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  1. Garrison2012

    How to save World of Warships from going the way of World of Tanks

    They saved the game from going the way of WoT the moment they decided not to have gold ammo in WoWS.
  2. Garrison2012

    Cross-server Clan Battle MM test

    Just to clarify for those who did their 10 battles does this reset the rewards? Do we have to do it all over again? @Crysantos
  3. Utterly worthless since you can't complete the directives doing it.
  4. Garrison2012

    Halloween - Previous Events

    Exactly this, you cannot complete one directive in each group because you cannot collect stars in the current operation. I noticed there are Tier 8 Halloween ships in the carousel, is this operation going to be switched out before this chain of directives expires?
  5. Garrison2012

    A Newbie Question - HOW can they hit me instantly ?

    Also remember that unlike WoT ships can be firing 12 or more shells at a time, with dispersion even a player with average aiming skills can get hits.
  6. Garrison2012

    Captain there....but where are the others?

    So instead of 1 officer you have to retrain if you move them to a new ship you want to have up to 4? As pointed out you are basically suggesting the WoT system, which was another reason I voted no.
  7. Garrison2012

    Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    Got the Icarus mission last night from a regular crate, after playing through what I think was the worst set of directives WG have put together, so now only missing Lightning.
  8. Garrison2012

    American Cruiser Collection - impossible to collect all???

    Definitely still possible, got a duplicate this morning that gave me enough to exchange for the last missing item, Cleveland now sports a shiny new Freedom camo.
  9. Garrison2012

    Did you get any British DD-missions from the containers?

    Exactly, 70% of people voting have one mission at least. Even allowing for premium crates that's pretty high for what is only 1/4 of the campaign done.
  10. Garrison2012

    What is your "strategy" regarding RN Guineas and Sovereigns?

    That is a one time offer, after that its .84 each.
  11. Garrison2012

    Bug Reports

    Had the same thing, but in my case if I close the game and restart from the launcher it takes me back into the battle and all subsequent battles are fines.
  12. Garrison2012

    Did you get any British DD-missions from the containers?

    Got all 12 standard containers for missions(with the Gallant) and 7 more by converting Sovereigns in the Arsenal, of course got the Acasta mission in number 19. Gave into temptation and bough 5 premium containers, got the Jervis mission in the third one.
  13. Garrison2012

    Ranked Season 10

    Took me about 15 battles tonight just to move from Rank 18 to 17.
  14. Garrison2012

    World of "Every island has an HE spammer behind it."

    No you do have two other choices. Go into open water, get into shooting range, fire, get targeted by 5-7 ships because all the BBs are sitting at the back of the map, die. Alternately you can go sit with the BBs, which is going to mean you are also camping the back of the map and are out of range to shoot for large parts of the battle as the BBs try to land hits from 20km plus. if they would even just shorten the time it takes for the spotting range to revert to normal after firing a salvo it would help, being locked up for 20 seconds is far too long.
  15. Garrison2012

    Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    Every few battles the game just freezes and becomes unresponsive. can see action on the screen but everything from my end just stops. Disconnect and reconnect and it just sits on the battle loading screen without ever putting me back in the battle. When the battle ends get kicked back to port. I then can't see my ships in port everything else shows up but no ship. have to disconnect and reconnect again before things work normally.