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    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Bugs

    1. DescriptionUnable to start new battle after finishing a PvE mission. (Was a few days ago, so might remember wrong, but the game might be asking me to select a suitable ship, and therefor not letting me select ready in my division and starting a new battle). 2. Reproduction steps1. Played a PvE scenario (weekly, carrier escort) in division with 1 friend. 2. We lost, and got into a new game, again same PvE weekly, carrier escort mission. It worked fine this time, but we lost again. 3. Get back into the main menu, select a new ship, but neither of us were able to select ready in the division menu. 4. Try another ship, still not able to select ready (both me and my friend). 5. Spend 20 dubloons to open same ship as last battle, but still not able to select ready with that ship. 6. Restart the game, still not able to select ready. 7. (I think we also tried switching to random battle and was still not able to select ready, but it was a few days ago, so I might remember this step incorrectly). 8. Go into the PvE mission menu and select a different mission and then back to what I think was the weekly mission and carrier escort again (I think I selected the weekly mission again (did it suddenly change? did this cause the bug?)). 9. Now we were able to select ready, and we started the mission. As I said, I thought I selected the weekly mission but we ended up playing a different scenario, the base defense, not carrier escort. 3. ResultWhen you finish a game, you come back to the main menu, but you are unable to start a new battle. Changing ships, spending dubloons to open last ship used, restarting game, nothing worked. 4. Expected resultYou should be able to start a new battle once you are done with your last one, and you have another ship (or opened current ship with dubloons) ready to go. 5. Technical detailsNIL
  2. In this video I highlight the achievement It's just a flesh wound ((Destroy any enemy ship after your ship has been destroyed.):
  3. In this video I open 3 supercontainers:
  4. Today I have a video from a new series. This one is called "Great battles" and features gameplay of just that, great battles. The first one up is a battle I had in the Nürnberg, not to long ago. The title of the episode is "The comeback". We had lost 5 ships early on and the enemy only lost 1. My team were forced back to our own cap and we were more or less surrounded. But a friendly Cleveland and my self had other plans.
  5. Why settle for a double kill, when you can have the triple? Everyone know that three is better than two. Or as we say in Norway, "All good things are three" (Alle gode ting er tre).
  6. This episode features some elegant gameplay in World of Warships. Not only does it look good, but it is also very effective. Maybe there also are some luck involved?
  7. Detonation can be great, and it can be terrible. Depending on who is detonated (Detonation: Receive damage to the magazine, resulting in detonation.).This video is dedicated to those who don't use the "Juliet Charlie" signal flag (-100% to the risk of your ship's magazine detonating.
  8. Killing enemy ships in World of Warships is great. Dealing a great amount of damage in a single salvo and killing them, is even better! This episode of "Just A Moment" features "Devastating Strike" (Destroy an enemy ship with a single artillery salvo, torpedo salvo, or aircraft attack by causing damage over 50% of the destroyed ship's normal HP.).
  9. Episode 7 of "Just A Moment" is called "Magic Destroyers" and gives a few examples of damage saturation:
  10. Episode 6 of "Just A Moment" is dedicated to the "Double Strike" achievement. (Double Strike - Destroy 2 enemy ships. The second target must be destroyed within 10 seconds after the first one. Can be obtained several times per battle.)
  11. Episode 5 of "Just A Moment" shows a few moments when destroyers enter ninja mode and get up close and personal with battleships!
  12. Episode 4 of "Just A Moment" features a few good and bad moments of dodging torpedoes (or the lack of).
  13. Sometimes things just go to slow, so you decide to "YOLO" it. This episode is dedicated to the times when you decide to just push (to hard?).
  14. We have all had moments where we scratch our head on ask why people do what they do.
  15. We have all been there. The day where anything can happen. The good, the bad and yes, the unfair.