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  1. pun_za_kette

    Service Price of Top Tiers too Steep?

    To answer your question: New players. People that haven't reached higher tiers yet. WG needs a high population in the tiers 1 to let's say 5/6. That's where most of the players will be. And on the other hand WG doesn't want people to only play tier 10s because they would always be high tier obviously. Which puts you in a position where you can, more or less, easily outgun your opponents that are not tier 10. And many people in higher tier vessels target lower and lowest tier vessels just to sink them ASAP and get the kill, disregarding the fact that their guns could be more useful if targeting higher tier ships...
  2. pun_za_kette

    Carriers are op...why?

    CVs are not OP, it's as simple as that. - The MM sort of generated a bias towards CVs being OP because they weren't properly matched vs another same tier CV. This will be changed in 0.4.1 (only same number and same tier of CV are matched) - Inexperienced players only using the scope and not the minimap get roflstomped by CVs because...well they're noobs and don't use the minimap. If they don't learn from that, how is it the CVs fault? - Inexperienced players (yes, again) not floating with the fleet but going off alone... Either in a BB thus having no AA cover from CA/CL or even the own CV etc... - Inexperienced players (last one I promise) Being hit by 6 Torpedos, caused 4 floodings AND having used the repair just before because the Dive Bombers set him on fire and he was too impatient too wait for the Torpedo Bombers Once you get the slightest idea of how CV players work and how your ship works or the other ships on your team, people will not have to complain about CVs being OP. And once the CVs meet Tier 6 ships and higher, they're far from being OP since the AA on those ships really starts to get heavy... So why doesn't the mod just close this thread?
  3. pun_za_kette

    Battleship vs Destroyer

    I do not think that such a balance would really be needed. In fact, if such a 1v1 situation occurs at the end of the battle, there is a whole lot more wrong with how the battle went than with how it will end. What I'm saying is: If a team works as a team there won't be any of those situations in the end game. But if one BB manages to elude the enemy team for so long that he's the last man standing and the enemy team manages to all die but one DD, why not just accept the other teams advantage in that situation and get over it?
  4. pun_za_kette

    Looks like Wargaming made another World of Warplanes...

    More or less this. But I have to agree on the PvE part from OP. It would be really cool if there was some sort of PvE game mode that actually has some rewards and is somewhat of a challenge. The current AI is a joke once you learn how to move your ship and shoot roughly in the direction the enemy is.. i.e. after 1 Minute into the game... Some PvE like in Armored Warfare would be really nice. With missions to complete and AI enemies that really present a challenge!
  5. pun_za_kette

    pre patch Furutaka players - suggest a reward.

    I play the Furutaka right now, and I have to say it's not really a nice ship to play IMO. But as for a compensation I want for playing it: None! It's CBT and it was to be expected that there will be some ships that are poorly balanced etc. So everyone asking for a compensation for a ship they played through and that got buffed afterwards, maybe you should take a day off and come clear with what it means to play a beta test.
  6. pun_za_kette

    Suggested changes to AA/defence against planes

    Plus it would render the AA cover from Cruisers for other targets pretty much useless.
  7. pun_za_kette

    General Feedback (Round 1)

    Thx for the info. Maybe it would be clever from WG to put such info up in the corresponding launcher?
  8. pun_za_kette

    General Feedback (Round 1)

    Let's summize: The access to the PTR is a huge pain in the a**. Creating new accounts and installing a completely new client, which only works while the normal client is not running. Plus the server is currently not up and we can't seem to find any info on when or if the server is up.
  9. pun_za_kette

    General Feedback (Round 1)

    I'd like WG to make the PT easier to access. The whole "Download a new client while the other cannot be running" really takes a LOT of time just to access the PTR. Maybe they should take a look at how Blizzard is doing it.
  10. pun_za_kette

    [suggestion] Polish ships

    So what sense is there in adding a fleet of a nation that didn't even exist properly? None TBH. Poland was invaded and divided many times in the last few hundred years. So it is fair to say that there was no real military engineering going on there. Otherwise there would have been more resistance. And yes, I am exaggerating here to make it a little clearer where I am going with this.
  11. pun_za_kette

    [suggestion] Polish ships

    That's not exactly a polish fleet, is it? It's Austro-Hungarian...
  12. pun_za_kette

    [suggestion] Polish ships

    And even so, I think there are a lot more pressing matters than adding a really useless tech tree to the game :-D So offense... But the polish are not really known for any major war machines IMO. There are some nice modern tank designs, but nothing worth mentioning in the late 19th an early 20th century. Or is there?
  13. pun_za_kette

    Epic fail matchmaking

    And again and again the MM keeps putting me in matches vs higher tier CVs... Or uneven numberes... What the [edited]is wrong with the vodka heads that do that crap? Are they still drunk from GC last week?
  14. pun_za_kette

    Epic fail matchmaking

    The problem is not only the range in those Tier 3 BBs, but the lack of any serious AA and the CVs being there from Tier 4 to 6 which really like taking out such easy targets. Me included. When I see them I sink them, especially in Domination mode, since it takes 90 points from the enemy and is an easy kill. The MM should really be worked on, I think almost everyone agrees on that. Except maybe some hardcore dudes that end up being top tier in every game they play and as such never complain about MM. Seen that a LOT lately. Once you say something about "bad MM" or "MM fail again" because you end up as a lone Tier 5/6 CV vs another 2 CVs that are both at least 1 tier higher... It's always the top tier players that say it's nothing wrong with MM...
  15. pun_za_kette

    Lot of players not entering

    You can not just kick players from a team because some people have connection issues. It wouldn't be fair for them either. It's just bad luck and at this point a lot of people have problems re-connecting into a game that already launched when they dc'ed. @ ollonborre: Having ultra long loading times is almost always a problem at your end and not WGs. Maybe move the client installation to a SSD or faster HDD if you can, or defrag your HDD, or what ever may be the bottle neck at your end. Maybe you just need to reinstall the client, it helped for some people.