Awesome ship!
  8. Fire_Spitter

    HMS Amethyst ships cat wins Dickin Medal

    R.I.P well that made me go hug my cat after reading it :unsure:
  9. Fire_Spitter

    HMAS Australia (1911)

    Nice info
  10. Fire_Spitter

    Russian Cruiser Varyag (1899)

    NIce info man :medal:
  11. Fire_Spitter

    Hydra Ceremony

    NIce information
  12. Fire_Spitter

    HMS Belos

    Nice info!
  13. Fire_Spitter

    German Navy: Frigate class F125 (NEW)

    Looks like a nice ship, thnx for posting! :medal:
  14. Fire_Spitter

    The Japanese Navy is back

    Nice video!