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  1. Garrison2012

    New F-Key for destroyers

    The obvious new F command we need is the one that applies to all classes of ship, 'What the F are you doing?'. Applies to DDs that have decided that spotting is someone else's job. cruisers that have parked behind a large rock for the last 10 minutes, BBs attempting to sail on to the next map and of course just generally about the life choices of those who choose to play CVs
  2. Garrison2012

    can WG explain crap crates from t10 ships?

    Yeah took mine for a sail last night, nice, and looking at the posts in this thread and others the ship drop rate doesn't seem to be all that low either.
  3. Garrison2012

    can WG explain crap crates from t10 ships?

    I also got a London from my 12 T10 snowflakes.
  4. Garrison2012

    Santa Containers

    So knocked off 12 Tier 10 snowflakes and got:
  5. Well I would but my work computer is in the way of my own machine. :)
  6. Owing to being in the UK and under Tier 4 Covid rules (basically don't go anywhere, meet anyone or do anything) I will probably play a few games just pick off the snowflakes just out of boredom.
  7. Garrison2012

    Is it time to disengage and close your wallet?

    Star Wars Squadrons? The online has gotten generally positive reviews and EA, yes EA, are adding free DLC shortly adding more ships and maps.
  8. Garrison2012

    Is it time to disengage and close your wallet?

    Yeah I effectively quit about 8 weeks ago. Got back into AC: Odyssey instead.
  9. Garrison2012

    New Halloween Event - what you can win

    Hovering on the brink of burnout and this doesn't seem like its going to reignite my enthusiasm.
  10. Garrison2012

    Why WoWS is not fun anymore

    I would say narrative plays a big part. Unlocking some outfits or weapons is nice but I think its the desire to see the story unfold that drives plays in games like Horizon Zero Dawn or Outer Worlds.
  11. Garrison2012

    WoT vs WoWs grind

    If HE spam in WoWS annoys you the premium ammo in WoT will make your blood boil.
  12. Tirpitz provided a wonderful opportunity for the British to test new weapon systems. The bulk of the RN went about its business as if the Tirpitz didn't exist. Oh and in terms of damage done to one countries war effort, how about HMS Campbelltown? The destruction of the dock gates and crippling of the docks at St. Nazaire may dwarf the achievements of any ship in combat.
  13. Garrison2012

    Non Working Chat System

    I am frequently sarcastic and salty in chat, and yet never chat banned. I suspect you have to use some very, very, naughty words to get banned. I also imagine homophobic and racist comments will get you a rapid ban.
  14. Garrison2012

    Final nail in the coffin

    Yeah Jingles is distilling down hours or days of repetitive jumping through empty systems to fit the highlights in a 30 mins video and he has made it clear that he has been using outside forums and wikis to find the interesting stuff rather than just roaming the Elite universe.