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  1. The worst tier 4 BB Arkansas Beta

    a bit slow and no AA but these guns
  2. Valentine’s Day flag

    Hello, I just need quick clearance about the conditions on getting the flag. It says: "The battle must be won in a division in either Co-op, Random or Operation mode (division has to be formed before the battle)" Does this mean I have to form a division before I press the battle button in port or is it okay if I join a random division when I'm already loaded into a battle before loading is finished? Thanks for any help.
  3. Clan Battles loading screen

    hello, is there a way go get a clean version of the clan battle loading screen for the desktop? 2560x1600 would be awesome. thx for help
  4. Is the "Hunt for Bismark" doable ?

    damn I wish I had the time and skill like many here to play and unlock. my biggest hope, 17 days remaining
  5. 0.6.5 PTS Rewards

    ^ this
  6. Hunt the Bismarck Badges

    maybe this helps a bit:
  7. Screenshot posten?

    http://imgur.com/ wäre auch eine gratis Möglichkeit
  8. [] Unique Camouflage

    great stuff, i will check it out asap!
  9. Zeigt eure Super Container !

    war leider zu spät am abdrücken für d. Screenshot, aber es gab d. Tier 5 Premium-Kreuzer Murmansk inklusive 10 Punkte Kapitän. I like
  10. Gibt es noch Teamplaying?

    Kann dich gut verstehen. ich habe gestern 2x dreadnought verliehen bekommen, hab für das gesamte Team getankt, no Support. alle caps waren rot, hatte 75k schaden auf meiner Scharnhorst. die dicken BB sitzen mit fast voller hp am Kartenrand. sehe ich leider viel zu oft die tage
  11. captain bonus

    ^ This!
  12. ...und d. Rum gibts gratis dazu
  13. Best secondary ships

    Scharnhorst secondaries built (T7) + flag = awesome my 5 cents
  14. wäre nice, wenn der gute Steven nochmal reinschaut